List of top 5 bulk SMS service provider in India (Updated 2019)

Disclaimer: In order to help other SME’s, businesses and startups, NettyFeed compiled this best bulk SMS service provider in India list and information. This list is not in any particular order or ranking wise. All the listings are best. However, before making any purchase decision make sure you have confirmed yourself about benefits and features with the provider.

What do you have to know?

Seems like you have ended up with some false promises and lost your money. Do not worry, Certainly, I’m going to help you with this.

While almost users often are searching for some top choices, we brought you this article to help you save your time. So, your search stops here where we are offering you the complete information that you are looking for.

Bulk messaging is the essential medium of communication for startups, and corporates to communicate with their customers effectively and promote their products. The impact of your bulk SMS campaign depends on multiple factors like delivery rate, delivery speed, API customization, reliability, security and ease of use.

Statistically, even today, SMS marketing campaigns have proven record in gaining higher returns and great user engagement over any other mode of marketing.

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While it’s attracting to save money by choosing the cheapest bulk sms provider; certainly that such low rated vendors are available in hundreds of number in the market. But the question is that ” Are they reliable?”

If you’re in search of best and reliable bulk SMS service providers, probably you’d have enquired with multiple companies and gone through their profiles and pricing. Certainly, you should keep in mind that, you should not decide your messaging partner purely based on pricing. So, it’s very important to evaluate the factors that decide your campaign results. Here are 2 factors you must look into deeply:

#1. Quality versus Price

Yes! I’m sure you will end up with issues like low and late delivery of SMS, no customer support, etc; if you purchase for cheaper rates. So, you really need to understand pricing models that what price operator provides to the aggregator.

There are literally some thousands of resellers on the internet who are even offering 9P or 10P per SMS. They’re just earning profits from you by showing you the vague reports,  in reality, they don’t even deliver 30-40% of your SMS. They assign delivery percentage and cut the deliveries and earn money from your failed SMS which is unethical. Good companies always educate you on this.

TRAI prescribes SMS Termination Charges or IUC charges as 5 Paisa per SMS. Upon the price that the operator offers; the vendor has server cost, application maintenance, and resources, etc. So you will end up with some standard rate like 14-25 Paisa per SMS based on your SMS consumption.

With reference to this ask yourself how some vendor is offering you the services for 7 or 8 paise. Don’t this sound fishy to you?

Take away: Yes, I understand pricing is a concern. But, remember pricing is not alone should be your concern. Along with the service levels, pricing is also an equally important factor to choose a bulk SMS provider. But, selectively. Always get connect with standard messaging providers who have standard and competitive rates.

#2. Customer support

It’s always beneficial to be connected with the right and helping people in our life. Because it gives you peace of mind and energy to concentrate on your other works too. You have to understand service providers and their staff by their way of talk, discipline in email writing, patience in answering your queries.

Starting from product demo and marketing campaign tips to the integration of API’s, the team should help you at any point of time.

Take away: Get in touch with your vendor by free signup of demo account. Get knowledge, understand the way of how messaging workflow and then decide your purchase.

Here you go! In this article, we discuss the top 5 names of bulk SMS service provider companies in India. Understand the real things by reading this article completely and then decide your vendor.

Every company primarily wants two things to gear up:

  1. Brand Promotion and visibility
  2. Communications and engagement

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Nowadays SMS alerts have become the most powerful and engaging tool in the communications industry because of its simpleness, effective way of reaching and time constraints. But while selecting such an important service for your business you need to analyze the market to find out some reliable providers who can help you for real.

Because Indian bulk SMS market is crowded with low rate-low quality providers and resellers. Make sure you have a transparent view of your existing vendor. If you are new to the market and looking for a reliable SMS provider or planning to change your existing vendor because of poor quality service or support, then not to mention, this article is for you.

Here, we are listing top 5 best bulk SMS Service provider in India with their reviews

# 1. Digimiles 

The Digimiles team known for its experience who got 10+ years of industry experience from multiple organizations. You can expect a high quality of service and support levels within industry pricing standards. Besides, The platform completely supports the A2P messaging solution in terms of transactional and promotional messaging.

Highly recommended for startups, SME’s and corporates. Pricing starts with basic packages like 1000 SMS, so you can avail this as a testing pack. If everything goes well, you can top up your account with bigger packages.

Get up t0 10% discount on all the Digimiles packages – Below conditions apply

Conditions apply:

  • Applicable only for new customers
  • Discount is applicable upon only website pricing
  • The discount percentage varies from package to package

Quality refers to good delivery rates, accuracy in reports and free API support. So, they never compromise with pricing as they believe quality comes only with standard rates but not with lower rates.

  • Setup fee – ZERO
  • Minimum purchase – 1000 SMS
  • Messaging type – Open
  • The validity of SMS- Lifetime
  • API documentation – Available without signup Downloads
  • PaymentOnline credit/debit card, NEFT/IMPS/RTGS, Cheque and Cash Deposit
  • Account activation time – 10-30 minutes for Transactional messaging and instant for promotional
  • How can I contact Digimiles? Answer – Web Chat (Instant response), Call, email, and Skype.

Top clients – Vijaya Bank, Tinder, D.R.D.O, United India Insurance, Hero Motors, Govt. of Karnataka, Indian Medical Association, S.B.I Union Association, Hindustan Times, Deccan Herald, Panasonic, ISKCON, A.P Social Welfare Ministry, Fab Industries, IIT Kanpur, Birla Institute of Tech, Prime Focus Limited, Modern Food Group, Bigmart, Roorkee Medical etc.

# 2. TextLocal

A team of passionate and dedicated people. It is started in 2005 by Alastair Shortland and Darren Daws in the U.S.

