According to Google, Top 7 Link Building Mistakes You Must Avoid in 2019

Link building is definitely the major factor in SEO, no doubt about it. Even the experienced bloggers get this wrong sometimes, such mistakes can hurt your SEO strategy.

The strategy of link building is getting changed from time to time. So is the reason for new and experienced marketers should be aware of general link building mistakes in order to stay away from such.

It is advisable to use any link-building tool like SEMrush to maintain your backlink profile in the right way.

If you want to increase your site metrics and conversion, you don’t just need backlinks – you need authority links.

10 quality backlinks are good than having 100s of low authority links.

In fact, if you have too many bad backlinks, you will not stay forever on the top of Google search results.

Sooner or later, you will get caught by Google and penalized for what you were doing.

So, don’t waste your time on building backlinks everywhere.

What are backlinks and it’s importance?

It is nothing but a recommendation.

And, why it is important?

The sole purpose is to improvise your rankings.

Google loves if some authority site is recommending your site to its readers.

Did you ever check the backlink profile of top bloggers like Anil Agarwal or Harsh?

These sites have millions of quality backlinks and that is the major reason for their blogging success.

What is a quality backlink?

If you have a backlink from the website which has high D.A (Domain Authority) and low spam score, that is considered as a quality backlink.

Initially, it is not easy to achieve backlinks from high authority sites.

So, your focus should be on developing interesting and informative content for your readers. If you write such content, people definitely link your site on their website.

It is FREE and like a word of mouth strategy.

What if my website is linked to a spam website?

You know, even if you intentionally don’t link to some spam or irrelevant sites, it happens somehow.

It is the Internet and everything can happen on it.

So it is mandatory to keep an eye on your backlink profile.


You must SEO tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs to maintain positive link profile, thus to stay safe from getting ban or penalized on search engines.

Let’s discuss some common link building mistakes

Mistake 1 – Guest blogging for a backlink

I get at least 10 emails a day for a guest article publishing.

And, I see the same kind of copy paste email from everyone saying that “I am XYZ, I can write super articles on SEO” blah blah…

There is nothing I can do but just delete such kind of emails.

You know, Guest blogging is an excellent way of getting a backlink from an authority site.

Next time you send an email proposal for a guest article, remember that:

  • You clearly mention your purpose of submission
  • Previous works (If you don’t have any, write at least one on free platforms like
  • State what is the value or unique proposition you are adding

“Your objective is not to make your backlinks appear natural, the objective is that your links are natural” – Matt Cutts

If they don’t, you will be in trouble, my friend.

Google algorithms are getting updated in the backend every single day.

You cannot manipulate search engines like before by making the links look natural.

It is time for you to stop the bad approach in the guest blogging.

Mistake 2: Selling/buying backlinks

Now, this is the broader subject to discuss on.

According to Google, Buying and selling links is a bad practice of SEO and considered spam.

There are some methods you must avoid:

  • AUTO SEO method
  • Paid backlinks from the articles
  • Automatic directory submission
  • Traffic bots

Strictly neglect these methods if you wish to remain on search engines.

This is vice-versa.

You should not sell such links to anyone and buy from anyone.

Google’s algorithm is developed in such a way that, it will detect if you are paying or selling backlinks. No doubt you will be penalized if you perform this practice.

If you have a budget, hire a talented Freelancer to write great content and to connect with other marketers to create backlinks.

Mistake 3: Ignoring spammy links

As I mentioned earlier, it is necessary to have a regular check on your backlink profile.

By mistake, if you have entered website URL in some spammy directory then it is a nightmare. Your site URL gets rolled on toxic sites if you don’t take an action.

So, do not enter your URL on sites to check your website score or audit or content check, etc. These guys just pass the data to other spam or marketing guys.

Getting links from sites like porn, gambling, lottery sites are bad for SEO. Most of the times your competitor might be using this cheap tactic to degrade your rankings. So, beware and keep an eye.

However, If your site is already linked to bad sites, it is advisable to have a backlink audit using SEMrush.

  1. Log in to your SEMrush dashboard
  2. Go to SEO dashboard
  3. Create a project by entering your site URL
  4. Go to your project, click Backlink audit

Download FREE trial of SEMrush

After the audit, you will see a list of backlinks and their spam score.

