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3 Favors Blogging Critics Do for You

Hmmm….blogging critics should be jerks, right?


Do you feel accustomed to ganging up on your critics with your tribe? Bad idea. Criticizing or fighting critics shows weakness on your part because you allow your fear to dominate the mind any time you fight critics. Plus, you believe critics speak the truth if you fight these folks.

Critics do you and your blog 3 clear favors. Peep ’em…

1: Critics Teach You What You REALLY Think About Yourself

Let’s say you think you are a skilled, talented writer. Some critic comes along and skewers your blog, saying you publish low-quality content in poor writing fashion. You write too wordy, they say. Plus, you litter your work with typos and grammatical errors. How do you feel after reading their criticism, REALLY? Most bloggers react by being offended, defensive, angry, annoyed, embarrassed or maybe you believe you REALLY are a poor writer.

Anytime you feel any negative emotion in response or reaction to criticism, the negative emotion is fear which muddles your clarity, dissolves your trust and crumbles your self-confidence. Thank the critic for unearthing your fears, feel the fears, and thank the critic for giving you clarity, confidence, trusting in self and belief in self.

Every time you feel offended, your critic helped you gain greater confidence and clarity in self. I am unflappable; nobody can shake me with their words because my belief and clarity in self drown out fear-pain-criticism from unclear, unconfident folks.  You can not offend, insult or even criticize me because I REALLY have superhuman confidence and clarity in self, NOT in the opinions of people who project their thoughts onto me.

2: Critics Help You Make More Money

I feared to promote my eBooks ALL DAY LONG until a few months ago. Why? On a deeper level, I still clung to a little bit of fear about critics skewering my eBook writing style. But after reading a few negative reviews of my eBooks, I felt a tiny bit of discomfort, cleared my fears and being largely fear-free, I began promoting my eBooks for 10 to 12 hours daily. Promoting that much created a blogging income increase through my eBook channel.

Thanks, critics.

Bloggers struggling to make money often fear to face critical clients and customers. Face ’em, feel fear-discomfort associated with criticism, and, not being burdened by these fears, your clarity and belief in self goad you to promote your premium offerings more freely, leading to increased blogging income.

3: Critics Teach You Compassion Which Makes You Even More Successful

I vividly recall some stranger posting a hypercritical comment of me and my blog, as if she was familiar with me, busting my balls, but in a nasty way. Huh? I dig deeper and discovered she was a lawyer. Many people who practice law do so from a fear-filled, pained, fighting, combative energy, so her comment made perfect sense. Unhappy, fear-filled, pained people make snarky comments, criticize others, and de-humanize others. I instantly felt her fear-pain from compassionate, caring energy, because I have been afraid, too.

Being compassionate makes you an incredibly successful blogger because tuning into folk’s feelings and being empathetic grows your readership, business and brand quickly. People love bloggers who listen to them, who appreciate their struggles and who connect with them.


Do you struggle to deal with blogging critics?

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