5 Best Courses and Training’s On AI and Machine Learning in India

Artificial Intelligence is one of the trending areas of technology research. It has got some interesting career forecasts as of now. We can talk about AI technologies, including machine learning and natural language processing, enabling digital transformation which are already on the track of development.

Companies like IBM, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Intel, NVIDIA and Amazon are investing huge amount of money in their own Research & Development (R&D) Programmes, as well as acquiring the startups that have made progress in areas like machine learning, neural networks, natural language and image processing.

It is no surprise that multiple recent surveys of AI concludes that “highly usage of AI applications, with potentially profound positive impacts on our society and economy are likely to emerge between this 2018 and decade.

Brightest minds in our country, would like to stay ahead of the bunch of graduates by specializing in these exciting and challenging fields. Yet, in terms of AI and Machine learning education, our country is little lag compared to other countries like Russia, Japan, U.S etc. Here we list down 5 places from where professionals in India can take a formal education on AI.

Kindly note:

  • This is not ranking, it’s is the list of 5 most relevant platforms in India that someone can utilize to learn AI.
  • We have clubbed all formats courses in one list (i.e. long/ short format, online/classroom etc)

#1. PG Diploma in Machine Learning and AI – Upgrad and IIIT-B

Duration: 11 Months

It’s a 11-month program covering Machine Learning and AI concepts in collaboration with IIITB and Uber. Click the above link for more details on fee and learning details.

#2. Foundations of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – IIIT Hyderabad

Duration: 15 Weeks

This course facilitate new activities in related areas. It coordinates research in related domains across different centers of IIIT Hyderabad, as well as in the institute’s research collaboration with other academic institutions in the country.

#3. Master of Technology in Artificial Intelligence – University of Hyderabad

It is a 4-Semester course which includes two semesters of course work and two semesters of project work. This is meant for students already well equipped in computing sciences and as such imparts advanced training in all the major areas of AI.

#4. M.Tech. Computer Science Specialization In Artificial Intelligence – UPES

M-Tech Computer Science & Engineering with Choice based specialization in Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Data Analytics and Security. Several startups in recent times have endorsed the presence of these domains.

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#5. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Training – Techtrunk

Duration: 45 hours

If you love coding and passionate to explore dimensionless world of programming, TechTrunk brings you the core AI Training which will take you through core development and programming experience and will make you expert in Machine Learning, Fuzzy Logic, NLP, SVM and much more.

I’m sure there are many other platforms and courses are available in India. Let us know in comments if you’d like.

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