According to Google, Top 7 Link Building Mistakes You Must Avoid in 2019

Link building is one of the crucial factors for any online business or blog to rank top. After all, backlinks are considered as one of the key factors in SEO.

You can’t build links wherever you find an option to build on the internet for ranking. Google is now more focussed on giving the best search results for its users and started avoiding spam links and sites. According to reports, there are nearly 1M blogs are getting created every month. Google has started more advanced and strict filtering algorithm to provide accurate and valuable data to its users.

Let’s discuss completely the best practices for backlink building to improve your search results.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are like recommendations. The higher the recommendation the more you get what you want. If some high D.A website like ShoutMeLoud or BloggersPassion is recommending your site content then you have a great chance to rank your site better.

It is a major metric for the ranking of your site. If your page has got a lot of backlinks from relevant and high authority sites, it means you will rank well on search engines. Here are two basic advantages of backlink:

1. Improves Ranking

It is very important and mandatory to have backlinks from quality sites. Your main goal should be to get links from relevant and high PR and DA sites. It helps in achieving better search rankings to your keywords.

2. Fast Indexing

Backlinks help search engines bots and spyders to discover your site faster and crawl your site effectively.

Mainly for new blogs and sites, it’s really important to get indexed by search engines to rank.

What is quality backlink?

When a high D.A site links to any of your posts, it is better than thousands of links from low D.A or spam sites. This is because Google is now giving top priority to authority sites that have high D.A and P.R.

If you search on Google, you will get many free traffic generator tools. These are all termed as low-quality links. After the Google Penguin algorithm, such free, low-quality link methods are rolled out.

What if my website is linked to a spam website?

The recommended way to remove spam links of your site on the Internet is to use the Google Disavow link tool. Using this tool you can delete all the spam links that are you linked with. And always say no to backlinks from irrelevant sites. Search engines consider the content of the site to determine the quality of a link. It means when links to your site come from others which have got content related to your site, these are more valuable links to your site.

If you have huge links from spam or irrelevant sites, it could get your site penalized and banned entirely.

Let’s discuss some link building mistakes.

Mistake 1: Stop guest blogging for the sake of backlink, instead add value

Two years ago, guest blogging was an excellent way to build backlink. But these days most of the site owners and bloggers are using guest blogging as the main weapon to build the backlink. Come on, Google is no fool after all. Google started penalizing the sites which are accepting irrelevant and huge submissions for the sake of making money. If you have a link on such site then make sure you ask them to remove it.

Do not try to build backlink from guest blogging unless you have some valuable and amazing content for the readers. So, try to stop building backlink from guest posting for the sake of backlink instead you should focus on interacting with the community about what you offer and building a network.

Also, you should stop building links from article or directory submission sites. Really?, Why?

Check out what Matt Cutts from Google Webmasters has to say about it.

Mistake 2: Stop paying to get a backlink

Both buying and selling link owners will be hurt badly. If you are using paid directory/article submissions to rank higher on search engines, you should stop it right now. Google is treating such links as a bad practice of link building strategy and it can penalize your site one day.

Google latest algorithms will find out where your site is linked. If you are getting it from the irrelevant or paid link building site, then google crawlers will degrade your site and search results. So you must stop paying for backlinks.

Mistake 3: Ignoring spammy links

As a part of a new penguin update from Google, now it is must for every blogger or site owner to remove toxic or spammy links by checking it regularly. These links are irrelevant and unhealthy that harms your search engine results.

Thousands of sites already got penalized by Google. Make sure you are not the next.

You can use tools like Google Disavow tool, Moz, SEMrush, backlinko etc to analyze your backlink reports.

Mistake 4: Focusing on only one type linking

Most of the bloggers and site owners think that only Dofollow links help them to rank better. No, it is not. Building only one type of backlink is not a good practice and you may get penalized for that.

You should also focus on no follow links. They might not give any value to your results, but they give a great boost in terms of SEO (especially from commenting on blog posts).

So start giving equal time to both. Check out what top blogger Neil Patel has to say about it.

Mistake 5: Linking to keywords

This is one of the most common mistakes people make these days. Do you think that you will get better search rankings by getting links with keyword stuffed anchors?

If you think yes then you’re wrong. Google treats such links as spammy under the strategy of black hat and your site will be penalized for these actions.

Use informative word as an anchor text instead of keywords.

Mistake 6: Links from irrelevant blog posts or blogs

If you own a blog on health and fitness, building a backlink on a sports blog is really a bad idea. Most of us often tend to make links on high D.A sites even though it is not a relevant niche for our subject.

Few SEO experts mention that you still can build the quality link from other irrelevant sites but you need to create a really informative and quality guest article.

However, to be safer, make sure you only build backlinks from relevant niche sites.

Mistake 7: Building excessive Home page URL

This happens mostly with new bloggers. As they don’t have many articles they try to put home page URL everywhere on the internet. This is bad practice, if you build up all your links for one page only, then Google algorithm thinks this is artificial. So you must focus on other pages too. This will not only help you in getting traffic but also increase your Page Rank (PR).

Make sure you also link to your internal pages or posts in your every article. This way Google gives you great results in terms of boosting your internal page’s authority as well.

How to get quality natural backlinks?

So let’s discuss some better way of building quality and authoritative backlinks.

If someone finds your content really valuable and link to you by their own (without asking you), it is called a natural way of backlink building.

So always write valuable content and try to link to other informational blog post’s. Try to connect with them and let them know about you and your blog in a simple way. Sooner or later, if they see value in your content, they will start linking to your blog too.

Share to your social media accounts whenever you publish an article. This is one of the effective ways to get traffic.

Can I build backlink from blog comments?

Mostly newbie bloggers focus on getting backlinks through the blog comments. It’s really a bad practice unless you do it in the right way. First of all, if you leave some relevant comment along with your answers, most high D.A site bloggers won’t approve your comment. So it is a waste of time and your effort.

Instead, you can actively participate in online community forums and help other members with a solution. Wondering how you can build backlink from it? Read this – How To Drive Traffic From Online Forums To Your Blog

Check out what highest earning blogger like Matthew Woodward has to say about blog commenting strategy for building backlink.

What else I can do?

Leave valuable comments which really encourages the article writer or readers to respond you back. That way you will be able to get more attention from readers as well as a blog owner. Don’t post your link in the comments unless it is really helpful and relative.

Important thing for you to keep in mind is, the number of backlinks does not matter, but rather the quality of it. Slow and steady SEO always wins the game.

We hope this article helps you understand the basics of backlinks in SEO and how to use it. What are your thoughts? Please let us know in the comments section.

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