Beware Blogging Complacency

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I hit a specific income threshold today for total earnings through a new blogging income stream. Cool. I feel grateful and happy. But in the next breath, I move forward. Simple as pie. Easy peasy.

Even if you feel grateful for your worldly success, guard against getting complacent with your success. People sometimes get super lazy, or delusional about their success. In my new blogger mistakes eBook, I outline 10 massive, common errors plaguing new bloggers. One error that may or may not be in the eBook; being complacent with blogging success. No need to strain, strive and push yourself. Blog from an abundant, whole, complete and satisfied energy BUT do not mistake satisfaction with taking off a full day or week after some sweet but transitory blogging success.

Not Hunger But Service

I noted an uptick in my blogging profits recently. Cool. But does making more money means I take my foot off of the pedal, relaxing for a day, or for a week? Nope. I do not work hard or force things at all but I do spend ample time daily helping people for free to improve my skills and to increase my exposure, independent of how much money I make that day.

I am not obsessed or hungry for greater blogging success. Deep desire comes from an energy of lack, missing and fear. But I do blog from a generous, loving, fun energy, meaning however much I succeed in traffic and profits wisely, I keep blogging. I keep going. People always tell me to keep going and I finally, over the past 3-6 months, really embody this generous spirit as much as ever. I persisted like heck for years but I dialed in a bunch over the past 3-6 months to new levels. Naturally, I never feel complacent because I am not swayed by numbers on a screen.

Tips for Not Being Complacent

Start a blog mainly for fun. Make the work, the reward. Profits and traffic feel like a bonus or an extra, so no matter how much traffic or profits you score, you keep blogging and enjoy the ride.

Surround yourself with generous, heartfelt people. Mudassir generously and kindly offered me a guest posting opportunity. I take him up on that opportunity by publishing guest posts here regularly. I can never get complacent because I always have another guest post to write and publish for him and his awesome readers.

Listen to people who tell you to keep going. These people may see greatness in you that you have yet to spot in yourself. I began chatting with a kind man in the store today. He told me the next 40 to 60 years of my life will be spectacular and brilliant, compared to the past 44 years of my life. Wow. He believed in me even more than I believe in me. I felt a loving, kind, inspirational charge to keep going, a bit beyond the energy I find self-supplied daily.

Ride out uncomfortable moments. Fear tries to derail you. Uncomfortable emotions goad you back into your comfort zone of complacency. Be with fear. Proceed. Be with the nudge to exit your comfort zone. Trust those people who tell you to keep going. Inspired people know your journey will keep expanding to brilliant levels. Listen to them. Be generous, helpful and humbly serve your readers and fellow bloggers.

Taste the sweet success of making a difference, loving the ride and seeing ever-increasing profits and traffic without getting tripped up by these numbers.

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