Welcome to NettyFeed. I am Mudassir and I run this blog.

NettyFeed is a blogging community where you can learn to start and build a successful blog, to have fun, connect with new people, learn things and of course, to generate passive income.

I have published an eBook on Amazon to help you exactly get started with blogging career

How to start and build a successful career in blogging

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About me

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I was born and brought up in a lower-middle-class family, I love ’em. Somehow with lovable and caring people around me, I succeeded in studies. I have completed my Masters in Business Administration. Later, I had to leave my family and place in the year 2012 to get a job, that was high pain.

A small job, not enough money, cold people around, the frustration of things not happening  – The life was terrible then.

Then came this idea to write my feelings…Something like a diary or blog. I have chosen to blog. The more I explored blogging the more I understood that it could be a great source to make some money online. That’s how my blogging journey has started then. I started multiple blogs on blogger.com but nothing felt like working. So I decided to blog seriously by having own domain and hosting. NettyFeed started…

As like most, I had no mentor to guide me. So, I started reading the stuff on the Internet and implemented step-by-step. I made many blogging mistakes but my passion kept me going. It’s a long journey, Isn’t it?

I write about practical blogging tips that worked for me, my experiences, and allow experts to share their knowledge on this blog.

Here is some quick inspiration for you

  • You don’t have to be a techie to start a blog; A blogging mindset to learn & grow is good enough.
  • Invest your quality time to focus on content creation, networking & promotion part.
  • Things might get hard; Low traffic numbers, Google algorithm hit, not seeing money from your blog, etc. Whatever comes in your way, stand to it. There’d be a beautiful future waiting for you.

Believe me! Blogging is not a quick and real money earning scheme. It is a steady and regular income source and happiness if you do it in the right way.

My personal life

I’m married to Shabnam. She has a Masters in Technology (M-Tech) and partly helps me in blogging. We currently live in Bangalore, India.

Family and relations are my first priority in my life. Their love and prayers keep me going.


Building a successful blog is not an easy job, and at the same time, not hard too…

It costs you time, focus & passion. I am really happy to share things that I know and love to learn from you too.

Again, thanks for reading about me. Don’t forget to check out my eBook How to start and build a successful career in blogging – Step by step guide.

To your good health and success – Mudassir

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