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3 Truths About Negative eBook Reviews

From time to time, re-reading negative reviews can be a super spiritual practice for self-published authors.

Many cower to the fear of criticism – via negative reviews – and never promote their eBook freely.  Some never write their 2nd eBook. Others sit in their cyber cave and get super scared, being completely gun-shy, fearing that next nasty, negative review. Some bloggers deeply believe negative reviewers and conclude that their writing stinks.

I had to navigate a minefield of emotions to be aware of these 3 truths but goodness I found it so freeing.

Sit with these truths, guys. You will sell more eBooks, help more folks and be more compassionate to their plight if you put yourself in their shoes by embracing these truths.

1: Negative Reviewers Are Afraid

Negative reviewers feel fear. Being afraid, these folks simply project their fears of self onto you. More about that later.

Fear is an illusion. Love is real. Fear skews reality. Fear makes you try to project your fear on other people by criticizing them because fear indicates you move away from the truth of love, harmony, acceptance and embracing all that is. People who love simply leave a positive review or do not like the eBook but give no attention and energy to leaving a negative review, being accepting of self and realizing they are not resonant with your eBook.

Have you been afraid? Of course, you have feared people or things so have compassion for these scared folks who attempt to project their fears onto you.

2: Negative Reviewers Like What You Do

Haters, it has been said, love what you do, but lack clarity and project their admiration through a fear-filled, negative review. If they genuinely hated your eBook they would move on without typing a word or speaking a bad word about your blog. Haters love you and your eBook but cling to fear so their feedback becomes negative and biting.

3: Negative Reviewers Speak About Self Not You

Every human being is connected. We are all brothers and sisters and one large, living presence. Negative reviewers see themselves in you so they speak negatively about self, because you are the mirror, not the object, reflecting their view of self back to them.

Wise people say we see the world as we see ourselves. Before you take a negative eBook review personally, take a deep breath, relax, and understand how the reviewer speaks 100% of self and speaks nothing of you. Making this realization simply alerts you to a pained, afraid person hellbent on projecting their fears of self onto you. I literally tell myself a negative reviewer speaks of themselves and leave it at that.

Move On

Move on from a negative reviewer the moment you make these realizations. No need to prove anything to anyone because these folks speak of themselves. Be with any feelings arising during a negative review re-reading session. Do you feel fight, fear, anger, shame, embarrassment or any other strong, negative emotions? Good. Hug these emotions because these energies need to go if you intend to see negative criticism clearly. Fear distorts truth so your fear needs to go first before you can see and live these truths.


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