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Beginner Blogger Tip: Blogging Is a Mirror

Are you new to blogging?

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Blogging for Beginners: 6 Tips to Help You Avoid the Nightmares I Faced

I wrote the eBook in stunning Jimbaran, Bali. I lead off with my jaw-dropping view, on the Island of the Gods. I noted my wife Kelli meditating by my side. Dreamlife. At that moment, 6 years after I became a blogger, blogging mirrored back to me my dream life because I generously helped folks, and, yes, stumbled and made some boo boo’s along the way. I house sat at a huge, football field-sized villa. If I did not make some big errors along with my generous service, maybe I would have owned the villa at that time; alas, I do not do the regrets thing.

Anyway, blogging mirrors success back to me now because I generously helped people, trusted the process and had fun blogging for years. I also faced deep fears, felt the fears, and proceeded, during my blogging journey.

New Blogger Mirror: YIKES!

WHOOOAAAA….if you are a new blogger, what does blogging mirror back, to you?

  • excitement
  • potential
  • opportunity
  • fear
  • terror
  • YES, I CAN!

These feelings, thoughts, emotions, and ideas pour out of your mind in rapid-fire succession because the ideas always sat in your mind. Blogging just triggered the idea flow, unearthing the ideas because…..blogging is a mirror.

2 days into my blogging career, blogging mirrored a fear back to me: I am a worthless bum who knows nothing, why would people actually follow me, and how in the heck could I ever succeed with blogging?

I wanted to quit blogging. I prepared to get my refund from the host. But my wife calmed me and told me not to panic. Imagined if I honored my head trash or ignored my wife’s advice? I would never live the life I am living and loving today, and I would not be writing this post.

Be Gentle with Yourself

As a new blogger, all types of intense fears will be mirrored back to you. Fears of poverty. Fears of failure. Fears of criticism. Fears of shame. Fears of wasting your time. Be gentle with yourself. Blogging mirrors fears to help you face, feel and release these fears. Every successful blogger needs to pay the fear tax. Nobody gets a fear of tax-exempt.

Feel these fears. Release the fears. Then, dial in on your fun. Feel the excitement of being a new blogger. Honor your intuition. Trust your gut. Your intuition drew you to blogging, on some level, right? Be with that urge. Feel the nudge.

Eventually, the wild, fear chatter subsides, being replaced by a greater love. Fears arise but pass. Move into generous service. Slow down. Calm down. Help people. Trust. Blogging does become easier even if it feels uncomfortable in certain moments.

Be at peace with wild emotional swings, because the blogging mirror does a fab job unearthing what you buried for a long time. Then dive into blogging from a more calm, generous, relaxed vibe. Be helpful. Learn from top pros. Blogging will become smoother because versus fighting your emotions, you allowed the perfect blogging mirror to reflect feelings and you allowed yourself to feel these feelings.

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