The Way She Has Built Avala Hejje StartUp to Empower Rural Women is Inspiring

According to the reports, young girls from rural areas and poor from urban are more successful in clearing 10th standard board exams than boys. After it, only a few continue to college and graduation, most of the girls are either marrying early or not looking for jobs and ends up with frustration at home.

Shanthala Damle, She sent almost 20 years in the US. She holds an MBA from Virginia Tech, USA. She is an engineer too with coding stuff. From a very long time, she has been thinking to do some really good for women who are facing many problems in India. She realized in 2010 that she needs to return homeland and no longer she could ignore the issues in India.

She came back in 2011 and joined in politics. She has been the convener for Aam Aadmi Party for the last five years. This year, she realized that she had to use her knowledge of systems and processes to help underprivileged women who don’t have access to basic tools and information.

“I traveled across Karnataka and realized women need information, in rural areas, to do basic things,” says Shantala.

Avala Hejje is a startup founded by Shanthala Damle along with Lekha Naidu and Suma Annegowda. They created a platform where women can get trained for 30 to 90 days on soft skills, basic communication skills and knowledge about business and entrepreneurship. Shantala and her team already organized few workshops across colleges in Karnataka.

Avala Hejje means Her Steps in Kannada.

It says ” When a woman succeeds, everyone benefits: the woman, her family, the next generation and the nation.”

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The startup brings a different approach to learning. It uses theatre, videos, and lectures to ensure complete knowledge sharing. Currently, it is training women who are 18 years of age and also planning to bring older women up to 35.

Till now the company has conducted few workshops across Karnataka. It plans to expand its presence in 5 cities by 2018. It will expand its base on a franchise model, where the franchise will receive required training and implement. In one word we can say Avala Hejje is education and training startup.

According to IBEF reports, there are nearly 586 million women in India and 70% out of them are less than 40 age. However, rural places still struggle to move women towards higher education, Jobs and even have less enough skills to survive other than working in farms and homes.

Avala Hejje wants to build such villages with excellence, and create a network that could empower women. Hoping long road ahead to the team of Avala Hejje.

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