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1 Bad Blogging Mistake I Made and How I Corrected It

One of my genuinely worst, most damaging blogging mistakes was choosing to feel bad after I did not seem to see a ton of emails in my inbox. This error cripples most bloggers. No doubts there. I know, because I see fellow bloggers discuss this error.

I checked email, felt bad because I saw a few, and felt even worse if none led to blogging profits. I carried that bad feeling vibe thru my day, injecting it into blogging actions, and struggled for many years. I held back, too, refusing to generously help people because you cannot be generous if you fear running out of money.

My Correction

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Heidi left a glowing, 5 star review. I feel good about her review. I appreciate her. More importantly, I feel abundant and loved by seeing such reviews, so I keep giving my attention and energy to such reviews. Why? Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Why? If you go to where you are loved, and notice love, you will leave poverty conscious thoughts behind, you will stop focusing on scarcity, and you will feel better and make more money through your blog.

I checked my email a few minutes ago for the first time day. I saw 2 emails. I love it. I am happy, feel abundant and feel loved, checking 2 emails. I do not want emails. Emails bog me down. I love writing all day, commenting, chatting on blogs and on social media – gaining exposure – and increasing my passive income. This is fun and easy for me. I finally had to admit I DID NOT WANT to spend time reading and responding to emails because:

  • spending more than a few seconds in the email is not part of my vision
  • my time and talents are best spent writing, not scanning emails
  • I intend to have a complete, 100%, passive income model based on creating content thru blogging, guest blogging, videos, podcasts, and selling eBooks, courses, audiobooks and paperbacks

Clarity! Honesty! I feared not getting enough emails, focused on lack, and struggled, for years. I faced the fear of loss, felt it, and now feel abundant, seeing my blessings, observing my passive income increase freely without getting many emails at all. Heck; the goal is to get down to zero emails. I am not kidding. I prefer people to talk to me thru my blog, or social media, where we both gain exposure and make more money. See how I am always thinking and blogging abundantly?

What Really Matters

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Help as many people as generously as possible, daily, through multiple channels. Detach from email numbers. The money is not in email. The money is in generously helping people and in opening passive and active income streams. The money is in your consciousness; not in your email inbox.

How many emails you get has zero effect on your blogging income because money is in consciousness. The less email I get, the more money I make passively because I am giving virtually all my attention and energy to creating and connecting generously on blogs and through social media.

Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Get off the email obsession. Focus less on things and more on serving people generously to increase your blogging success.

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