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1 Blogging Practice You Should Probably Stop Doing

Actually there were so many blogging practices I did earlier which I shouldn’t have to.

Nevertheless, I stopped now, as being said, blogging is continuous learning. There is 1 practice I think a lot that  I wish I didn’t do it.

Imitating successful bloggers

I use to copy their blog post ideas, content, and writing style assuming I will succeed if I do the same. The problem is when you copy someone else’s work you are indirectly blocking your own talent and creativity. Greater things come to you when you start being yourself.

Like everyone, I too got inspired by top bloggers to start a blog on my own. The dumb mistake I was doing that copying the high traffic blog post ideas and content from others. You know most of them ranked well too and I was getting good traffic numbers. Very soon, I realized it as a mistake and stopped doing that.

I mean what’s the point of getting traffic when you don’t master the niche that you write on and don’t feel like you are doing a good thing. It is just like copying homework from your friend’s one where you don’t learn anything out of it. That doesn’t work in the long run of blogging. One or another day you will be thrown away from search engines and will see a huge drop in your numbers for sure.

Take my example; one of the Google core-updates’ algorithm(June 2019) made my traffic drop by almost 80% and thus metrics. Not only mine, even some top bloggers, media and brand websites have also got suffered for obvious reasons.

Do you want that to happen to you in the future?

Every now and then Google is updating its algorithm for better reasons, well, for 1 simple reason, to give what the reader wants. It is that simple!

Even after producing great content and not ranking well, Maybe, its time to look back at the content that you produce. Here are some best practices curated by Sue-Ann Bubacz that you must heed in order to create winning content.

What’s wrong?

I see almost the same kind of content is rolling on the Internet. For example, “How to start a blog”, everyone is writing almost similar kind of content about it. I am not saying you shouldn’t write about that topic, definitely, you should write, but write in a way unique than others. Write in your words, share your experience, ideas, but don’t just copy the content or writing style as it is from others.

Even I have ‘How to start a blog’ post on my blog. Since it doesn’t have good engagement, I at least changed its content 15+ times. I have been too brainstorming my creativity to make it a better post for readers. That’s the attitude you should develop to help your audience by shaping yourself to provide the best.

Try to focus on providing that 1 unique value that no competitor is offering. Actually, I completely agree with Sue-Ann’s word about winning Digital space in an SEO-less way.


You never know what Google brings in its next update. Do you?

Make sure your blog is ready with fresh and original factors. Stuffing the keywords in title, description, headings, content is not a recommended practice anymore.

Ask yourself 1 simple question “Why should Google rank your blog post when it has almost the same information  as like others?”

There are so many blogging influencers like Jeff Bullas, Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Ryan Biddulph, Sue-Ann, Adam Connell, etc. Follow their blogs, follow them on social media, read their content, and learn how to blog effectively. They are all influencers today for some great reason. There’s a difference between following and copying, so start to follow.

My buddy, Ryan Biddulph, stands to all the struggles during his early blogging days and he learned potential ways to succeed as a blogger. Buy his eBook “Blogging for beginners – 6 Tips to Help You Avoid the Nightmares” to learn actionable tips that help your blog in a potential way.

Let me know what you think of this tip in the comments.

Also, please show some love for my 1st eBook that I have published on Amazon recently – How To Start & Build A Successful Career In Blogging – Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

3 thoughts on “1 Blogging Practice You Should Probably Stop Doing”

  1. Mudassir:

    Thank you so much for spotlighting some of my work and for the kind words, too. I love how you (since the beginning) are trying to take a forensic look at blogging in an effort to be successful.

    We all learn, grow, and evolve with time and so do writing skills, finding your voice, and offering your tiny ripple to add to the discussion. The great thing is improving organically as you practice and learn also makes it easier and more fun! Great work.

    Thank you so much,

  2. Awesome Mudassir, thank you. Blogging gets uncomfortable, and scary, sometimes, but so much easier too when we do as pros do. Pros know. Follow their insight. Taste sweet success.

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