4 Free Ways to Make Money Online With Zero or Less Investment

The best way to make money online these days is Blogging. If you are not aware of how to get started with Blogging, then you can read our earlier post here.

Getting succeed as new blogger is very difficult these days, due to huge competition among Internet Media. Especially if you are full time blogger or you quit the Job. Because it takes patience, hard work, passion and determination. You have to perform consistently to make money online. It’s not one day Job.

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How to make Money Online?

Honestly speaking, there are many ways to make money online these days. Many are legit and most of are scam. Its highly recommendable to stay away from such people or programs who asks you to make some payment initially to start using their money making program.

Some are Ad clicking, Form filling etc. Here we are listing some legit ways of making money online, but it does require patience, Well writing and smart mind.

1.   Content Writing Services

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There are many part time bloggers and New website owners who need fresh content as articles, website content on daily basis. You can make decent income from writing articles. All you need to do get such projects.

If you have already a blog which has high traffic, then you create a service on your page mentioning that you offer content marketing services. And get the page rank to the top in search engines. Assign keywords, promote your page so that audience will come to know about your services.

If you don’t have blog, then you should be active on social media, mainly on Facebook groups. There are hundreds of group in which people will be posting their requirements. You can grab leads from here too.

2. Guest Post writing

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You can earn huge money from this. There are millions of website owners and bloggers who write/allow guest posting on their sites. Apart from money, You can get benefits like traffic, exposure and recognition from search engines. It’s too valuable for your site.

You can allow to submit their guest posts to you. Also you can write to them if you have good writing skills.

You shall get great traffic to your site or blog if you submit your guest article on NettyFeed.com. Submit your guest article today – http://www.nettyfeed.com/submit-guest-post/

3. Affiliate Marketing

It requires zero investment. You can use blog or social media like Facebook, Twitter, Email Marketing to make money via affiliate marketing. There are many bloggers who are making money sitting at their homes.

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Here are some sources which can help you to make money. Register in below high paying sites as publisher and get loads of money into your account.

1. Amazon

2. Flipkart

3. BlueHost

4. iPage

5. SEMRush

All you have to do is create an affiliate account and start promoting your affiliate link on your blog and social media. For every sale through your link, you shall get attractive commission.

4. Advertising

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If you got blog which has high or decent traffic, then you can offer advertisement solutions to your users or to those who are looking for.

You can add attractive banners of them on your blog. It could be on monthly basis you charge or per click.

Also you have better option, which is Adsense. You can make huge amount from Adsense, but getting the account is little tough Job, because Google follows certain factors.


Apart from this there are many other ways to make money online. It’s all depends on your website organic traffic. What if you got good 2 BHK house in main city, you can rent it for higher amount right?

In same way, if you got high traffic to your site, you can sit and earn huge amount of money. Let us know your views and thoughts in comments.

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