Best Web Hosting Reviews & Comparisons of 2019

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Looking for best, fast, reliable and cheap web hosting service for your company or WordPress blog?

Be tension-free! I have got you covered.

If most of the business comes from your website then you must make the right choice in hosting. Because, without proper hosting, the website doesn’t run, which means no customer and no money.

I have been blogging for more than 5 years and I’ve experienced a bunch of hosting services for my blogs.

Over this time, I have learned which hosting is reliable, best in pricing and features and supports me while blogging.

Alright, I don’t know what kind of online business you own, WordPress blog or HTML website, what are your traffic numbers, etc.

Here’s My Quick Recommendation

  • SiteGround – The best budgeted hosting any website can get
  • WPX Hosting – Best and costly hosting for high traffic and more paged websites
  • iPage – Cheap and best host for beginners

Best Shared Web Hosting

The first thing that comes into our mind when we want some cheap and reliable company is “Shared hosting”.

Shared web hosting means that your website will share the space with some others on the same server. It means a bunch of websites share one large server.

Highly suitable for basic websites and blogs that don’t have huge information on their sites.

That’s how the price of shared web hosting will be cheaper.

The biggest disadvantage of shared hosting is one site can take down remaining all sites. If one site experience a traffic spike that takes down the server, all the other sites go down too.

This is a rare situation.

Alright, Which Are Best-Shared Hosting Companies?

Best WordPress Hosting

Blogging is one of the fastest-growing careers around the world, no doubt about it.

WordPress is highly recommended CMS platform for bloggers. So, there is specialized hosting designed by providers for WordPress bloggers, which is Managed WordPress Hosting.

Quick Highlights of Managed WordPress Hosting

  • 1 Click setup
  • Automatic backups
  • Better security
  • WordPress updates & maintenance
  • Dedicated support professionals with WordPress knowledge

If you have a WordPress blog or website with high traffic number, it is recommendable to for Managed WP hosting.

I Recommend These WordPress Hosting:

  • SiteGround – Most recommended by WordPress bloggers & WordPress itself
  • Bluehost – Recommended by WordPress
  • Dreamhost – Recommended by WordPress
  • Kinsta – Best managed WordPress hosting for high traffic sites
  • WP Engine – Dedicated to WordPress websites

Best Cheap Hosting

Every penny is hard-earned. Won’t we all agree with that?

Getting a small online business to profitable is time taking process. In the meantime, the more we save, the better we can invest.

Moreover, beginners like bloggers and small business can also even run on entry-level hosting plans.

I’d suggest giving a try for a month to evaluate how it’d gonna work for you.

I Recommend Below Cheap Hosting Companies:

Actually, cheap hosting services are boon for them who are willing to make some side hustle by starting small blogs or eCommerce sites. Once the side hustle becomes successful, you can always move to better hosting with better features.

Best Cloud Hosting

If you are planning to build a larger eCommerce site or general website that runs dynamic information (text & media) every single day, you’ll want to consider buying cloud hosting.

Instead of a group of websites sharing the same hosting, your website data will be spread across multiple virtual machines and servers from different places that are all connected together.

  • In the case of this, server machines are configured to load traffic spike, offering a steady and controlled performance. Even if one machine goes down, instantly your website will be backed up with other.
  • Multiple sites can be added in a single account
  • Scalability anytime in terms of CPU, RAM, and Memory

Since there are so many benefits, cloud hosting comes with a bit high price. No matter which provider you choose, it will be high cost with similar features compared to shared ones.

It is the right choice for those who can’t afford even a minute downtime.

Here Are Best Cloud Hosting Companies

Best Hosting For Small Businesses

I know how it will be to manage a small business starting from registering the business name to adding your website to Google. You will have fewer resources, probably less budget and the pain part is you have to get everything done alone. Every single buck matters.

Considering all the horrible things, few hosting companies have designed hosting plans especially for you. It will be cheaper, reliable and comes with reasonable features and support.

You might be checking out for rare combination – cost, performance, and support.

These Are Some Web Hosts That Masters In All The Above:

Alright, by this time you’d have known some popular names as per your needs.

For your knowledge, you must know how to choose a good hosting for your online business.

How To Choose The Best Web Hosting For Your Business

So, how do we consider which is best? What really is important?

Let me walk you through.


If your site is not running for a quarter of the year, what’s the point?

You will need a reliable host with a good uptime record.

