Bhaagamathie Movie Review: Anushka Shetty’s Terrific Performance, Must Say That It’s One Of The Best Indian Movies Of The Year

Bhaagamathie Movie Review

Rating: 4.75/5

Anushka Shetty-starrer Bhaagamathie, horror-thriller is the latest trend in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam industry. Movie director Ashok said that he waited for nearly five years so Anushka Shetty only can do Bhaagamathie, as she was busy in Baahubali movie. There is no woman actor in the south, may be India, who has the kind of graceful presence and command towards the role. No doubt she has been one of the finest actors in Telugu and Tamil industries with movies like Baahubali, Arundathi, Rudramadevi, Panchakshari  and this list goes on.

The trailer of Bhaagamthie had set the expectation that the film would be with the theme like Arundhati, the 2009 horror thriller, which established Anushka, the queen of south film industry.


The film features a old haunted house in forest, Anushka haunted by a ghost, scary sound effects, amazing back story, and finally a beautiful message to the society. But it’s also a film that finds an interesting way to address socio-political issues in the society.

The movie starts with a village which is under attack from bad evil minded persons. And then, Anushka’s entry, role of Chanchala, IAS, and secretary to the central minister Eshwar. Anushka appears as she is in Jail remand for murdering boy friend.

She will be taken to a haunted bungalow, Bhaagamathie bungalow by CBI, who wants to use her as a bait to catch Eshwar, Central Minister, who is a suspect for robbing God idols from temples and selling to foreigners for huge money.

Upon CBI investigation, CBI gets shock and scare when Chanchala starts behaving like Bhaagamathie.

Who is this Bhaagamathie? What does she has to do with Chanchala? And what is the whole twist behind this political and horror thriller setup? To know the answers, you must watch the movie.


No doubt, Anushka is a major highlight for the movie. She is really exceptional in her role. The Interval scene has just banged up the audience. It was the real goose bumps moments.

Background score by SS Thaman is really impressive and creates amazing sounds effects for the whole movie.

Her co-starrers, Jayaram (Eshwar), Unnikrishnan Mukundan (Shakti), Murali Sharma, Asha Sharath (CBI director), Dhanraj, Prabhas Seenu and Vidyullekha just did the exceptional justice to their roles.

Finally, Bhaagamthie is an amazing thriller-horror movie of the year with interesting twists upto the end, especially the Interval scene. Anushka leaded the movie from the front with her performance and surely pulled the crowd from their seats.

The dialogue “These days people are only believing gods and evils, but not humans” says it all.

The final goosebump “How did she spoke Arabic?” To know answer, you must watch it. Go for it. Overall Movie Rating: 4.75/5



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