4 Blogging Time Wasters

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Time wasting bloggers, beware.

Time is your most precious asset. Waste it. Fail. But use time effectively and you will succeed.

As I promote my eBook: How to NOT Waste Time Online

I pondered 4 blogging time wasters.

Getting tripped up in these actions makes blogging hard. Avoiding these activities makes blogging easier and easier.

Efficient, effective bloggers use time with ruthless efficiency. Peep my responses via email and social. A few words, or a few sentences here and there. That’s it.

I have no other choice. I cannot waste time because I have a great responsibility.

Beware these 4 time wasters.

1: Blogging Off-Topic

Blogging off-topic wastes your time because you start over with a new audience every time you blog off-topic. Plus you lose connection with your core audience.

Imagine my traveling blogging tips blog. I publish a post about removing dog ticks. I waste my blogging tips the reader’s time, and my time, because I am trying to connect to an audience not there. Stay on blogging topics most if not all of the time. Be clear. Be a specialist, not a generalist, to use time effectively.

2: Reading Long-Winded Emails

I know of one 7 figure blogger who only reads 1 sentence emails. He ignores all else because he receives 1000 plus emails daily.

I love feedback and appreciate engagement but if someone cannot ask a question, make a pitch or get their point across in a few paragraphs or less, we are not a match. No established, pro blogger has time to read a 10 paragraph email because we have 20 things to do in that hour. But sometimes, I see struggling bloggers spending 10 minutes just to read a single email. Not a good idea guys.

Scan long-winded emails to get the point. Or if you are super busy, move on. Every human being has a full responsibility to respect your time.

Step by Step Instructions on How to start a blog

3: Writing Long-Winded Emails

I have not written a long-winded, 5 paragraph long email in 8 years. Why? 8 years ago I struggled horribly and lacked clarity. Being filled with fear, I believed I needed to write 5 paragraphs to be understood when 2 sentences from the energy of clarity do the trick.

That 25 minutes spent writing a comment for 1 person is better used writing a blog post for 4000 people. Leverage. Speak to many people with more words and speak to one person with a few words. Have you noticed how powerful people respond to emails in 2-3 words, 1 to 1, but spend significant time and energy speaking to huge masses of folks? This is how they became successful. Email in a few words or sentences. Get clear. Make your point. Save time and respect the time of fellow humans.

4: 2 Word Spam Comments on Blogs

I do not care if you are the most famous person on earth; publishing 2 line spam comments waste your time and our time. Think; if someone cares, someone publishes at least 1-2 sentences to share their thoughts, mostly. In rare cases, a few words work OK but in most cases, you better write a 2-3 sentence blog comment to prove you care. Be mindful. Make a wee impact at least versus trying to be all over, but, being nowhere.

Note; this is the exact reverse of an email approach but is smart because you leverage your time and connect with more people in a public setting.

Read the detailed blog commenting guide to do it in the right way.


Use time effectively.

Make an impact by re-assessing your blogging campaign.

1 thought on “4 Blogging Time Wasters”

  1. Writing on 1 niche and mastering in it as a great strategy to build credibility and trust with the readers.

    I ignore those comments that contains only two or three words like “great post”, “excellent tips”, etc. For emails, simplicity works, Keeping it short! As you mentioned, time management is necessary according to the situation.

    Great points, Ryan.

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