A2P Messaging – Proven Product That Drives Value To Your Business

A2P Messaging – Proven Product That Drives Value To Your Business

October 16, 2017 0 By Team NettyFeed

Mobiles have become mandatory components in our lives today. Text Messages received are seen instantly and it is also most preferred communication tool by the audience point of view. According to many recent surveys, it is well known that 95% of mobile users open an SMS instantly and most people are likely to save them and read in their free time which brings high visibility about your brand.

The companies that communicate with their customers regularly by providing updates, offers and any other information are more likely to earn more brand visibility, high profits which create high reputation and standard in their respective industries.

A2P Messaging is one of the best ways to promote products, services, new product launches, festival offers and many more. It is easy and most preferable tools for companies, corporate and business owners ranging from small retail vendors to MNC’s.

A2P Messaging

  • Promotional SMS : These are the messages which can be sent to targeted audience as well as existing customers regarding new offers, new product launches, Festival offers etc.
  • Transactional SMS : In this, SMS API can be used for automated updates such as OTP’s, Banking/Online Transactions, Confirmation alerts, Notifications, Account information’s etc.
  1. SMS are still the only form of communication which is spam free and thus 98%  of it are opened and read.
  2. Text messages improve business process, internal communications in the companies which are very valuable in any businesses.
  3. Many researches have proven that audiences are more likely to open an SMS than online adverts or Newspapers or any other media.
  4. SMS campaigns are simple, cost effective, high response process.

Now-a- days, SMS are not only useful but also essential. With the Perfect Messaging vendors, you can watch your business transform into a dynamic, customers trusted company which takes advantage of SMS Marketing and connecting with new clients as well as existing.

Real Process of Engagement, Management is two right pillars of success in any industry.