12 Free Ways to Promote Your Blog or Website on High PR Sites

12 Free Ways to Promote Your Blog or Website on High PR Sites

September 15, 2017 1 By Team NettyFeed

As we mentioned in our earlier posts click How to promote your blog for free, we want to add up some more free sites which you can use to promote your new website or blog to gain valuable organic traffic.

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Now getting into the topic, now it’s the generation of Blogging and making money out of it. Most of the bloggers after starting their new blog’s they ask ” How to promote blog for free and what are the free ways to promote blog?”

Well the solution is here in below. Please not that these listings are free.


Create a free account and submit your website or blog URL. It will give you some really valuable back links.


Create a Facebook page and start sharing your posts to your audience. It will take time to get more fans and engagement. Once you get it’s worth a lot.


As like Facebook, Twitter is also one of the powerful social media to engage with your audience. Create a Twitter account or page and start sharing your blog post’s and see the results by yourselves.


Add your blog or website URL to Google. Here is the link to do it – http://www.google.com/addurl/


Yahoo! Question and Answers is one of the largest forum community where you can see billions of Internet user’s. It’s the top rated platform to drive huge organic traffic.  Here is the link – http://answers.yahoo.com/


Largest online community that allows free discussions and chit chat. You can express your views on any subjected topics and exchange back links if you get a chance.

Global Alexa rank of Quora – 118.

Its enough to understand how popular this site is. There are billions of Questions and answer’s. Start interacting with community by posting right answer’s with useful back link’s.


Alexa is world’s popular site that offers your website metrics, traffic analysis, back link, demographics and many more. All you have to do is check some top ranked websites and blogs and their back links and try to add your blog details in those sites.


Blogoola is also one of the free way to promote your new blog online . It helps you to add your blog in it and provides great exposure to reach country wise or world wide audience.


Scribd is online community where you can find books, documents to read. The best part is you can upload your best documents and blog posts for free. It’s great exposure to get high audience.


Blog Engage is blog articles directory which is free to sign up and you can get some real back link from it.


It’s all in one growth platform which can increase your website traffic. You can add your website to gain some valuable audience to your site.

follow Conclusion

These are 12 free ways to promote your blog and website to get some real user traffic. Please use the above information carefully by reading their terms and conditions.

We hope this article helped you to promote your blog.  Thanks for reading. Please do share with your friends.