Top 5 Reliable Bulk SMS Service Provider in India

Are you looking for a reliable bulk SMS service provider in India?

If yes, this guide is dedicated to you. Gone were the days where you hop on to Google and simply search to get the bulk SMS solution. It’s 2020 now and there is already a huge competition between the aggregator function and delivery function dealers. If you search, you are going to end up with at least 200 results up to 20 pages. Believe me, you wouldn’t want to spend that much time to filter which one is the best.

Since I’ve been working in the messaging industry over the 5 years, I will guide you through this to pick the right bulk SMS service provider for your business.

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According to the surveys, 95% and more people open their message inbox, while email inbox open ratio is less compared to it.

As I mentioned, there are so many names in the market. Each has its own pricing, reliability, and support system. If you want to associate with the right vendor, it is important to get an idea about pricing structure.

Quality, features, ROI, API, data confidentiality, uptime, scaling, and company profile plays a key role to choose the right bulk SMS provider for your business. 

How does bulk SMS pricing work?

Simple! Keep in mind that, the less you pay the worst service delivery and support you will get. You get what you pay for. Some SMS providers are selling at even 9Paisa per SMS or even less. These numbers are just a cheap tactic to attract innocent customers, In such rates, you won’t even get 40-50% SMS delivery. All you get is fake reports and nonsense excuses.

As per TRAI guidelines, standard SMS termination charges are 5Paisa per unit (for both promotional & transactional). Upon it, there will be SMPP server maintenance cost, API & application maintenance cost, and vendor infrastructure cost.

Overall, how much it will reach to be? At least 10P?

Keeping the vendor profit, finally, it would be somewhere near to 13 to 20 Paisa per SMS depending on the SMS volume commitment you purchase.

And few people are still expecting it to get in 10P. How? Does it make sense?

That doesn’t work out, my friend. The Internet is full of negative reviews from those who got frustrated and lost money with such cheap priced SMS providers. So don’t fall into the trap!

Based on my experience and research, I have tried to compile the list of bulk SMS providers that are transparent in terms of value, pricing structure, and support. Before you get into the list, here is the basic information you should know about the SMS gateway system. In general, there are two routes:

  1. Promotional SMS – This route is used to send promotional offers, coupon codes, marketing-related information of the business to increase sales.
  2. Transactional SMS – Using this, you can send One Time Password’s (OTP), order confirmations, reminders, booking alerts, birthday wishes, etc to the users who signup on your website.

Features vary for both the routes. Make sure to check out with the vendor before you pay.

Alright, here are my 5 recommendations.

1. Digimiles

The company started late in the year 2016, it has highly experienced professionals who shall definitely educate you on everything about Text messaging. Honestly, I’m a bit biased here as I work here. However, I assure you of the best possible standards in terms of service and support when you go with Digimiles. Well, don’t go on my word alone. Keep reading and see which provider best fits you in.

The platform supports HTTP API and all the core features that every business wants. The basic packages start from just 1,000 SMS. Digimiles follow strict TRAI guidelines and mobile operators’ rules.

Some top clients include Times Network, Tinder, Vijaya Bank, Hero Motors, Indian Medical Association, Panasonic, HT Media, D.R.D.O, United India Insurance, Deccan Herald, IIT Kanpur, Birla Institute, Fab Industries, Government of Karnataka, SBI union association, etc.

You can also make the most of their International bulk SMS route to growing your business across the overseas. Currently, Digimiles is serving 200+ global and 2850+ Indian brands using multicarrier connectivity solutions all over the world. It is easy to contact them via super chat that responds in less than a minute, email or call.

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2. Kapsystem

I worked here.

It is started in the year 2009 as a web designing company by Mr. Ananth Prasath and Ms.Priya. Not very late, it decided to make its mark in the SMS industry. I personally must appreciate the team who strives to provide everything within the limits to keep their clients happy.

KAPSystem is large in a team, which means, it has a dedicated team for every department. Value and quality are what you receive when you go with it. And is transparent in its standards and SLAs.

10 years of hard work turn into serving clients like Tanishq, Wipro, Aditya Birla, Future Group, Essar Industries, Indiabulls, TVS Tyres, Pantaloons, ZoomCar, Club Mahindra, Bharat Petrol, Manipal Education, etc.

3. Text Local

Well, TextLocal is a U.S based company that started by Alastair and Darren in the year 2005.

Pretty old, huh? Yes, it is.

In the year 2014, Text Local got acquired by IMImobile, a global technology, and software giant. I see there are a huge reputation and successful case studies about this company. Personally, I have used it once and I find it reliable.

There are few advanced features like link tracking, MMS/attachments, etc.., which were first introduced by TextLocal in the Indian market. Not to mention, there are 100s of awards it won in the Digital media and communications sector. You can also record the responses of your bulk SMS campaigns by using Inbound messaging (2 Way SMS).

Magento, WordPress, Email to SMS gateway, Google Adwords message extension, Excel plugins are a few of the reasons why businesses love TextLocal.

A few of the brands it serves are HDFC Life, ICICI, Indus Ind, Sobha Developers, DLF, The Digital Street, SnapDeal, Urban Ladder, Fortis, Vibes, CallHealth, etc.

It serves its customers from 9 A.M – 6 P.M via call/email/chat. Besides that, I also found that the support team typically replies within 15 minutes on chat medium. I’m not sure about the call and email. There are many resources and knowledge center to get started with TextLocal.

4. Msg91

Pushpendra Agarwal, who co-founded Walkover web solutions in the year 2010, slowly turned into Msg91.

It today has built the messaging hub which is serving O.N.G.C, PolicyBazaar, Axis Bank, Godrej, CRISIL, Bank of India, Mahindra Rise, etc.

Msg91 is also one of the well-reputed names in bulk SMS industry and I have been hearing its name from most of the prospects I speak.

Needless to say, It has a few great features and resources for the developer’s API integration.

They say they don’t have a sales team and success secret is its team who serves its customers well who refers to the clients due to its excellent service.

The company has the policy to assist startups by rewarding them with 25k FREE SMS (Transactional & OTP) for 6 months’ validity.

Isn’t it just awesome?


As the name suggests, 2factor or Solv technologies are like the care-of address for OTP and Transactional messaging.

Founded by Rahul Ambardekar, who was working as Business Consultant in Accenture earlier.

Rahul says, he developed a premium routed enterprise-grade application and API which are reliable and economical. It has multi-carrier support and uses a Vodafone operator to drive SMS deliveries.

Failover handling, Pay per Delivery, 2-6 seconds delivery guarantee, high throughput limits, intelligent delivery algorithms, etc are the key features to trust upon.

It offers you failover logic.

As per the terms, you will get OTP refund credit back to your account if it is not getting delivered within 15 seconds. Also, they will deliver the failed SMS via backup carrier for FREE of cost.


That’s all for now.

If you are using any other good messaging partner, I’d be happy to know and add it to this list.

Disclaimer – These are some best companies I’d like to suggest if you have basic and mid-level messaging volume. And are not in any particular order. For higher volumes like 1 Bn or more, give a try to Tier 1 aggregators like ACL Wireless, Karix, Kaleyra

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section.

Eventually, take a look at my How to start a blog guide if you are also interested in blogging!

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