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Are you looking for Bluehost WordPress hosting review in 2019?

Well, let’s see what it has got.

Honestly speaking when I was planning to start this blog, I referred many articles on the Internet to understand how to get started, most of the resources say Bluehost is recommended for blogging.

Check out Bluehost pricing – Starts from $2.65/mo

Everywhere I see is Bluehost. As a beginner, I was not risking to go with it since I had no idea about hosting or blogging. One of my friends referred me to go with Godaddy, soon I realized Godaddy was not worth it. I didn’t like its support and performance.

After all these years of experience with multiple hosting services, with the utmost trust, I strongly recommend the Bluehost to start your blog or website with.

Expert review4.9/5
Speed506 ms (Average tests run for 12 months)
Support24/7/365 Call/chat/email
Featuresemail accounts, FREE domain for 1st 12 months, unmetered bandwidth
AddonsSpam mail filtering, Privacy, SEO tools, Office 365, SSL, Dedicate IP (Few are paid)
PlansManaged WordPress, Shared. Dedicated, VPS, Cloud
PricingStarting at $2.65/mo

About Bluehost

Although there are thousands of hostings on the Internet, each one has its own pros and cons. Especially, when it comes to WordPress, there are some top-notch quality companies to help you out. Bluehost is one.

Bluehost has made its name for itself in the hosting market with its performance and customer support for its customers. Started in the year 2003, Bluehost’s expert team will always present for you when you need it via multiple support channels (Call/email/live chat/knowledge center).


On top all of it, they are offering up to 65% discount for the new users.

Being a blogging guy, I know that some of the main elements we look in hosting are:

  • Performance to keep our site always running
  • Technical support to get started and to resolve issues
  • Should be in the considerable budget

Review of Bluehost hosting

Bluehost is definitely the one hosting you should stick to for a long run. It offers multiple plans including shared, VPS, dedicated hosting, managed WordPress hosting for newbies to large businesses along with the 24/7 support.

Read this complete review which was designed by our experts to find out if Bluehost is a good choice for you. Some of the areas we should look into while buying hosting from Bluehost:

  1. Proficiency: How fast your blog or website load with Bluehost? We have tested its performance and response time to find out that for you.
  2. Accuracy: Does your blog run 24/7/365? Will it be down? If it is, how long?
  3. Support: Can you really trust the support team’s efficiency in helping you?
  4. Features: Bandwidth, privacy, email accounts, SSL, backups, spam reduction, builder add-ons are some of the key features you should consider while buying hosting. But, do Bluehost have all these?
  5. Pricing: Do they beat competitors in terms of pricing? Are there any offers to save some of your money? Will there be any hidden charges?

Takeaway: Let me keep it simple. In our test, we find Bluehost as one of the best and reliable company to trust.

Our Verdict

I’ve been with Bluehost for two years and had a couple of experiments to check out its performance.

  1. Uptime
  2. Loading speed
  3. Support
  4. A FREE domain
  5. 1 click install including WordPress and few other CMS (Drupal, Joomla, etc.),
  6. Officially recommended by
  7. Easy to understand for beginners
  8. Money back option for 30 days
  9. Cheapest pricing


  1. Renewal rates get high (Which is common with any hosting provider)
  2. Too many add on’s while signup ( You can check, however)
  3. No monthly plans
  4. Migration is not free

Let’s talk about Pros and Cons in detailed.

PROS of Bluehost

1. Uptime – 99.99%

See the below uptime stats of Bluehost


Your site will be useless if it’s not running. So, I consider this a very important factor.

But how do you calculate uptime and how it works?


Let’s say you are monitoring a site for 24 hours (86,400 seconds), and in that time the site was down for 10 minutes (600 seconds). Below is the calculation for the same:

Total time the site was monitored – 86,400 seconds

Total time the site was down – 600 seconds

Now, we divide 600 by 86,400, the answer is 0.0069 (0.69%)

0.69% is the downtime percentage

Finally, the uptime is 100% – 0.69% = 99.31%

Our experts have reviewed almost 10 sites, and the average benchmark for good uptime is 99.94%.

So, what do you think about Bluehost’s uptime of 99.99%? Is n’t it pretty well?

Takeaway: Bluehost is the best when it comes to uptime factor.

2. Loading time – 506 ms

According to the reports, if the website is not loading within 3 seconds, there is 80% chance that the user leaves your site.

Isn’t it a loss?

That’s a way bigger problem. You are losing the customer which means the money.

So, I say uptime is the factor that might break or make your website goals.

For 12 months, we tested a few sites performance using Pingdom tool and found an average loading speed of 506 ms.

And, it definitely a piece of good news.


