3 Ways To Take off By Blogging Consistently in 2020


It’s 2020 now and if you don’t have below two qualities, it’s hard to survive in blogging competition:

  1. Knowing how to stand out in the crowd
  2. Maintaining blogging consistency

Well, everyone needs a regular break to travel to lovely places, or to visit people that we know or just to simply sit in our home, eat and watch Netflix. After all, we are humans, have sense to feel things. When you become 60+ or 70 and look back, what do you see? I would see the memories… But to bag those memories you don’t want to lose your blogging consistency, do you? You can be consistent and enjoy the worldly things, both at the same time if you follow the tips mentioned in this article.

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And we can relate to this more when we take a holiday break. Recently, I took a break of 7 days and I have been holding the fear about my blogging consistency for a long time. Because if you don’t appear blogging for a long time, people and even search engines would forget you. Despite all the blogging fears I had, I took the break this time too. It was crazy – busy with family, going out, together dinners, etc fun time. Where does blogging fit in now? I don’t know about you but whenever I visit home, this is my schedule. And it sucks to spend time blogging while my family indirectly expects my attention. So I thought of bringing this article to maintain your consistency while holidaying and even normal time.

The biggest challenge of blogging – Consistency

You’d read some guides on the Internet about starting a blog. Somehow you will start your dream blog and run around blog posts related to traffic, promotion, monetization, blah blah. Every newbie does that!

Every so often you publish a great blog post – Guess what? No one cares, no traffic, no conversion, and no money. Most bloggers quit at this point in time because they want easy and instant money which is not possible in blogging. You need to keep consistent, patient and learner to earn money.

Advantages of Blogging Consistently

While many bloggers are enjoying success with a once a week article or once a month, and some daily posting. But there are no bloggers who can go mute for a long time and then hit the ground all of a sudden. Let’s talk about the advantages:

1. It gets easier – Yes, blogging becomes easier if you do it regularly. In your childhood, have you ever felt lazy or uncomfortable to go to school after spending days of summer holidays? I hope most of us felt the same, it’s because we are habituated to holidays and went away from the schooling schedule. The same happens in blogging too!

2. You will earn authority – People simply don’t subscribe to you or make a purchase because you include affiliate banners on your blog. They do that because they believe you and that happens when you build quality content regularly and show up regularly. Believe me, It takes time and consistency to build an authority blog.

3. SEO friendly – The more you write the more keywords are likely to have appeared on search engines. It doesn’t mean you write anything; take your time, do keyword research and develop the content. Also, Google crawlers would easily identify the new content and thus there is a high chance to appear on SERPs.

Tip 1 – Create a habit

If you only blog when you feel like doing it, you may not make it. To get a successful career in blogging; patience and consistency should be your handy tools. You know what, it’s not easy.

But, what is easy? Habits. Habits are so easy to do and our subconscious automatically awakes you to do them. So there is no way you are gonna miss it. Just like brushing teeth, taking a bath, reading a book or eating food. It has been your habit for a long time. So, don’t miss it.

In the same way, you have to develop a habit of doing blogging stuff every single day. You don’t have to publish 10 or more blog posts every single week. Whether you publish or not, make a habit of reading, writing something you love, updating old content or commenting on other blog posts, etc. If you start doing that, eventually it will become a habit and habits are easy to do.

Tip 2 – Plan ahead

I am sure most of us use the WordPress platform to blog. It has this great feature – draft. It is easy to organize a blog post and save it as a draft. So the next time you go on break, take 15-20 mins of time, publish the draft and share it on social media. See, how simple it is!

Even if you feel uncomfortable to open your laptop to publish, Use your smartphone, log in, publish your saved draft. Bingo! You have maintained the blogging schedule successfully even on a holiday. These tiny practices does a great impact on your long term blogging. Eventually, you can also comment on other blog posts, share them on your social media, interact on your Facebook group post’s or do a general tweet.

Tip 3 – Make a note

Blog post ideas are not easy to get especially when you have already covered everything in your niche. You never know what situation triggers you the creative blog post idea or when it pops up into your mind. So keep a pen-diary handy every time to note it down or you can just save it on mobile. In this way, you will not stay still and can easily go into the WordPress dashboard and start working on your idea.

Earlier, I didn’t blog for days just because I was not getting fair enough ideas to write, thus I slipped consistency so many times. Now I realized the importance and here are a few suggestions I can give you:

  • Deliver the quality content to your audience by sticking to one niche
  • Use Google calendar or at least excel file to plan your blogging schedule
  • List down sub topics in your niche and create content accordingly


There are no shortcuts for easy money and success, except for risky shit like Trades, Investments, etc. No matter which industry job you choose, consistency plays a key role in your personal and professional growth. Blogging is not apart of this rule.

Let’s see this example:

  1. Ryan Biddulph (Blogging From Paradise) 
  2. Anil Agarwal (Bloggers Passion)

If you are following these guys like I am, you will understand that they are highly consistent and passionate about what they do. They show up every single day with posts about blogging or engaging on social media. After years of their start, they gained exposure, became successful and earning now. They didn’t make it easy; all those years of hard work, patience and consistency counted.

My point here is, Be consistent and deliver quality. Not only them but also other bloggers who are succeeded today, everyone has this common quality – Consistency. Moreover, people will trust you more when they find you consistent and also to be favorite in the eyes of search engines. I have learned these tips very lately, so I feel like sharing with you. Blogging is fun when you shape yourself flexible to be an all-rounder.

Do you have any other ideas to maintain blogging consistency? Please share your thoughts.

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4 thoughts on “3 Ways To Take off By Blogging Consistently in 2020”

  1. Thanks for the mention Mudassir 🙂 Anil is so consistent and persistent, too. As are you. We need breaks to energize, then, dive back into blogging from a calm, confident energy. Simple way to do it. Rocking tips!

  2. Hey Mudassir,

    You are right, What does life mean? If you do not know how to enjoy every moment. It’s obvious you must work to survive but you should not forget to take care of your health too.

    Ryan Biddulph has always been a great inspiration. They way he blog consistently, travel, fitness and generous. Loving your work and yourselves are the best to be successful.

    As a blogger, all you need is to be consistent, perseverance and patient. Without these three, you might have a chance to fail.

    I appreciate your honest reviews on these two successful bloggers and for your valuable tips.

    Jeangam kahmei

    1. Hey Jeangam kahmei,

      First, Thanks a lot for visiting back. You’re absolutely right; persistence and consistency plays a key role in getting things done and thus yielding successful results.

      Take care.

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