2 Qualities for New Bloggers to Cultivate



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New bloggers need to cultivate each quality to become successful.

Being patient allows you to see the successful blogging journey through a calm, confident, relaxed vibe, knowing success is yours. Patience keeps you ground, generous and trusting in the blogging process. As a rule, new bloggers bleed impatience through their being. Newbies want success yesterday. But blogging has a way of weeding out impatient bloggers because no one succeeds online without being incredibly patient. Being patient focuses your energies on the process, not on outcomes. Instead of checking for traffic, profits, guest post invites and comments, you concentrate your energies on helping people and connecting with top bloggers in your niche. Patient bloggers trust the process and know success will be theirs. Patient bloggers exude a serene sense of calm confidence in all they do.

Being persistent inspires you to act regularly on your way to building a successful blogging career. Persistent bloggers seem to be like clockwork. Back in the day, bloggers said they could set their watch to my blogging activities because I am so persistent in creating content hour after hour every day. Persistence develops in the mind of a generous blogger who loves blogging about their niche. Following your passion fortifies a sense of persistence in your blogging actions because loving what you do inspires you to blog persistently, daily. Great entrepreneurs advise following your passion because passion fuels your patience and persistence on your journey. Persistent new bloggers publish posts daily whether or not people visit their blog. Persistent new bloggers love blogging so they keep blogging persistently. Work seems to be a reward. Traffic and profits feel like extras or bonuses.

Do you own the qualities of being patient and persistent? What can you do to be more patient and persistent with your blogging campaign? Being with afraid, impatient, non-persistent emotions seems to be the starting point of rooting out impatient, non-persistent ways.  Observe this blogging course; every class, every module, is a step we need to patiently, persistently take, to allow the course to grow into something bigger, something grand. Impatient bloggers who lack persistence never even bother creating blogging courses in the first place. Most bloggers seek instant gratification. Few develop a vision beyond the end of the day, let alone, for some venture that only begins to gain blogging steam 3-6 months down the road. Taking on bigger projects that require time and generosity to properly scale, cultivates the habit of being patient and persistent in all you do blogging-wise.

Study Patient and Persistent Bloggers

Observe patient, persistent bloggers closely. Study their ways. Develop each blogging quality through the principle of osmosis. Observing patient, persistent bloggers inspire you to be just as patient, persistent and generous. See these pros in action. Learn from seasoned veterans as you cut your blogging teeth. Be a sponge to the calm, confident energies exuded by successful bloggers. Feed on their patience and persistence to develop these qualities in yourself.


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1 thought on “2 Qualities for New Bloggers to Cultivate”

  1. Hey Ryan & Mudassir,

    Persistence is probably one of the most admirable characters a person can possess. It’s the ability to be determined to do or achieve something regardless of any setbacks.

    Many has the capacity to set goals and plans toward success, yet only few succeeds, because only few stick to work on their goals and plans until it is accomplished.

    Developing persistence is a master skill to success. The road to success is not easy, in fact, it’s challenging, this is why only few succeeds.

    And Patience is one of the crucial ingredient which I believe, it provide you strength to bounce back in your life.

    Eventually, thanks for motivating us with your incredible words.

    With best regards,

    Amar Kumar

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