IMImobile, a global technology company providing software and services which help businesses capitalize on the growth in mobile communications, acquired Textlocal in October 2014.

They are excellent in their domain and offering services. To sum up, excellence, Won awards for exceptional gateway infrastructure and Digital agency across Europe countries. Currently operating from Hyderabad.

You can also add attachments like PDFs, images, word docs with the text messages.

  • Setup fee – ZERO for a User account, Rs. 2,999 + taxes for Whitelabel reseller account
  • Minimum purchase – 1000 SMS
  • Messaging type – Template approval
  • The validity of SMS- Lifetime
  • API documentation – Available with and without signup
  • Payment – Online credit/debit card, NEFT/IMPS/RTGS, Cash Deposit, UPI and wallets
  • Account activation time – Within 12 business hours for Transactional, Instant for promotional
  • How can I contact TextLocal? Answer – Chat ( Response time – 7 minutes), email and call.

Top clients: Intel, Rentomojo, Indian Railways, Furlenco, Sobha, Godrej, PizzaHut, CallHealth, Bisleri, The Leela, Citi, adcock ingram, Toyota, Renault, Nissan, YepMe, Urban Ladder, ignou, A.P.S.R.T.C, Fortis, Vibes, TATA Sky, Star Group, LOREAL etc.

# 3. Kapsystem  

Established in the year of 2009 with one of the Directors of the company Mr. Ananth into the field of web development & design, who acts as captain of the ship. Later a year entered into Bulk SMS services segment in Bangalore.

Most importantly Kapsystem has dedicated sales and customer service team to take care of your requirements and to offer you the best in the industry.

They deal in complete SMS Gateway services like Transactional, Promotional SMS, and telephony solutions like Voice call, Missed call number. Recently they have entered into Call center solutions too. It seems like a long way ahead.

  • Setup fee – ZERO
  • Minimum purchase – 25,000 SMS
  • Messaging type: Template approval
  • The validity of SMS- Lifetime
  • API documentation – Available with demo or purchase
  • Payment – Online credit/debit card, NEFT/IMPS/RTGS, Cheque and Cash Deposit
  • Account activation time – Within 60 minutes
  • How can I contact Kapsystem? Answer – Web Chat (Instant response, call, email, and Skype)

Top clients: Capgemini, Wipro, Zovi, Pantaloons, Aditya Birla Group, Future Group, Essar, Ultratech cement, Titan, Tanishq, Indiabulls, TVS tyres, Zoomcar, Manipal Education, Being Human, Club mahindra, DHFL, Splendid group, SASTRA University, PNB, Bharat Petroleum etc.

# 4. Msg91 

Founded in the year of 2010 at Indore, Madhya Pradesh. They are into SMS, email and voice platform solutions.

Msg91 has good customer support for API integrations and plugins into your any platforms like Magento, WordPress, Php, Dotnet, etc. You can integrate their plugins into your existing frameworks.

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Including OTP API’s, Transactional and Promotional, Msg91 has a key feature called mCampaign which gives you the chance to look detailed into customer analytics.

Startups get up to 25k free SMS with a simple backlink to Msg91 site.

  • Setup fee – ZERO
  • Minimum purchase – 2500 SMS
  • Messaging type – Open
  • The validity of SMS- Lifetime
  • API documentation – Available with or without signup
  • Payment – Online credit/debit card, NEFT/IMPS/RTGS and Cash Deposit
  • Account activation time – Instant
  • How can I contact Msg91? Answer – Web Chat ( 2-5 mins response time, email and Signup)

Top clients:  MakeMyTrip, I.S.R.O, Godrej, PolicyBazaar, Bank of India, IndiaLends, Dalmia Cement, Myntra, Axis Bank, ICICI Prudential,  Razorpay, TATA Hitachi, Zebpay, cbazaar, Mahindra rise, O.N.G.C, NTPC, ixigo, Barbeque Nation, EuroKids, Blackbuck, milkbasket etc.

#5. 2Factor

Known for its cloud mobile messaging platform via REST API. They offer enterprise-grade API for SMS and Voice.

2Factor is founded in the year 2015 by Rahul Ambardekar, Delhi who was earlier worked with Accenture as Business Analyst. Rahul is the one man army currently responsible for everything from platform architecture to build.

They have a speed test too on their website. You can enter your number and check the delivery time, as per our check it was pretty fast. As per the mention the platform has dedicated route for User verification service (OTP) and they charge only for delivered SMS. However, the pricing seems a bit high compared to other vendors.

They have otp add-ons, plugins for platforms like WordPress, woocommerce, etc. Besides that, you can also signup for a free trial account for testing.

  • Setup fee – ZERO
  • Minimum purchase – 1000 SMS
  • Messaging type – Open
  • The validity of SMS- Lifetime
  • API documentation – Available with or without signup
  • Payment – Online credit/debit card
  • Account activation time – Within 60 minutes
  • How can I contact 2Factor? Answer – Sign Up, email and Call.

2 Factor hasn’t revealed their client list on the Internet. However, we are assuming they have top brands getting served.

The final verge

Be aware of such service providers who are offering SMS services at very lower rates. Those low-cost SMS providers are the ones who are destroying the market standards. Also, cheap rate providers are more focused on lowering the delivery rates and thus qualified to optimize their profits.

As mentioned; Quality, customer support, and retention are the words they least bothered. Besides that unscheduled downtime or late delivery of SMS can means loss of customer and thus business. So, Cheap providers lack both the technology as well as resources to build and maintain such high range infrastructure.

As an ending note, We recommend above 5 mentioned companies for your bulk SMS service requirements.

Additionally, all these mentioned companies also serve premium SMS solution for international countries too. If you got any other uniquely service providers with API and quality delivery in your mind, Please share below in the comments section.

Thanks for reading!

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