Travelled Whole India With Zero Money, This 28-Year-Old Has Sets New Goals For Happiness

This was the story of 2017, an young man named Ansh Mishra, began his journey on Feb 3, Carrying zero money, he took lifts from Vehicles on roads.

He sets out to travel to all states of India with empty pockets and a belief – that there is more to life than just money.

Here is the small story picked from Ansh’s Journey:

I have been long planning for something as adventurous as hitchhiking through India and finally, I had managed to pack my bags and embark upon a journey that will change my life forever. The only problem, which I also believe to be common to most of us, is insufficient funds! Well, when your goals become your passion, there’s nothing that will stop you. This would be a trip that wouldn’t cost me a single rupee. I will be asking for lifts, walk without food, sleep on highway grass or lands sometimes.

Apart from the joy of being in a new place, what’s has been more inspiring is the people that I have come across. I was going to get help and I am destined to do what I love – I just have to keep on going!

My bags were packed with the bare essentials. Since, I will need to do a lot of walking, it was always better to keep things light. The only essentials were my dresses, my phone that connects me with fellow travelers and helps me find hosts and my camera (Canon EOS 1300D) that helps me capture those beautiful memories I make on the way.

Ansh has done an MBA from Allahabad Technical College and is a former software engineer. While talking to Deccan Chronicle, he said,

This is my quest to explore humanity, which can’t be bought by money — just like happiness, memories, relationships, and experience.

Through this journey, Ansh has been entirely dependent on the cooperation of people around him for accommodation, food, and travel, and asked for rides with nearly 2k truck drivers.

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He has been to completely new places, new people and languages, where he has no friends or family. He believes himself to be a lost kid making friends with strangers along the journey. Ansh has spent his nights in mosques, gurudwaras, temples, churches, and at the houses of friends he has made during the journey.

Ansh with Rajkot Travel Journey’s Family

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Once, he did not eat for around 48 hours while waiting for a car or truck he could hitch a ride with. He told

I was travelling from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer and had covered 46 km across the desert. It was my second day without food. I had just one bottle of water. When the sun set, I collapsed in fatigue. For the first time, I felt that I couldn’t do it anymore.

However, at around 8 pm, Badal Khan, a chauffeur at Hotel Tokyo, offered him a ride to Jaisalmer and also asked him to stay and have dinner at a party which was going on at the hotel.

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The experiences he learned from his journey

“What i learn from all of this – that we should not give-up at any stage. Do not let down your moral part. Believe on yourself. Never aspect anything at-least if you don’t have to give. (Reality of life). Keep respect to those as well who was not able to support you.”

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Ansh’s journey is a truly inspiring one and the immense happiness he has felt gives others hope to look beyond materialistic desires.

Story and Images from Deccan Chronicle, TheIndia, YourStory



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