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3 Things to Never Underestimate about Blogging

I have learned many blogging lessons over the past 10 years of my life.

Blogging is fun, freeing, fulfilling and rewarding. I learned anybody can become a successful blogger, as I began blogging as an unemployed security guard, void of blogging knowledge and insight.

I also learned…..blogging is no joke. You need to be ALL IN for many years of your life and you will definitely succeed. Studying top bloggers, I noted some parallels about things not to underestimate on your blogging journey. Fools downplay each; blogging big dawgs know success only finds bloggers who bleed each quality out of their pores.

Guys; you can do it. You CAN succeed with blogging and you will succeed with blogging but you cannot downplay any one of these qualities. Pay close attention. I tested each, in the lab of life. Trust my 10 years of blogging experience combined with observation of some top bloggers in the world, below.

1: Passion

The late, great Steve Jobs stressed how you need to be incredibly passionate about your work because if not, logic dominates your mind, and you quit. From first-hand experience, you CANNOT underestimate passion as the chief ingredient of your blogging success. I saw five, 7-figure earning bloggers speak in person over the past few years. One has made over $30,000,000 through blogging, being an 8-figure earner, now that I think about it. One receives over 1,000 emails daily. One has made $30,000 in a day through his blog. Every one of these famous icons points to passion fueling their journey.

How it works; you could blog for 10 years, see zero cents in profits, and still be as generous and enthusiastic as ever, because PASSION, not PROFITS, drives you. Passion makes you detached, trusting, generous, patient and persistent; all qualities which lead to great freedom and a great income too.

2: Patience

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NO! Everything does not come easily to pro bloggers. Pro bloggers need to be incredibly patient to get through tough, frustrating times, in order to develop their blogging skills. I publish 10 or more posts – between my blog and guest posts – daily, now. But 10 years ago, I had a terribly difficult time writing 300 words in one sitting. What made the difference? Patience.

Never underestimate patience. Never underestimate the role being patient plays to become successful because you need to be patient in order to develop the skills and network to rock out your blog.

3: Persistence

Aha. Persistence. You are passionate and patient in developing your skills, and, blogger friend network. Now you need to be super-duper persistent through thick, thin and everything in between, in order to blog full time. Being persistent means putting in 4 to 6 to 10 hours of generous service daily, no matter what, to lay the foundation for something special.

Some readers claim they can set their clock according to me, based on my dogged persistence. You cannot mess around and be successful, guys, because top bloggers will run laps around you and your blog, churning out helpful content daily while you rarely show up. Top bloggers will be everywhere, and you, nowhere.

I believe in you.

Success is yours because success is your birthright.

Be mindful of developing these traits and you will experience increasing blogging success over the long haul.

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3 thoughts on “3 Things to Never Underestimate about Blogging”

  1. Hey Buddies,

    That’s my favorite topic ;-).
    Ryan is telling his stories and we are listening. So easy to listen and get motivated sometimes.

    How hard you must have gone through before reaching this level, right? Everyone could blog but not everyone has the potential to be a pro blogger.

    I appreciate your encouragement.


    1. Hey Jeangam Kahmei,

      How are you? Truly, Ryan is my biggest inspiration too. He deserves many more successful moments of blogging. It’s not easy to reach such a position to inspire thousands of bloggers out there.

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