5 Tips to Help You Learn How to Start a Blog

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Have you made your mind already to start a blog?

Not sure about how to take the idea into implementation and searching for tips to boost your confidence?

Do not worry!

I have been through that dilemma, and maybe I can help you start a blog in an easy way by sharing some potential blogging tips.

Let me point you through basic tips I have learned.

1. Money Investment or Time Investment

Should you invest more of yourself in money or time?

Let’s find out.

You can even start blogging for free on Blogspot.com or WordPress.com to learn the blogging basics.

The problem with free platform is; you can’t blog on a proper brand domain which makes people think you are not serious about blogging and they don’t pay interest in reading your blog even if you continuously publish helpful content. Moreover, you can’t customize the blog design and functionalities as per your wish.

If you want to build an authority blog and make a career in blogging, consider spending a small amount of money to buy a domain name and hosting.

A very small amount – 2500 INR ($35)

When you actually invest money, you will become serious about it to succeed. Don’t you?

You don’t have to buy some posh hosting just to show off your friends that you’re investing a lot in blogging. Costly hosting doesn’t grow your blog, but your skills & blogging mindset definitely does.

Once you master the blogging skills in a year or two, no one would stop you from going rich in every aspect. Till then, focus on improving your skills and growing connections.

I recommend budget hosting for beginner bloggers – iPage

Click here to get FREE domain name and absolutely 75% discount on it’s hosting plans

You should invest more of your time in learning new SEO strategies that work, content creation, connecting with bloggers and developing a blogging attitude.

Value your time & work smart. When you start valuing the time you will never fail.

2. Stand out from the crowd

I don’t know the exact number, but I’m sure there is heavy competition in the blogging industry. Despite age, people are starting new blogs every single day for obvious reasons. Just think about how can you rank on with this much competition on search engines and make your blog successful.

Discouraging thought?

No, you don’t have to low yourself.

It is easy to build a successful blog if you create your unique identity in the community. Develop your self-writing “style”.

Be you and write things you know.

Make a habit of writing regularly, no matter how your English sounds, it gets better.

Schedule your calendar to write something daily.

Speak directly to your audience, do not write like a 3rd person advising to unknown.

Write about things you know, experiences you have been through, tips that worked for you. But how do you do that?

By choosing the right niche. I have written the beginner’s guide on blog niche selection.

Niche is what keeps you creative and fun while blogging.

3. Focus on skills, not blog design

I, myself was doing this mistake ago…

I used to spend lots of time designing my blog’s sidebar, header with ads, footer and changing themes. That didn’t work as I was solely interested in showing off myself and blog rather than creating super user experience.

You have to know what works and whatnot. Have a practical and clear perception of what you do and how it matters to your blog’s success.

When someone visits your blog post, it means he/she is interested in reading your content without distraction.

Give that experience to the reader.

If you ask me; Popups, sidebars, free eBooks download buttons, ads, etc are some distractions to the readers. Although they give results I don’t think so that driving away your reader from the actual reason for a visit is a good idea for a long term basis.

4. Build trust, not just blog

This is huge concept, I will put it simply without dragging.

What’s the 1 common quality of all the successful bloggers who are making money out there?

They all show themselves to the audience and speak directly to them in their “voice”.

Don’t just randomly publish “any” blog posts. Use your real-life experiences, tips, thoughts and solve the problems of your audience via your blog posts.

Create an “About” page on your blog and tell the audience who you are.

Put yourself in the shoe of the audience and design your style of writing accordingly. You have to make the audience feel like you are reading their mind now.

Sharing knowledge in your voice is one rich way to brand yourself. The consistent voice leads to building your brand credibility and trust.

Moreover, people listen and buy the products when they know you and your credibility.

5. Be open to building relationships

I spend at least 3-4 hours overall a day on Twitter.

What do I do?

I share other bloggers content on my feed, genuinely share my thoughts on their blog posts (blog commenting), and connect with new people around the blogging community.

When I share their content, I will be exposed to those bloggers and their audience too.

Isn’t it benefit me?

Today, I got a chance to go through one of the extraordinary blogger’s blog – EnstineMuki.

Here’s one of the excellent reads that I loved from his blog – 6 ways to get massive exposure by promoting other bloggers.

Make sure you read this too.

On Quora, I follow the “blogging” as one of the topics. I find questions related to it and will try to answer in an honest way. Also, I follow blogging influencers, read their insights, learn from them and try to implement in my blogging routine.

Start reaching out to bloggers generously, invite them to write a guest post for you or write one for them.

What might happen?

Either they accept you or they don’t. Either way, keep patience, and trust in yourself to do better things.


You may also want to consider buying this eBook from Ryan Biddulph – 7 steps to build a full-time income-earning blog.

Blogging works, I am 100% sure about it because I am seeing it and feeling it. Be it for money or fun or knowledge sharing  – it brings magic into your life.

I trust in my process and say “blogging is like daily energy to me and passion.”

All you have to do is

  • Be patient & consistent
  • Help other bloggers
  • Be helpful
  • Be honest
  • Love what you are doing
  • Improve your writing skills
  • Kick out your blogging fears

How does that sound?

Interesting? Challenging? I’m sure it sounds thrilling to you.

If you make your mind to start a blog, here is my guide that can help you to start one

How to start a blog – Step by step guide for beginners

1 small tip – I have added multiple web page links in this post, so make sure you bookmark everything for better clarity.

Do you have anything to share? Please start a conversation in the comments section, I’d love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “5 Tips to Help You Learn How to Start a Blog”

  1. Hey man,
    First, thanks for the shout out. I’m seriously of the opinion that you’ve given solid pieces of advice in this post. Often, folks focus on design. They want a beautiful blog but with very little of what keeps people coming.

    Design makes an impression but content makes the value. Focus on content and pull the targeted crowd 😉

    Hope you are having a blast this weekend

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