How To Drive Traffic From Online Forums To Your Blog – (2019 Updated)

Forum’s can be a great platform for promoting your website or blog post’s to the same niche group of audience. These are highly effective way to get more organic user free traffic and bringing more engaged audience to your site.

However most of the do this in a wrong way. It must be allowed within terms and conditions of that forum. Best advice is not to just put your link, as it looks spam and chances are high to getting removal of the link from the forum or getting ban of your IP.

You just need to participate in Question and Answers discussion, help the community with your advice or feedback. By being helpful to community you can build your brand and get some valuable free traffic to your website/blog.

1. Actively Participation – Request Site Owner

Don’t rush to post your website or blog link once you Joined the forum. Actively participate in the community discussions. Make the community and admin know that you are not here to spam, you are here for some valuable contribution to the community.

Once you become regular community member, you can PM the admin for back link request or review of your website or blog. They will surely accept and help you out.

2. Create Interest with your word’s

Even if you got a chance to put your back link, sometimes you don’t get expected traffic. It’s because your link content have not provoked them enough to get curious and click the link.

So what you can do select some controversial or famous words and start the discussion. Make user’s get curious about the topic and click on your website link. Every niche has it’s own topics and discussions that makes the site has high PR, posting your link in such sites will definitely get you the traffic more than your expect.

3. Profile and Signature

Choose proper and non offensive username and fill out your profile with accurate data. You can put your website link if you got chance. Don’t forget to keep your real photo, which generates trust on you and your further discussions in the community.

If the forum allows you to keep signature, then you can keep anchored link. Make sure you post appropriate information and do not offense any user in discussions which may affect your previous backlinks very badly.

4. Interaction with the community

Try to visit forum regularly and start useful topics and give intelligent comments. Do not always link your content to your website. Score points and gain trust of the admin’s by interacting with the audience in healthy way.

Forget promoting your website using forum unless you are ready to visit forum regularly and contribute. As a regular member you shall develop trust and make friends who will engage with you in further discussions. Also don’t be calm always in the community, it shows that you are spammer.

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Do’s and Don’ts in Forum discussions

  1. First read the rules, terms and conditions of Forum
  2. If it’s allowed create signature link and Fill your profile with your real data
  3. Don’t post your website links as a new member of the forum. Moderators may ban you for that
  4. Do not post the same content in different forum’s. Owner may recognize this and treat this as spam
  5. Make friends with healthy discussions
  6. Do not abuse or talk in wrong way
  7. Do not create fake profiles, Admin may catch you with the help of IP and leads to ban your IP.


These are some valuable tips which may help you in promoting your site using forum’s. These techniques are well enough to get you some valuable free traffic.

Do let us know in comments if you promote your blog or website via forum. Do share us your thoughts.

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