Alia Bhatt Reveals About What She Absolutely Hates About Katrina Kaif On Neha Dhupia’s BFF’s With Vogue Show

Alia Bhatt Reveals About What She Absolutely Hates About Katrina Kaif On Neha Dhupia’s BFF’s With Vogue Show

January 30, 2018 0 By Mudassir

In an industry where he hear about cat fights every now and then, Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif have found their BFFs in each other. They have been giving us friendship goals with their pictures and workout videos all this while. But now, the two actresses are all set to talk about their bond and confess all that they like, love and hate about each other. Yes, that’s what happens when two best friends-cum-soul sisters are on a show that is all about being candid. Alia and Katrina are going to be the guests on the next episode of Neha Dhupia’s BFFs with Vogue and we can’t keep calm.

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We have seen a glimpse of what the two have in store for us and we know the show is going to be a laugh riot. Especially a segment where the two are asked to wear boxing gloves and talk about some thing(s) that they absolutely hate about each other, with a punch on each other’s faces.

In her turn, Alia Bhatt reveals that she hates that “Katrina never sticks to the plan.” Well, we know how disappointing and annoying that can be. You make an interesting plan with your gal, wait for the d-day to arrive so that you can have all the fun you had in mind, and then at the last moment, it gets altered or worse, cancelled. We agree with Alia there.

But that wasn’t all. When Katrina was asked to talk about what she dislikes about Alia, she said, “I wish she were more generous and could send a few of her critics my way and some of her awards as well.”

Aah! What is true friendship without a dash of envy? Katrina not only revealed how she is longing to win an award for the roles she does but also underlined how critics loves Alia’s performance and none of her good work goes unnoticed. You can watch the teaser below:

What what we have seen so far, Alia and Katrina are like a house on fire. We are sure when they come together on the screen, it will be nothing less than pure treat for the audience. Let’s hope someone gets inspired after watching them on BFFs with Vogue and offers them a film or at least an ad together. It will be an also delight!

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