Blogging Why Beats Blogging How

Most bloggers fail miserably because they focus on blogging how over the blogging why. A few bloggers succeed wildly because they focus on the blogging why over the blogging how. Allow that idea to seep into your mind for a few moments. Think this one through. I answer questions on Quora from time to time. Most new bloggers or struggling veteran bloggers ask me how to do certain things. The reason why they struggle is that they focus their minds on how to do stuff robotic-style versus getting super clear on why they are blogging.

Holding intense, heavy energy of fear while blogging guarantees your failure. Every single one of these struggling bloggers vibes mainly from an energy of fear and scarcity. Literally, these folks cannot see, feel the process and understand successful blogging how-to tips because they are programmed to fail, vibing from an energy of fear, poverty, and scarcity. Imagine attaching a carrot to a string and frame that dangles 6 inches in front of a horse’s mouth, being affixed to the horse’s head. No matter how hard you beat the horse to drive him forward, the horse cannot eat the carrot because it will always be 6 inches outside of its reach. This is similar to telling poverty conscious, fear-laden bloggers to just follow simple how-to tips to succeed. Guess what? In most cases, they’re energetically blind to these tips and in a few cases where they follow these tips, they give up really quickly.

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You need to know why you are blogging and you need to tie that reason to something incredibly fun and freeing in order to succeed online. Traffic and money sit on the other side of uncomfortable, scary emotions and decisions. Bloggers who blog for fun and freedom make scary, uncomfortable decisions, wade through their fears and eventually drive a high volume of traffic and profits through their blog. You need to know why in order to follow the how-to tips that lead to success. Never start with practical tips because unless your fun and freeing drivers to overpower your fears, you will not follow successful blogging tips and you will fail 100% of the time.

On the flip side, if you blog mainly for fun and freedom, you will follow successful blogging tips every day for years of your life and success will eventually find you. Of course, the journey becomes uncomfortable at times but in those moments your fun, freeing blogging reason why overpower your fears and you simply proceed to do simple, powerful things on a daily basis.

I am no rocket scientist. I am no brain surgeon. I am not exceptional. I do however have an overpowering reason why I blog. I love having fun. I love freeing myself. I also enjoy inspiring my readers to free themselves through the content I create and friendships I establish. Being firmly fixed in this powerful energy, I do fun, freeing and sometimes scary things to experience greater success and to help more folks.

You have to decide why you are blogging. Nobody can tell you why. Tie the reason to something fun and freeing. Allow that emotion to expand in your being. Then, follow simple, practical blogging tips for how to start and build a successful blog. The tips in and of themselves are not difficult to follow because they are simple. But following the tips daily for years of your life feels uncomfortable sometimes because you will fear you’re not getting a significant return on your actions, from time to time. Be with that feeling. Feel the fear. Proceed.

Blogging why beats blogging how.


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Slow down your mind and body to uncover your blogging why. Sometimes, bloggers run through their day wildly, being unaware of why they do what they do. Buy the eBook and slow down to get clearer on your intent and to accelerate your blogging success.

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2 thoughts on “Blogging Why Beats Blogging How”

  1. If you know your why, then the how will reveal itself, every single time.
    It’s knowing why you blog and why you can’g give up no matter the obstacle what will get you ahead; especially ahead of those who wonder and are still wondering, instead of doing…
    Great post, Ryan!
    And oh so true!

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