Evaluate Reliable and Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in India

Evaluate Reliable and Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in India

August 30, 2017 8 By Team NettyFeed

Reviews of Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in India

Bulk messaging Gateway is the reliable and essential tool for startups, SME’s, corporates to communicate with their customers effectively and promote their products. The impact of your SMS campaign depends on multiple factors like delivery speed, API customization, reliability, security and ease of use.

While it’s attracting to save money for an low quality SMS Service, note that such low rated vendors are available in hundreds of number in the market. Now the question is that ” Are they reliable, Do they know how to handle technical flaws?”

Here you go! Understand the real things and then decide your vendor..

Every company primarily wants two things to gear up:

  1. Brand Promotion & visibility
  2. Communications & engagement

Now a days SMS alert services has became most powerful and engaging tool in communications industry due to its simpleness, effective way of reaching, time constraints. But while selecting such important service for your business you need to analyse the market to find out some reliable sms providers who can help you in taking your business to the next level. Indian bulk SMS market is crowded with low rate-low quality providers and resellers.

If you are happy with your existing vendors who are offering you low rates, you need to do the real research with your reports and insights. Make sure you are not getting fake reports.

Here, we are listing top 5 best bulk SMS Service provider in India and their reviews

# 1. Digimiles  www.digimiles.in

Known for its experienced team who got 10+ years of industry experience from various organizations.  You can expect high quality of services & support with industry pricing standards. Trusted by multiple giants such as State Bank of India, Vijaya Bank, Indian Medical Association, Fab India, Deccan Herald, IIT Kanpur, Prime Focus Technologies, A.P Social welfare ministry, Birla Institute of Technology etc.

Recommended for startups, SME’s, and corporates.Pricing starts with basic packages like 2000 SMS, so you can avail this as testing pack. If everything goes well, you can avail bigger packages.

Quality refers to good delivery rates, accuracy in reports, API support etc. So, they never compromise with pricing as they believe quality comes only with standard rates, but not cheap.

# 2. Kapsystem  www.kapsystem.com

Established in the year of 2009 with one of the Directors of the company Mr. Ananth into the field of web development & design, who act as captain of the ship. Later a year entered into Bulk SMS services segment and today it is trusted by Indian giant companies like Wipro, TVS tyres, Mahindra, Titan, Ultratech cement etc.

Most importantly Kapsystem has dedicated team to take care of your requirements and to offer you the best in the industry.

They deal in complete SMS Gateway services like Transactional, Promotional SMS, and telephony solutions like Voice call, Missed call number. Recently they have entered into Call center solutions too. It seems like long way ahead.

# 3. Msg91  www.msg91.com

Founded in 2010, today it has customers of about 5000 like NTPC, PolicyBazaar, MakeMyTrip, 1Mg etc.

Msg91 has good customer support for API integrations and plugins into your any platforms like Magento, WordPress, Php, Dotnet etc.

Including OTP API’s, Transactional and Promotional, Msg91 has key feature called mCampaign which gives you the chance to look detailed into customer analytics.

Startups gets upto 25k free SMS with a simple backlink to Msg91 site.

# 4. TextLocal Bulk SMS  www.textlocal.in

A team of passionate and dedicated people. It is started in 2005 by Alastair Shortland and Darren Daws in U.S.

They are excellent in their domain and offering services. To sump up excellence, Won awards for exceptional gateway infrastructure and Digital agency across Europe countries.

#5. 2Factor www.2factor.in

Known for its cloud mobile messaging platform via REST API calls. They offer enterprise grade API’s for SMS campaigns, OTP, Voice call OTP’s need.

2Factor is completely advanced and reliable vendor with its special features like Data privacy, fail over handling. Besides that, you can signup for free trial account for testing.


Be aware of such service providers who are offering SMS service at very low rates.

So, they are the one who destroying the market standards by offering in low rates. Therefore it’s all about profit making they think, low quality, customer support, retention etc are the words they least bothered.

Besides that unscheduled downtime or late delivery of SMS can means loss of customer and thus business. So, most of the cheap providers lacks both the technology and resources to build and maintain such high infrastructure.

If you got any other uniquely service providers with API and quality delivery in your mind, Please share below in the comments section, because sharing is caring.

Thanks for reading!