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What is NettyFeed? An Introduction

I am Mudassir – I manage this blog from design to everything. I write to inspire and help people who are looking to start their own blogs, shape into a successful income source by having fun and learning.

The blog focuses on high quality and authority content that provokes the readers.

Let me walk you through NettyFeed and the advertisement options available for you.

NettyFeed was started back in the year 2016 and currently in the race of most popular blogs in the blogging industry. It was the inspiration that I got from people like Anil Agarwal, Neil Patel, Harsh Agarwal, Shraddha Sharma, etc to start my own blogging brand.

You can know more about me here.

I cover topics mostly on Blogging tips.

Site Specifications (As of 08-09-2019)

  • Alexa rank – 14,019 (India), 171,869 (Global)
  • Domain Authority – 21/100
  • Page Authority – 31/100
  • URL rating – 37/100
  • Facebook followers – 4,700
  • Monthly page views – Approximately 21,000
  • Moz Trust – 3.01

Every single day, I am working my level best to improvise the blog stats and making it an authority site in the blogging niche. And, I am seeing some great spike in terms of traffic, page views and engagement.

Types of Advertisements

Well, I don’t believe in running ads and spoiling the reading mood of readers. So, apart from display ads, I can offer you the below options to promote your business.

  1. Product review
  2. Startup Interview

1. Product reviews / Sponsored reviews

Why product reviews?

It increases brand reputation on the Internet, market the product, improve sales, and so on.

I am highly concerned about the products that I review. Quality and value play a key role to write a product review.

If you have both the factors, I am happy to write/publish one.

As I mentioned above, only related niche reviews will be allowed.

Possibly your product should be related to:

  • SEO
  • WordPress
  • Hosting
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing tool

What can a positive review do for your business?

Customers are more likely to spend 31% more on a product that has positive reviews on Google.

It can increase the product’s branding as well as website traffic (which means high chances of conversions).

The Internet is filled up with good and bad people. There are chances that competitors can try to degrade you by giving fake/negative reviews.

If you have experienced such unethical practices, I can fix it by writing a positive review.

All you need to have is a reliable and valuable product.

Price for a product review

Depending on the product that you’d like to be reviewed, I can offer you a custom price.

However, the base price starts at $50.

2. Startup/Business Interviews

Are you building something new from the grass level, taking a risk, to solve the problem in the community, and do your best to create jobs?

If yes, NettyFeed is the finest platform for you to expose your startup idea.

If building a product is one of the difficult things, marketing it is another pain for entrepreneurs. I have a strong mission to feature the entrepreneurs who don’t give up on the hurdles they face.

Your own people, friends might reject you for the idea of your startup. But, we don’t!

Let the whole world know about you and your idea.

Price for an online Interview

I understand starting a startup is a pain with full of formalities, legal issues, registrations, blah blah.

So, I don’t want to create more trouble for you.

The reasonable price you ever find – 3000 INR

To date, we have published 26 startup Interviews on our platform.

Procedure for a Startup Interview


Head to Startup Submission Page to understand the benefits, terms, and payment.

Payment method

  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Online (India)
  • UPI

What is the wait for?

I am here to promote your business as much as I can.

Feel free to get in touch.

Email ID[email protected]

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