2 Practical Mistakes New Bloggers Make

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Blogging is fun, freeing and exciting for new bloggers.

Scary, too.

We want to avoid common errors because fear tends to dominate your mind as a newb, leading to common mistakes. Damaging mistakes, too.

Stop running in new blogger circles. Own these errors. Follow the corrections. There is no need to struggle for years, guys. Blogging feels uncomfortable sometimes because you face deep fears but the blogging process is quite simple.

Own these mistakes and move in a successful, smart, abundant direction to cut your new blogger learning curve.

1: Focusing only on Themselves

I am trying to recall how many times new bloggers ask me how THEY can get blog traffic. Everybody is self-centered, focusing on themselves. Big mistake. Unfortunately, traffic and profits flow through OTHER human beings. You better help those humans or else you will not make money. I publish a bit of content on my blog then write content for other bloggers. I am outward, not inward, focused. Get off your blog. Get off yourself. Focus on helping other people to make your new blogger journey easier.

I write 5 guest posts daily. I happily endorse Mudassir’s new eBook. Heck yeah; I promote myself. Doing so gives me greater clarity. But I promote and help bloggers all day long. I think little of myself and mostly about helping you. Do this as a new blogger to run laps around most news bloggers out there.

Think YOU. Not I. Think about how you can help other bloggers. What do you want? Give it away. Do you want traffic? Help other bloggers get traffic by promoting them. Do you want blogging profits? Promote other bloggers. Buy their stuff. Give freely, receive easily.

2: Not Buying Resources

I get new bloggers wanting to save money but if you want to WASTE 5 years or more, be afraid to spend $9.99 on my eBook:

10 Disastrous Mistakes Newbie Bloggers Make and How to Fix Them

Seriously, some new bloggers profess not having $10 to spend on an eBook. They will just use free resources, to SAVE money, but with that saving, they WASTE 2, 3 or 5 years of their time. Do you know what percentage of new bloggers struggle for 1, 3 or 5 years, because they fear to spend $10 or $100 or $350 on a blogging resource? From my experience, 50% to 70% of new bloggers fear to spend 10 or 100 or 200 bucks as a newbie, then struggle terribly and make 0 dollars or 20 bucks after 2, 3 or 4 years of effort.

I cannot begin to tell you how frustrating it feels to refuse to spend $10 or $350 now, then 5 years down the road, after 1800 plus days have passed, you have made just $20 in blogging profits. I have seen this happen hundreds of times during my decade online. When you *INVEST* (spend money to make money) $350 in my blogging course you gain access to the mindset tips and blogging tips to live your dreams through blogging. As a newbie blogger, if you follow my course and take all steps, you have the ability to make some money in 6 months or 1 year. Doesn’t that sound fun? Doesn’t that sound worth using your credit card to invest $350, so you can make $25 monthly payments on the card and so you blog the successful, right way, now, as a new blogger?

Invest money in your blogging education on day 1. Or now. Accelerate your online success.

Blogging feels fun, freeing and a little scary as a newbie. Correct these errors, Cut your learning curve. Accelerate your blogging success.

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