What Is A Backlink And How To Build Free Backlinks To Website For SEO

What Is A Backlink And How To Build Free Backlinks To Website For SEO

October 21, 2017 3 By Team NettyFeed

A backlink is one of the most popular term in SEO and Digital Marketing.

Many new bloggers and website owners often struggle to understand this term in right way.  In this post, we hope to offer you complete information of what is backlink, and why there are important in SEO.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are incoming links to your website or blog. When your webpage links to any other page, it’s known as backlink. It is a major metric for the ranking of your site. If your page has got lot of back links from another sites, it means you are ranking well in search engines.

Some methods are free for everyone if you search in Google, you will get many free traffic generator tools. These are all termed as low quality links. After Google Penguin algorithm, such free, low quality link methods are rolled out.

When search engines calculate the relevance of a website to a keyword, they consider the number of quality inbound links to that site. Search engines consider the content of the site to determine quality of a link. It means when links to your site comes from others which have got content related to your site, these are more valuable links to your site.

However after penguin algorithm, search engine’s criteria for ranking via links has got tougher. Links which are generated by deceptive or sneaky techniques such as with hidden links are called as Link farms.

Such links would be ignored by search engines, it could get your site penalized and banned entirely. You can’t build a website and then expect your audience to find it with some magic. You will probably have to make your site information appear in all major PR and DA sites, which is known as back link.

Advantages of backlinks in SEO

1. Improves Ranking

It is very important and mandatory to have backlinks from quality sites. Your main goal should be get links from relevant and high PR and DA sites. It helps in achieving better search rankings to your keywords.

2. Fast Indexing

Backlinks help search engines bots and spyders to discover your site faster and crawl your site effectively.

Mainly for new blogs and sites, it’s really important to get indexed by search engines to rank.

How to get quality backlinks?

So now you have understood the term definition and how important metric it is in SEO. Let’s learn few simple techniques to gain some.

Important thing to you to keep in mind is, the number of backlinks does not matter, but rather the quality of it.

If you are using some paid services like free traffic generators, then you are likely going to be penalized by Google and get ban also.

Here are some ways

1. Guest articles

This is the best and simple way to get backlinks to your site or blog. You can submit your product or service information as guest article on high PR sites. You can get publish your article on NettyFeed

Here are few popular sites where you can submit articles are

  1. Medium
  2. YourStory
  3. Inc42
  4. ShoutmeLoud
  5. Inventiva

2. Submit to web directories

Submitting your blog or website is another easiest way to gain quality backlinks. But you have to be careful, all free directories are not safe and beneficial.  Read below article’s to get the list of verified directories

  1. 100+ High Page Rank Directory submission sites for free
  2. Promote your startup business with these 100 submission sites

If you are using free traffic generators online, stop it immediately. It may leads to ban your site from search engines.

On this ending note, i’m happy to talk about LinkOkay, which is a best tool to monitor your site backlinks, grow traffic-rankings and avoid penalties.


We hope this article helps you understand the basics of backlinks in SEO and how to use it. If you have started working or worked already, kindly share your experiences with our audience.

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