3. Support

I must definitely talk about the support factor of Bluehost. It provides everything that you want right from email, web chat, phone and knowledge center.

So, I just tried all their options to understand and guess what? I have got a response in not more than 3 minutes or five. It was easy and peaceful.

The best part is that they maintain a huge knowledge center will full of articles, instructions, and answers to customers’ FAQs.

4. FREE domain

Bluehost FREE domain

You can save $11.99 by using this feature.

Bluehost is offering you add your existing domain or buy a new .com domain FREE for the 1st year.

While signup, it is not mandatory to add your domain name. After buying the hosting plan also you can add your existing domain or the new one.

You can transfer your existing domain to Bluehost by logging into the dashboard under the domain management section. You will see a set of instructions to do that.

Remember, the FREE option is not available for all types of domains like .org, .net, .tech, etc except for the .in domain

From the 2nd year, you will have to renew the domain for the price as per the domain type.

5. 1 – Click installation

Do you believe that you can set up your new blog within 10 minutes after you buy the hosting with Bluehost?

You can install WordPress with a single click using WordPress tools in your dashboard management.

Bluehost cPanel

Bluehost’s cPanel is one of the easiest that I have seen. cPanel makes managing your WordPress hosting a lot easier. Also, soon Bluehost is going to upgrade its platform, especially for WordPress.

Apart from WordPress, you can also install other Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla or set up an e-commerce store, etc.

6. Officially recommended by WordPress

Bluehost-WordPress-Recommended-host recommends using Bluehost. It is a widely used CMS platform across the world.

And they officially recommended only 3 hosting services as of today:

  1. Bluehost
  2. SiteGround
  3. Dreamhost

It doesn’t mean you cannot use other hosting providers. But the fact that they are getting encouraged by the biggest CMS platform in the world. It really makes a sense.

What do you think?

7. Easy User Interface

Few web hosts we have seen are easy to use for advanced.

I assume you’re a beginner and need easy cPanel and options that help you to install your blog within minutes. Bluehost has features for advanced users too. But beginners can easily get started on WordPress. Or, you can just use Sitebuilder to build your blog using drag and drop editor.

Once you pay, you will be able to create log-in details to the control panel.

You will receive an email which will give the details related to the name server, the mail server, FTP. There will be plenty of support resources to help you out with this.

And, Bluehost cPanel has features for advanced users too. Php configuration, SSH management, AW Stats, etc detailed guides will be available using the search option.Bluehost cPanel for advanced

8. Money back policy

You can try Bluehost and think that it does not meet your expectations, you have the option to cancel the account within 30 days.

Here are the terms:

  1. You will get a full refund on hosting amount that you paid. It does not fall for add-ons.
  2. Bluehost deducts $15.99 from your refund if you have added the free domain to the plan. It means that the domain is yours for the next year. You can transfer the domain to another provider after it.
  3. The domain can be transferred only after 60 days of the registration time.
  4. No money back policy will be applied after 30 days.

I believe you are noting these points before you signup for a plan.

9. Comfortable Introductory pricing

Bluehost is offering a very low introductory pricing for the first service period. It serves for all budgets and size of the business.

What plans it has in web hosting?

  1. Shared hosting
  2. VPS
  3. Dedicated

What plans it has for WordPress?

  1. Managed WP hosting
  2. WP Pro (new)
  3. eCommerce

Bluehost offer

WordPress hosting packages

Bluehost has three plans for WordPress users:

  • Basic ($3.95/mo)

It is the lowest plan that Bluehost has. However, using this link you can get it for $2.65/mo. That’s really the good deal you’ll ever get, because if you see the price has already reduced from $7.99 to $3.95. On top of it, you are getting it for $2.95. Is n’t it a good deal?

Bluehost Package information

The introductory offer price applies if you buy the package for 3 years.

  • 36 months = $95.40 for total 3 years
  • It means almost 67% savings.

However, If you want it for only 12 months then the price will be $5.95/mo

  • 12 months = $71.40

Once you complete your plan, the renewal plans will apply as given below:

Bluehost renewal plans

The renewal price strategy will be similar to every hosting provider. These rates will reflect in your dashboard when you complete your time period.

What you will get in Basic?

  • Free SSL certificate
  • One website
  • 50 GB SSD storage
  • 5 parked domains
  • 1 domain free for a year
  • $50 marketing credits

Extra you will get in choice and choice plus is

  • Unmetered storage
  • Unlimited websites parked domains, subdomains
  • $100 marketing credits
  • Codeguard basic backup in choice plus
  • Office 365 for 30 days


  • If you are looking for VPS, Pricing starts from $19.99/mo if you opt for 36 months
  • And, Dedicated server ranges from $79.99/mo with 2 cores, 4GB RAM, 3 IP addresses

What is WP Pro package (new)?

