5 Practical Blogging Basics for Beginners

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I stepped into blogging by feeling emotional thoughts after reading 1 or 2 stories of successful bloggers. How silly my reason was, You know the reasons to start something new could be silly but the actions should not be.

In blogging, potential actions happen when you know things. As a beginner, it is important for you to know the right stuff, but not everything that is available on the Internet. In my years of blogging, I have made dumb mistakes, but I have also rectified those and doing better things now; Recently, I have released an eBook on Amazon to help aspiring bloggers like you, make sure you buy it to kickstart your blogging career. The link to the eBook is in my author’s bio.

Months ago, I didn’t imagine that I’d write this eBook, but I did now. How? I started to learn stuff. As you read the title, you need to cover the basics in the right and practical way that works actually. If you understand and implement it in that way, you can be assured to be a successful blogger. Alright, let me quickly share you the basics that I have learned:

1. Don’t be relaxed

The common psychology of most people is they relax when good things happen. Like, after writing one great-lengthy-definitive article or making a sale from affiliate/ebook, etc. You see, blogging is not a month or year or 10 years commitment, it’s continuous learning and influencing – Consider it that way.

When good things happen- feel blessed, grateful, and happy and the next day, get back to your work schedule. Do not get laziness in your head with the success you have achieved. Instead, move forward with the new energy that you gained. Invest time in things that make you grow, be it a small work daily. Walk along with the people who are better than you, who have the same goals as you and dedicated. Create a blogging schedule; writing, reading, commenting, sharing content, connecting with people, the SEO part, etc.

Never get comforted for a long time as it kills your creativity and productivity.

2. Develop this attitude that always has been underrated…

Helping others generously – This attitude I have learned from my blogging buddy, Ryan Biddulph.

You need to think of others, simple. Help others by sharing their content on your social media, link to their articles, mention them on social media, write guest posts for them, comment on their blog posts to encourage, etc. Now you might be thinking how the heck helping others will succeed you. Here’s what Ryan has to say:

Self-centering and focusing on self to grow is a big mistake. I think little of myself and I always focus on promoting other bloggers. Traffic and profits flow through other human beings.

Guys, Ryan is 110% true and it needs a beautiful mind to think in that way. You need to think practically, stand out in the crowd by doing something new and potential.

What happens when you keep helping others without expecting a thing?

They might

  • ignore you or
  • thank you and loves you back

Either way, you are on the right track about learning people as well as blogging. I’m sure no one ignores when you show some love so you will always be benefited. So start helping other struggling bloggers.

3. Create a personal brand by maintaining your voice

On the other day, I talked about developing own, honest, and unique style of writing while talking to your readers. Yeah, why to copy someone else’s style when you can create one?

Don’t imitate other bloggers by copying their content, ideas, writing style, etc. It kills your creativity, you never know, how creative you would become if you start talking in your voice.  Moreover, people support and express love when you start being honest. Be a storyteller and inspire people around you with the stories you tell.

Words are magic – Either they inspire a person to reach peaks or fall down to bottom. It’s all about how you organize the 26 letters of  Alphabet.

Show up on your blog by adding your picture, creating about page, and author box. Regularly, interact with your audience via social media or emails; respond to their comments which encourages them to do more.

Talking about blog comments; Yesterday, I commented on Lisa’s blog post for the first time. Guess what? The warmth in her welcome reply and Tweet won my heart and it encouraged me to follow her more and develop a friendly relationship. See, that’s how you win the hearts of your readers – By loving.

Talk to your readers in warmth way and make them feel that you care for your readers. This surely earns trust and when you earn trust, sales eventually start happening. People don’t buy from your article links or banners, they buy when they trust you and love you.

4. Just do it…


It stops you from reaching success – Be it blogging or any other career. You have to cut it loose to do better things. We don’t realize the value of life, people and blessings that we have in life until something gets lost. Life is too small to worry about things that you don’t like or stop yourself from doing creative things.

Blogging – Competition is in peaks, so unless you stand different and do something new, you are not gonna win. Screw the people who say things behind you or laugh at you. They ain’t gonna help you build a successful blog. The moment you understand that courage and determination are two powerful weapons, you are a half winner. Be experimental and see what works better for you. Do not cringe your head if people don’t support you or say bad things behind you. Promote yourself, there is no shame in that, everyone does that. If you think about what they think, you’ve already lost the game. Before winning the outside game of blogging, win the inner self.

5. User Experience

Everyone wants to visit a place which is clean and easy to reach.

The same applies to blog too. When people visit your blog, they should feel good and stay on your blog for a long time, that’s the goal, right? The user experience of your blog includes loading speed, navigation, and display. The secret is, keep your blog easy, no distractions. Readers visit your blog to read the content, give that experience, see, it is simple as that.

  • Do not add too many plugins, ad codes, widgets or sections that slowdowns your blog. If your blog load speed is high there are more chances that people leave your blog instantly. Moreover, it’s one of the Google ranking signals too.
  • Keep navigation facility so that the reader can understand where he is and what to do next.
  • Theme – Initially, try to focus on the content and connections part. Later I suggest you buy a premium theme like Generate Press, elegant or Astra which is light and user-friendly.
  • Colors – Keep it dark and simpler. If the reading background is white or dark black it offers a great impact on the reader.
  • Make your blog mobile-friendly so that people can also read your blog posts on mobile without any errors. Use the AMP plugin if your theme is not already mobile-friendly.


I hope you got what I am trying to say. Actually, it is simple – Create & Connect.

You may not need to run behind improving your stats, or Domain authority or install a costly theme to impress your blogging friends around you. Just develop the right blogging attitude and you are good to rock.

It’s never too late to step into the blogging world. Give it a shot by buying my eBook today – Get started with blogging today.

4 thoughts on “5 Practical Blogging Basics for Beginners”

  1. Hi Mudassir, I love the look of your clean blog. You are right about having too many things on the blog that can distract readers. Thanks for the mention! I have known Ryan for a decade and yes, he is real. Being authentic is key. There is no other way.
    I’m working on revising my eBook on Twitter – that and working on class material at the same time for today. How long did it take for you to write your eBook?
    Thanks again and have a wonderful day.

    1. Hi Lisa, I’m glad you like the blog’s UI. I took almost 3 weeks of time to publish my eBook; finalizing chapters was a bit tough part for me. Good luck with your eBook, I hope it’d be a great success. Take care.

  2. Mudassir these are awesome tips. You nailed it. Being generous and not resting on laurels leads to stunning long term growth. We want to have fun, and do what we love, but we need to keep leaving our comfort zone, to see more traffic and profits. Thanks for the mention too 🙂


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