4 Truths for New Bloggers

Blogging is a skill.

Few beginner bloggers know blogging is a simple, powerful skill you need to patiently, persistently and generously develop to become successful. Being a new blogger often feels overwhelming. Avoid being subjected to information overload. Get clear from today going forward. New bloggers never need to struggle terribly but most have a tough time because they are ignorant of basic blogging truths.

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Let’s dive right into these truths to educate beginner bloggers and to smooth out your journey.

1: Blogging Is a Skill

Blogging is a skill you practice and master over thousands of hours of work. Put in the work. Develop the skill. Become a successful blogger. Blogging is a skill like being a doctor is a skill and being a lawyer is a skill. Although we do not need a similar, extensive skill set like doctors or lawyers and no, we do not need 8 to 12 years of education, blogging requires thousands of hours of learning, practice, creating and connecting to be skilled enough to actually make money through blogging. See blogging as a highly nuanced, in demand skill to position yourself to succeed in your niche.

2: Invest in Your Blogging Education or Suffer the Consequences

New bloggers need to spend money on courses, eBooks and/or coaching to learn how to blog effectively from top, pro blogging tips bloggers. Invest money to pay your blogging education tuition. People go to school to learn how to develop a specific skill effectively. Imagine courses, eBooks and coaching serving as a rock solid foundation for your blogging house. Spend money, time and energy procuring resources, studying resources and putting your new blogging knowledge into action. Or suffer the consequences of trying to piece together your blogging education from blog posts, videos and podcasts. New bloggers feel overwhelmed to begin with; imagine trying to learn blogging from 10 different bloggers offering 10 different teaching styles, 10 different blogging schools of thought, through 10 different blog posts?

Buy one course. Buy a few eBooks. Hire one coach to teach you how to blog.

3: Blogging Forces You to Follow Your Fun and to Face Your Fears

New bloggers need to love blogging to see the journey through because you also need to face fears in order to succeed. Every sweet blogging success sits on the other side of your deepest fears. Loving the blogging journey by picking a niche that feels fun to explore inspires you to continue blogging through ups and downs….especially through the down times, the deep fears, the most uncomfortable blogging moments. Be with your fears. Follow your fun. Do not bother blogging if you blog mainly to get money because you will never face your fears and struggle terribly trying to force money through blogging. Every struggling new blogger refuses to face their fears. Beginner bloggers who hit the ground running feel passionate about blogging and dive into their fears, routinely.

4: All Success Flows through Creating and Connecting

Creating content and building connections by generously help top bloggers in your niche creates your blogging success. Every piece of content you publish improves your blogging skills and earns you credibility while increasing your exposure. Building bonds with top bloggers also expands your presence and boosts your credibility. All money, traffic and worldly success flows through creating and connecting.


Seize, own and live these truths.

Make your journey easier.

Avoid endless headaches suffered by most new bloggers.


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