List of top 5 bulk SMS service provider in India (Updated 2019)

Well, I’ve worked for more than 5 messaging aggregators in India.

Still, I’m working for one.

With those experiences, I’ve decided to compile some reliable recommendations for you.

Let’s begin.

Are you really getting what you have been paying for?

No wonder discounts and cheaper rates are influencing the customer in the first place to buy the product.

On the other hand, Quality is the prime factor for more than 55% of consumers, according to a survey.

SMS industry is not different from the retail.

Even after providing the quality in the service and value, most of the customers leaving you?

What could be the possible reason?


As per the above survey, we can assume that 45% of consumers are mainly concerned about the price they get.

As a seller, the question for you is, do you have to fall behind them educating the matrix of price and quality?

Maybe or maybe not!

Chances are that very fewer quantity of customers understand this and higher doesn’t.

However, you definitely have to try the luck!

I will share my experiences 

Out of 100% of calls that I receive, more than 50% asks for pricing first. They are not concerned about sharing their requirements or knowing more about features that add value to them.

And they say, what is the best price you can give. That’s the moment I almost give up on such customers. Still, I will try my level hard to convince.

Even though they seem to show interest that moment, I don’t hear from them later.

Believe me, they always come back to us after a month or some time.


So-called low-cost providers can’t match their expectations in terms of quality and support.

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Are you a startup, established firm or a business individual?

Whoever you are, I’m certainly going to help you find the right choice for you.

Just don’t trust cheaper cost SMS providers – Tempting prices are just like traps that you don’t want to fall.

There are 2 types of aggregators – Tier 1 and Tier 2.

Tier 1 – It’s not easy to find. As per my knowledge, there are only 3 or 4 names in the global market. I don’t want to get into too technical, keep in mind that they have interconnection with more than 5 major operators in a region.

Tier 2 – Easy to find and there are more names you can be able to see on the Internet.

You don’t easily get the service from Tier 1 unless your SMS volume consumption would be in billions per month.

There come the Resellers you see everywhere on the Internet. Most of them are not reliable, showing you the fake reports and tempt you with cheaper rates and offers.

TRAI states SMS termination or IUC (Inter Usage Connectivity) charges are 5 Paisa per SMS.

Don’t you think, on top of that the vendor has server maintenance charges, application, and other resources?

Still, do you believe if someone is charging you 8 Paisa or 10?

Isn’t it fishy?

I completely agree that pricing matters, but pricing alone shouldn’t be your concern.

In a similar way, give a focus on customer support point too.

You don’t wanna end up with the lack of resources and knowledge that plays a good role in getting you started.

Knowledge, discipline, and patience are the key areas you can look for while you buy service from any vendor.

If you are new to this or using from someone else already, not to mention, this article is for everyone.

Let’s get it straight!

Here are my 5 recommendations.

1. Digimiles

Ever heard?

Even though it started late in the year 2016, it has highly experienced professionals who will definitely educate you on everything that you are confused about.

The platform supports HTTP API and all the core features that every business wants.

Best place to get started as the basic packages starts from just 1k SMS.

I see they never compromise with their standards and pricing structure.

Some of their top clients include Tinder, Vijaya Bank, Hero motors, Indian Medical Association, Panasonic, HT Media, D.R.D.O, United India Insurance, Deccan Herald, bitpay, IIT Kanpur, Birla Institute, Fab Industries, Government of Karnataka, SBI union association, etc.

Currently, Digimiles is serving 500+ global and 2500+ Indian brands using multicarrier connectivity all over the world.

It is easy to contact them via super chat, email or call to get started.

2. Kapsystem

I worked here.

It is started in the year 2009 as a web designing provider by Mr. Ananth Prasath and Ms.Priya. Not very late, it decided to make its mark in the SMS industry.

I personally must appreciate the team who strives to provide reliable service and support to their customers and keep them happy.

Kapsystem is large in a team, which means, it has dedicated team for every department.

For every customer approach, their policy is to talk about the quality and the value that they offer.

They are very transparent in their standards and SLAs.

10 years of hard work turn into serving clients like Tanishq, Wipro, Aditya Birla, Future Group, Essar Industries, Indiabulls, TVS Tyres, Pantaloons, ZoomCar, Club Mahindra, Bharat Petrol, Manipal Education, etc.

3. Text Local

Well, TextLocal is a U.S based company that started by Alastair and Darren in the year 2005.

Pretty old, huh?

Yes, it is.

In the year 2014, Text Local got acquired by IMImobile, a global technology, and software giant.

I see there are a huge reputation and successful case studies about this company. Personally, I have used it once and I find it reliable.

There are few advanced features like link tracking, MMS/attachments, etc.., which were first introduced by TextLocal in the Indian market.

Not to mention, there are 100s of awards it won in Digital media and communications sector.

You can also record the responses of your SMS campaigns by using Inbound messaging (2 Way SMS).

Magento, WordPress, Email to SMS gateway, Google Adwords message extension, Excel plugins are a few of the reasons why businesses love TextLocal.

Few of the brands it serves are HDFC Life, ICICI, Indus Ind, Sobha Developers, DLF, The Digital Street, SnapDeal, Urban Ladder, Fortis, Vibes, CallHealth, etc.

It serves its customers from 9 A.M – 6 P.M via call/email/chat. Besides that, I also found that the support team typically replies within 15 minutes on chat medium. I’m not sure about call and email.

There are many resources and knowledge center to get started with TextLocal.

4. Msg91

Pushpendra Agarwal, who co-founded Walkover web solutions in the year 2010, slowly turned into Msg91.

It today has built the messaging hub which is serving O.N.G.C, PolicyBazaar, Axis Bank, Godrej, CRISIL, Bank of India, Mahindra Rise, etc.

Msg91 is also one of the well-reputed names in bulk SMS industry and I have been hearing its name from most of the prospects I speak.

Needless to say, It has a few great features and resources for the developer’s API integration.

They say they don’t have a sales team and success secret is its team who serves its customers well who refers to the clients due to its excellent service.

The company has the policy to assist startups by rewarding them with 25k FREE SMS (Transactional & OTP) for 6 months validity.

Isn’t it just awesome?


As the name suggests, 2factor or Solv technologies is like care of address for OTP and Transactional messaging.

Founded by Rahul Ambardekar, who was working as Business Consultant in Accenture earlier.

Rahul says, he developed a premium routed enterprise-grade application and API which are reliable and economical. It has multi-carrier support and uses Vodafone operator to drive the SMS deliveries.

Failover handling, Pay per Delivery, 2-6 seconds delivery guarantee, high throughput limits, intelligent delivery algorithms, etc are the key features to trust upon.

It offers you failover logic.

As per the terms, you will get OTP refund credit back to your account if it is not getting delivered within 15 seconds. Also, they will deliver the failed SMS via backup carrier for FREE of cost.


That’s all for now.

If you are using any other good messaging partner, I’d be happy to know and add in the list.

Disclaimer – These are some best companies I’d like to suggest if have basic and mid-level SMS consumptions. And these are not in any particular order. For higher volumes, give a try to Tier 1 aggregators.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section.

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