If your overall Toxic score is

  • ‘Low’ then you need not worry
  • “Medium or High”, take the backlink URLs into notepad file which have a spam score of at least 50+

Now, you need to Disavow those URLs to remain safe.

What is Disavow?


Google Disavow is a tool by using which you can tell Google to ignore the links that you have uploaded. It means that Google will not consider those bad links anymore.

Mistake 4: Relevancy

I have seen many bloggers just start a blog and puts a page of the guest article or write for us.

They focus on making money by adding do-follow links without relevancy factor.

Remember, this doesn’t work for the long term.

If you have a blog on tech niche and you add a link to health or food niche, it is a bad practice.

Focus on a single niche and start getting/giving links only related to that niche.

Talking about links,

Do you know the most important factor that helps in achieving high D.A (Domain Authority)?

It is quality links.

Both incoming and outgoing link relevancy and the ratio are important to rank.

So try to build links from one relevant niche instead of hundreds of irrelevant sites which doesn’t add any importance to your SEO part.

Mistake 5: Building excessive Home page URL

This happens mostly with new bloggers and marketers.

Maybe because of no knowledge or fewer quality articles they add home page URL at everywhere in the process of link building.

Believe me, this is not recommended the practice.

As I said, Google algorithms hate paid backlink methods in which they put home page URL.

So using home page URL makes Google think that it is a paid or artificial way of building backlinks.

Never give that chance.

If you are an experienced blogger, you must have multiple articles. So add those article URLs to build. It also makes sure you are getting traffic to other pages too, which helps in improvising your P.A (Page Authority) too.

Mistake 6: Poor Internal Linking

It seems to be an underrated technique which usually doesn’t get the results.

Yeah, I’m talking Internal Linking.

Start linking to your relevant internal articles. By this way, you could give more value, information to the readers.

If you start doing that I’m sure your bounce rate gets decreases, engagement touches the sky high and thus better rankings.

Tips to take better advantage of Internal Linking

  • Add reasonable links per article. Say 4 to 5 for a 2000+ word density content.
  • Do not add irrelevantly
  • Using keywords in the Anchor text helps the user to click
  • Always put “Open Link in new tab” option
  • Sound like you are helping the user, but not like just an another link
  • Publish new articles continuously so that you make better use of internal link strategy
  • Make sure the links are working
  • Do not use the same anchor text in multiple articles to link

All the businesses and newbie bloggers know how important the external link building is. In fact, it is a strong factor that helps you get the trust of the readers.

But Internal linking is not so popular as external and thus neglected. Very few understand that the Internal link building strategy plays a great role too as like external link building.

These are some mistakes that I have seen most of the marketers do or did, including me.

Mistake 7: Combination of do-follow and no follow links

I agree, no follow links doesn’t pass any juice. They don’t allow search crawlers to follow the link. Only we humans can see there is a link.

However, Here are a couple of reasons I found to use no-follow links:

  • There are chances to get a referral traffic
  • Makes your backlink profile look natural

Having both do-follow and no follow links from multiple sources like blog commenting, articles, images, social media posts, pdf, etc makes your link profile strong.

This happens when you start writing shareable content and have an excellent marketing strategy.

I mean, diversity is important too, right?

Over, if all the links are do-follow, it might look suspicious to search engines. So balance is really important.

Start building both the varieties. Both are essential to building trust.

Now, How to get quality natural backlinks?

If someone finds your content really valuable and link to you by their own (without asking you), it is called a natural way of backlink building.

So always write content that gets you more conversions.

Ask yourself that

  • Is the reading interface is not simple and distracting?
  • How long the page is taking to load?
  • Is the content is in easy terminology to read and understand?
  • Does it help the reader’s problem?

Make relationships with fellow bloggers in your niche, so that getting backlinks becomes easier.

Don’t reach out to them only when you need a favor or a backlink.

It requires patience, consistency, and a mindset of getting mutual benefits. You need to focus on long term relationships with the people.

  • Find the relevant bloggers and marketers
  • Connect with them on social media
  • Start sharing their content, comment on their blog posts
  • Appreciate their work
  • Mention them in your blog posts or social media, if necessary

The key here is not to ask, Just do you good and expect.


Google algorithms are getting changed every single day, so is Link building. Search engines are smart enough to find which links are spammy and which are natural.

We hope this article helps you understand the basics of backlink building and how to use it. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments section.

If you find this informational, please share it with your friends. Thanks!

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