5 Best Pieces of Advice For Entrepreneurs in 2018: How To Get Your Business Off The Ground

5 Best Pieces of Advice For Entrepreneurs in 2018: How To Get Your Business Off The Ground

January 8, 2018 0 By Mudassir

Now that we’ve made it to a fresh calendar year, this is time for the startup owners to set to work on their business plans and set big goals for the year.

These days advice for entrepreneurs can seem repetitive. Yes, you need business plan and funding. But what about the intangible stuff? What about advice and confidence when you’re exhausted and struggling?

4 Business Lessons That Every Entrepreneur Should Know Before Getting Started

We want to help entrepreneurs and get their business off the ground. Here we put it together for you:

#1. Networking Networking

Most of us don’t like to enjoying the networking process. It’s just awkward to meet new people and enjoy free snacks and coffee with them, Isn’t it? No!

If you’re more of an “my preferred method of communication is email” kind of person, then Shapr is good place to start networking and resources. Here you can ping your matches and get comfortable and then setup a meeting.

An advice for CEO of Shapr, Ludovic Huraux :

Talk to like-minded entrepreneurs. Pick out for coffee. As them what they did wrong and what they got right. Ask them what they learned from their mistakes.  If you keep up the relationship, you might be surprised by the ways this practice can enrich your business and your professional life.

Being alone can be tough on entrepreneurs. Even though you can get more time to focus on your work, but chronically working alone wears on a person over time. If you’ve good network of people, you may be more motivated to push through and can be more productive in all aspects.

#2. Test Your Idea In Time

We’re sure about our business idea. But, before you quit your job, and look out for funding/loan, do some user testing first. Punkpost co-founder Alexis Monson has some advice for you in this topic. She recommends talking about your idea to friends and family first – and then take out to Investors or any others.

It will help to gather early feedback and keep costs low at early stages. “See what the responses of common people, if they’re excited about it, you’re onto something.”

#3. Just Do It – Ignore The Haters

The feeling of frustration you feel because you don’t love your job anymore, the anxiety of quitting job and start something new, and the fear you have for it – they put pressure on your mind.

If you’re thinking of starting your own business next year, you should just do it. Work hard at night and on the weekends. But don’t give up.

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When you start your own, people think that you’re crazy. They might assume you got fired, or you are not capable for team work or don’t have organizational skills. They talk behind your back.  Here is the advice for it:

“You can’t care what other people think. You just need to forge ahead with your company.”

Ignore the haters, push forward, and get that business off the ground.

#4. Do Not Ignore Digital Marketing

Never before has been the opportunity to reach millions of people all over the world instantly. The internet has opened the doors for each individual to take their business to the world.

You should have clear defined digital marketing strategy in place along with content strategy to position yourself as the industry expert.

If you need any help on it, You should definitely see this – Digital marketing for startups

Make simple and awesome website, a blog, social media channels to interact with your audience. You don’t have to write a blog post every day or week, but make sure you update it once in 10 or 20 days.  You should always interact with your audience via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.

#5. Fall In Love with Exhausting, And Being Busy

Starting a new business is always not an easy job. It may demands night outs, weekend works which obviously needs to exhausting. Now this what you should be loving to and make your mind ready for it.

It is your passion, it’s your life. You need to love your work always. Every entrepreneur must know that any hour is relevant for work, out of 24 hours.

Have any suggestions to add up? Let us know in comments.

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