2 Employee Mindsets that Need to Go

Do you work a full time job now?

I bet you feel used to:

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  • getting paid weekly
  • being told what to do by your boss

I felt comfortable with each aspect of being a pier guard over a decade ago. Every Thursday, I received a paycheck in an envelope. The following Friday, I’d deposit the check to my bank account via a quick drive to the bank. I also felt comfortable receiving specific tasks to complete from my boss. He told me what to do. Senior security guards trained me. I felt good doing easy, comfortable things assigned to me from my boss. He issued orders too. My boss told me when I would work and where I would work. Both the aspects of being an employee – receiving a set amount of money every week and being assigned specific tasks by my boss – seemed appreciated by my fellow guards who also clung to the two employee mindsets. Get told what to do. Get paid. Genuinely, being told what to do and receiving a set salary every Thursday felt easy, comfortable and safe. I felt secure knowing I just needed to do easy stuff my boss told me to do and I would get a steady paycheck weekly.

Of course, I paid a ridiculously steep price for my trade off. I gave up my freedom to experience comfort. Sometimes, I worked 18 hour days without any notice, being forced to work double shifts if my relief did not show up. I hated when that happened. Imagine waking at 5 AM to punch in at 6 AM. At either 6 AM, or 4 PM, when my shift ended, my boss told me I needed to work until midnight because my relief called out of work. I did appreciate the overtime and bigger paycheck but hated giving virtually my entire day to the job, sitting in a shipping term for 18 hours. Sometimes, I felt as if I were dying in prison, spending so many hours working a job.

Blogging woke me up. I quickly faced and released the two common employee mindsets of expecting a set paycheck every Thursday and being told explicitly what to do, to get the paycheck. No boss breathed over my shoulder. I also had to delay gratification, as the paycheck would arrive less frequently, and not at all, as a newbie. But experiencing a life of fun and absolute freedom felt well worth the mindset shifts. Doing both these freeing but highly uncomfortable things scared me for a bit. I eventually understood how being an employee had screwed up my entrepreneurial mindset.  I had to delay my financial reward by falling in love with the blogging process. I also had to be my own boss, telling myself what to do, being on myself to slowly but steadily put in the work that expanded my success. Few bloggers begin blogging like an entrepreneur. Most need to let go their employee mindsets before fully understanding what it takes to be a thriving, full time blogger.

Trade fear and comfort for love and freedom. Make the shift. Be your own boss. Position yourself to earn a full time income. Live a life of fun and freedom through blogging by thinking, feeling and acting like an entrepreneur.

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