Welcome, I am Mudassir and I run this blog from the designing part to marketing the content.

NettyFeed is a blogging blog; by visiting it daily you can learn highly creative tips and strategies that help you build a successful career in blogging. Also, I have written a detailed guide to get you started with blogging:

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How did I start blogging?

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I was born and brought up in a lower-middle-class family, I love ’em. Somehow with lovable and caring people around me, I succeeded in studies. I have completed my Masters in Business Administration. Later then, I had to leave my family in the year 2012 to get a job, that was a great pain. A small job, cold people around, desperation for money – The life was terrible then.

Then I got this idea, to write my feelings. Something like a diary or blog. I have chosen to blog on a FREE platform. I started exploring blogs and understood that it could be a great way to share thoughts and eventually make money. That’s how my blogging journey has started then. I created multiple blogs on blogger.com but nothing worked well as I expected. So I decided to blog seriously by having my own domain and hosting; NettyFeed started!

As like most, I had no mentor to guide me. So, I started reading stuff on the Internet and implemented step-by-step. I made many blogging mistakes but my passion kept me going. It’s a long journey, Isn’t it?

Now, I write about practical blogging practices that worked for me, my experiences, creative thoughts and also allow experts to share their knowledge with you all.

Here is some quick inspiration for you

  • You don’t have to be a techie to start a blog; the Right mindset to learn & grow is good enough.
  • Invest your quality time to focus on content creation, networking & promotion strategies.
  • Things might get hard; Low traffic numbers, Google algorithm hits, low blogging profits, etc. Whatever comes in your way, stand to it. There’s a beautiful future on the other side.

Believe me, Blogging is not quick and real money earning scheme. It is a steady and regular income source and fun if you do it in the right way.

My personal life

I’m married to Shabnam. She has a Masters in Technology (M-Tech) and partly helps me in blogging. We currently live in Bangalore, India. Family and relations are my first priority in my life, their love and prayers keep me going.


Building a successful blog is not an easy job, and at the same time, not hard too. It costs you time, focus & passion. I am really happy to share things that I know and love to learn from you too.

Again, thanks for reading about me. If you have decided to start blogging, read my article

To your happiness and success – Mudassir

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