7 Ways to Improve your Online Customer Service

Nowadays, operating online is quite commonplace for any business except for the few startups with very tight budgets. Online shopping is advantageous to the customers and businesses also leverage multiple benefits of the internet. However, at times, it can prove to be sort of a double edged sword for the businesses! The customers are now way smarter than what they were even a decade back. They are better informed and have multiple options to buy any product or service. So, retaining online customers have become tougher to an extent. Unless your company can offer excellent customer support and service online- retaining existing customers and wooing perspective lot will be tedious. Regardless of the niche of your venture, offering outstanding online customer service is prerequisite.

7 Effective ways to offer top notch service to the customers online

You can resort to the following tried and tested measures to ensure your company customers get top notch service and support online:

#1. Keeping multiple ways for the customers to connect

 Whether your company sells FMCG products or deals with health insurance plans, it has different types of customers. The mindset, penchant and adaptability of such customers are different too. So, it is only natural they will seek service and support from the company in many ways! You have to ensure all the ways of seeking support and service are made available to the customers, online. The customers preferring telephonic support will be there as will be those who prefer instant and real time interaction through live chat setup. The bottom-line is all the online means to connect should be kept open and easily available for the customers.

#2. Listening/attending to the customer queries and grievances with patience

 This sounds very basic but sometimes the support agents falter at this point and this paves way to customer dissatisfaction and escalation of simple issues. Different customers may have different issues with the same product and so the agents should listen to what each customer has to say before responding. This is applicable for all mediums including chat, email and phone. This way the agent can understand exactly what is the need of each customer and apt action can be taken thereafter.

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#3. Catering to the loyal customers with extra care

It will not be an exaggeration to say the loyal customers of the company are its assets! You should resort to every possible means to keep these customers happy who make repeat orders at the site. The details of such customers are stored in the CRM database of each company and your help desk software should be linked to the database. This way the support agents can realize when they clients call or use chat to enquire about anything and attend them in proper ways. From time to time, offering such customers personalized discounts and special offers can be quite useful too. This can be done on their birthdays and anniversaries, for example.

#4. Adopting proactive approach to offer assistance

The support agents can sometime adopt a proactive approach to assist existing customers. They can also help out first time site visitors in the same way to make them customers. For example, they can offer assistance to the site visitors when they find the visitors spending a certain amount of time in a section of the site. Sometimes, the visitors may be interested about some products but may not feel motivated enough to approach support team. In such situations, taking a proactive stance works well. In a similar way, the agents can help out the customers or visitors who face problems in checking out after loading the cart with products. This can satisfy the customers and enhance revenue by eliminating instances of cart abandonment.

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#5. Offering robust self support provisions

Not all customers of your company are likely to write an email or dial the helpline number whenever they face any problem. The younger generation of customers is more tech savvy in nature and they want more customization and control in everything in life. This includes the way they want to troubleshoot problems in the products and services they use. These customers prefer using a self service portal than using helpline or typical customer support options. So, your helpdesk solution should have good provisions for self service. The self support portal should have links to the FAQ section along with links to useful online resources.

#6. Asking the customers for ideas and suggestions help

You may try numerous measures including aggressive digital marketing promotions, social media advertising and introducing new product lineup to entice and satisfy the customers. However, it can be tedious to realize the exact needs of the customers unless you ask them! So, you should use the customer support tools like live chat software to ask the customers about the feedbacks and opinions. Appending a small post chat survey session can be useful in this regard. Taking feedbacks from customers can help you figure out most pressing customer needs and areas of grievances. Later you can address such needs in proper ways and that will be useful in satisfying the customer and retaining them.

#7. Using the proper support desk software solution

The efficacy and performance of the support agents go a long way in serving the customers online in the proper ways. However, you can’t deliver outstanding online customer support service unless the suitable customer service tools are used. Without a robust and feature rich help desk software solution, the agents cannot make best use of their skills. Such software solutions should have the below listed features:

  1. The help desk solution should be user friendly and have an intuitive UI. This will make things easier for the company employees and the customers will find it easy to raise tickets and access self service section.
  2. The Support desk solution should have good integration with various third party software applications. It should be compatible with database used by the company and other software like security solutions and cloud services.
  3. The helpdesk solution should have robust security features as the employees will be using it to access vital company data and client information. Provisions should be present to offer multiple levels of user access and it should have encryption based security.
  4. The software should have provisions for deploying automation in online customer support operations. This can be helpful in responding automatically to client queries in live chat through pre programmed chat bots. Such automation features help enhance customer satisfaction and the human agents can focus on more important tasks.
  5. The software solution should have an intuitive and well laid out dashboard. Using this dashboard, monitoring all aspects of online customer support operations becomes easier. You can track the activity of each support agent, learn about the number of pending calls on IVR and emails that have been answered etc.

Summing it all up

As a matter of fact, there is no single and short cut solution for offering excellent online customer service for a company. It is necessary to have skilled agents who are well versed in understanding customer needs and take apt actions without delay. It is equally important to use a suitable help desk solution that enables the support agents to make best use of their skills.

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