With WP Pro, you will have everything you need for your online business’s success.

With the basic WP Pro package “Build”, you will get:

  • All-in-one marketing dashboard (Traffic sources, Content recommendations, Auto-share content to social media like Twitter, Facebook)
  • SEO, email and SMM tools
  • Access to 100 premium themes
  • Daily scheduled backups
  • Malware detection and removal methods
  • Domain privacy
  • Jetpack (basic)

“Build” plan will cost you just $19,95/mo.

Similarly, Bluehost has two more plans in WP Pro

  • Grow – Premium jetpack, Business tools, Bluehost SEO tools (Price – $29.95/mo)
  • Scale – Pro jetpack, Unlimited backups and restore (Price – $49.95/mo)

If you’re just a beginner in blogging or want to run a basic website with low traffic number, I suggest you go with a basic package, that is, $2.65/mo using this link.


1. Renewal rates (It is common though)

When I started this blog I had purchased WordPress hosting from Godaddy for INR 99.00/mo which is around $1.41/mo. But, when you renew it, the price rises to $6.51/mo. And, that too you get only 5 to 6 GB of bandwidth, even though they mentioned 10 GB.

Here’s the Godaddy’s pricing:

Honestly, I have faced many issues with Godaddy’s hosting and support.

Now, compare this with Bluehost renewal.

Bluehost renewal price is $7.99 which is a bit higher than Godaddy. Still, you have more advantages with Bluehost over Godaddy, Such as 50 GB storage, which is important to have good storage when your blog is growing.

Here are the Bluehost advantage renewal rates

Bluehost renewal plans

Overall, the renewal plans get high with any hosting provider. So, don’t be mad at it. The best you can do is always go for 36 months plan to get budget pricing.

2. Add ons

While you signup with Bluehost, you will see multiple add ons as like below shown:

Add ons

This is also a common upsell strategy with any hosting provider. Make sure you look into it carefully and select only what you want.

FYI, if you select all the above options, your bill goes to $250.80 for 36 months.

3. Site migration is not FREE

Let’s say after reading the PROS if you have decided to go with Bluehost, then your site has to migrate from your old hosting provider to new.

I see most of the web hosting companies do it for FREE to make new customers and to keep them happy.

But, Bluehost is not good at it. They don’t do it for zero cost.

They have a one-time fee of $149.99 that includes 5 websites migration (if you have any) and 20 email accounts.

Bluehost claims it is professional service which will be done by experts to make sure your whole data is transferred without loss.

Site migration

I understand migrating the data is an important task. But, $150 is not a small amount.

How this effects?

Well, If you are a newbie and just starting your blog, there is nothing you should worry about. The site migration doesn’t applicable for you.

If you are already a blogger and wanted to migrate your site to Bluehost, I’d recommend getting this task done from any Freelancers from Fiverr or This way, you’ll save a lot of money.

Overall Bluehost info

Bluehost’s basic plan starts from $3.95/mo (With discount $2.65/mo).

You will get:

  • 50 GB SSD storage
  • FREE domain  for 1 year
  • SSL will be done at Zero cost
  • Super cache tool
  • Unlimited parked/Subdomains
  • Secured WordPress install

Similarly, the plus and choice plans come with the introductory price of $5.95/mo.

In addition to it, Bluehost has other plans like VPS, dedicated server, WordPress Pro, cloud hostings. And, the price varies for each.

  • Free domain? Yes, for the 1st year, from 2nd year renews at $15.99
  • Signup process – Super easy
  • Hidden fee and terms – No hidden fee, no refund for domain name (if purchase any). Renewal rates for hosting and domain increases after your package period.
  • Account activation time – Instant
  • WordPress blog setup – You can do it in just 10-15 minutes
  • cPanel – Easy to use with most important feature ‘1 click install’
  • Support – Chat/Call/email
  • Response time  – within 5 minutes

Do we suggest Bluehost?

Yes, we do.

Bluehost is the notch hosting site with the st uptime and speed than any others.

In addition, 50 GB of storage, FREE domain & SSL, 30-day money back guarantee, lowest pricing $2.65, etc features will make you try it for sure.

Nothing is perfect in this world. So is Bluehost with its cons like site migration and renewal rates.

Even though the company has some negative reputation on the Internet, the majority of the users are pretty happy with Bluehost.

Overall, Bluehost is value for money.

Visit Bluehost

Over to the readers, Have you ever tried Bluehost? What is your experience? Good or bad, your review is valuable and helps the readers to get the right product.

I hope this review will assist you in choosing a reliable hosting. Have you used Bluehost before? Is it value for money? Share your valuable opinion with our readers.

Thanks for reading.

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