Blogging Criticism: Do You Shrink from It or Profit from It?

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Do you know how many 1 star reviews I get on my eBooks?

Not tons, but at least a few.

How did I respond to these critical reviews? I did not react. I just wrote blog posts, eBooks and guest posts discussing how to benefit from blogging criticism.

I wrote one such eBook: How to Turn Harsh Blogging Criticism into Sweet Blogging Profits

to help you make money online through being criticized. Imagine that? I devoted a full eBook to handling criticism and converting these critical arrows into money. That is how I think; at least these days. Years ago, I reacted to blogging criticism in a negative fashion. Do you react in this way? Why? Do you take criticism personally? Or do you learn from critics?

Do Not Shrink

Do not shrink or cower from criticism. You know what I mean; going into a cyber cave is not the way to learn from people who offer negative feedback. Allow shame, embarrassment, and general fear to arise from within your being. Feel it. Feel the urge to fight back at critics. I wanted to skewer these fools during early blogging years because said people seemed to embarrass me but soon learned critics revealed my fears to me. Other critics revealed my weak points to me. Fighting critics proved how I believed critics told the truth.

Do not lash out at critics or huddle into a cave. Do not hide. Never tell yourself you will not start and build a successful blog or self-publish an eBook again or publish a video or live broadcast a video just because someone says something nasty or hurtful about you. Learn from feelings triggered while being criticized. I felt better feeling negative emotions triggered by critics because the energies had to be owned, felt and released for me to reach my next stage of growth.

Be Present and Learn about Yourself to Profit

The moment I chose to be present for criticism, I felt emotions and learned about myself. Turns out, I could fill an entire eBook to help you profit so literally, I earn eBook profits by helping you profit from criticism. But consider live broadcasting, podcasting or writing blog posts detailing how you grew through being criticized, to empower readers. Link to your products or services at the end of the blog post to ensure you lead people to your business and potential profits.

People struggle terribly dealing with blogging criticism because newbies and struggling bloggers alike tend to be shattered the moment someone pokes holes in their super thin, sheer, already fragile blogging confidence. Thank critics though. These seeming jerks are actually heroes in disguise, doing you a favor, unearthing any fears or limiting beliefs needing to go, to reach your next stage of blogging growth.

I had to shed many deeply damaging beliefs about myself and blog to grow as a blogger. Critical poking and prodding helped me unearth, face and feel fears so I could release the limiting ideas and become more empowered. Not always a pretty process but in the end, being honest about my fears and being straight with myself helped me create a powerful, positive, uplifting belief system, far more success-promoting than my old limiting belief system.

Critics ultimately do you a solid. Profit from their barbs. Feel fear, release fear and teach folks how to handle criticism, through your experience. Where there was once pain, there are now profits.

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