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Beware Dropping Your Blogging Vision for Small Potatoes

As you become more successful, something interesting happens.

More people find you so more people try to get your attention for various ventures. As the number of people vying for your attention increases from 1, to 5, to 50 or more folks, you need to be clear on your vision. Or else you make the common, successful blogger error of dropping your grand vision for small potatoes.

My Example

Have you checked out my eBook yet? This one is colorful:

10 Reasons Why Fijian Fruit Bats Would Be Absurdly Successful Bloggers

I spend most of my day promoting my eBooks through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, guest posts and blog posts and spend some time responding to blog comments and social media chats. That is my vision. Allow my eBooks to appear in 1 billion places. I am getting there as I write and place 5 or more guest posts daily, plus 3-5 blog posts on my blog. I also promote other bloggers freely. This is 95% to 99% of my day because it feels easy, feels good, feels fun and reflects my vision back to me. The 1% to 5% of my day spent engaging in other awesome practices is important to me. Interviews, co-creations, all that good stuff. Each factors a bit into my vision for Blogging From Paradise, for sure.

Everything else, and I do mean everything, is small potatoes. Anything outside of this 100% energy commit does not matter, because it does not involve itself in my vision. I removed my contact page recently because 9 of 10 bloggers pitched me low priced guest posts and sponsored post opportunities. $2 sponsored posts are small potatoes. Small potatoes are not in my vision. The second I deleted the page, 90% of these emails vanished. These people are in such a rush that they do not have time to find my email thru my About page, let alone build a relationship with me. Small potatoes. Bye.

Be Clear

I am getting super clear on fulfilling interview requests because that 40 minutes to 60 minutes needs to be fully aligned with my vision, or else that 60 minutes is best spent doing the easy, simple thing of writing guest posts to promote my eBooks. I cannot field any interview request because my day is scheduled down to the hour, and sometimes, to the minute. If the interview is a perfect fit for my vision, I agree. If not, I release it. This does not mean the interview is small potatoes, of course, but it matches not my vision.

Get clear on your vision. Keep doing what feels fun, freeing and easy as 1, 2 or 10 people try to pull you away from your core blogging duties, to do what their vision inspires them to do. Sometimes, visions align, and you have a good match. Other times, visions fade, and you have divergence. Be clear. Be straight with yourself. You live in abundance. No way around that.

Release anybody and any venture, not 100% aligned with your vision, immediately. This is never anything personal. Nor is it anything but you being clear on your direction. Imagine someone preferring to drive to the sea. You prefer the mountains. Keep driving to the mountains and let go of anybody else who takes a different path. Accepting this basic tactic helps you accelerate your blogging success from a more stress-free, calm, relaxed energy.

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