Most of the hosting companies guarantee you for 99.99% uptime. It means your website has the chance of not getting loaded for an hour of time in the whole 365 days.

Loading Speed

Well, a blog or website might have a high amount of media like videos or images running all the time.

Instead of paying extra for Cache or Async plugins, Having a great hosting like SiteGround default helps your site to load faster.

After all, site speed impacts your SEO rankings and conversions.

Customer Support

Going through expert reviews online will not help you make the right decision.

There is a lot of confusion going on between hosting reviews and reality.

For example, take any popular hosting and check the reviews online. You might see the ratings like 4.1 or 4.7 out of 5. But the genuine reviews on their Paid Ads or local business platforms says a different story.

There is one true way to find how helpful and knowledgeable customer support is.

By having a chat and sign up for FREE trial.

Almost every host company offers 30-day money-back guarantee. But that doesn’t mean you should opt a 12-month plan without evaluating it.

Get a trial, open email tickets, roll to knowledge center, talk to support via call and see how you are getting served.


Frankly, I don’t run behind promotional offers and deals every time. These offers will come and go but the delivery excellence stays forever.

Choosing a hosting service solely on the pricing factor is a bad idea. Most basic plans start from $2 to $10/month range. You may also find less than this range which obviously comes with horrible support and performance.

I believe in “You get what you pay for”.


Well, this completely depends on what kind of site yours is – Basic with low traffic, medium or a large website with high monthly traffic.

Based on it shall choose the hosting type – Shared, Cloud or dedicated. And based on the type of hosting you choose, the features you will be awarded.

However, there are some common features amongst all:

  • FREE SSL certificate
  • Uptime
  • Migration (Some companies might charge for you this)
  • Power cache
  • Automatic backups
  • 1 click install in managed WordPress hosting
  • Email
  • cPanel
  • FREE Domain registration
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) – Comes FREE/Paid according to hosting type
  • Add ons
  • Customer support
  • Enterprise DD0S protection
  • Staging
  • Signup Vs Renewal prices

Well, these are some features for any kind of hosting. However, some come for a FREE of cost and some paid.

Quick Look At Types Of Hosting 

  1. Shared Hosting – You are sharing the space with other websites. It is cheaper and you might face downtime issues sometimes.
  2. VPS – Multiple websites will be sharing the space but each one has dedicated space that’s controlled by software.
  3. Cloud Hosting – Your website will be stored on multiple servers and machines. If one server goes down your website will be immediately backed up with others. It is a bit expensive and comes with a lot of advantages.
  4. Dedicated Host – As the name suggests, you will get dedicated space and IP address. The server can be configured solely by you as per your technical needs.

How Much It Costs Me To Start A Blog in Low Hosting Budget

Well, to start a blog, all you need is decent hosting with required features.

You don’t have to go for high end hosting like WPX or WP Engine and not even SiteGround. As a beginner, you can just start with the cheapest hosting like A2 or iPage.

So, don’t believe in those who suggest you go with middle or high end hosting providers even to start a basic WordPress blog.

Okay! How much it cost you to get started with blogging?

Well, for just 2400 INR ($35 USD), you can have a brand new blog.

I have crafted a detailed article for you:

How Much It Costs Me To Start A Basic Service Based Website With Entry Level Hosting

It depends.

Depends on what kind of site you want – WordPress, HTML, eCommerce, etc.

If you want a basic website with pages like services, pricing, contact us, FAQ – consider a WordPress platform. It will cost you nothing except for hosting. Because is FREE. So, approximately you can get a website within 2500 INR.

But if you want a website on HTML with a few new designs, font styles, you can consider buying templates from providers like Template Monster. The cost ranges from 4000 INR to even 100,000 depending on the design you want.

Wrapping It Up

It is not really a hard task to get the right hosting for your online business. You just have to spend some time evaluating the hosts with transparency.

You need to know your traffic stats, hosting requirements and need to match it with the hosting provider’s specs.

I hope this information helps you to choose the right hosting provider.

Feel free to share your views in the comments section.

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  1. Great post, Mudassira! wonderful guide for those not sure how to go about picking the right web host. the top 4 criteria to check should be the uptime, speed, customer service and security. this will help you make the right choice. thanks for sharing this, very informative

  2. Hi Mudassir,

    We are glad to see your positive review about WPX Hosting here. Thank you!

    If you need anything, just let us know.

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