TOP 5 Comfortable Business Hotels in Baltimore You Should Know About

TOP 5 Comfortable Business Hotels in Baltimore You Should Know About

June 12, 2018 0 By Team NettyFeed

It is always a good time to visit Baltimore. The city is usually called the Charm City and this is a unique opportunity to transform your boring business trip into is the adventurous American trip to the East. Hire a car at Baltimore airport from service and drive to see the restaurants, city architecture, cultural studios and parks. Traveling in business will never be boring if you get prepared for the trip beforehand. Let’s start!

Coffee Brake

If you are coffee lover, the water coffee at the conference center cannot impress you. So, jump in your car and start your Baltimore car travel from the cup of aromatic coffee at nearby local coffee shops.

  1. Peace & A Cup of Joe welcomes you in the morning on the second floor lounge zone for coffee with your partners.
  2. Argosy Cafe is a favorite place for all locals to come for coffee and other cold and hot drinks.
  3. Dooby’s is situated in downtown. This is a perfect place to drink coffee before meeting.
  4. Charmington’s is famous of its honey cardamom latte with syrup. You have never tried the taste better.

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Baltimore Business Hotels

It is not a problem to find a good hotel for business travelers. The best and the most picturesque location for hotels is Baltimore’s Harbor area. Let’s check the best of them!

Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor at Camden Yards

The Baltimore Marriott is very popular for business travelers, of course, if you are also a sport lover. Why sport? There is a baseball stadium near here and you can easily finish your business meeting at a baseball match! You can also find a lot of restaurants, exhibitions and other specific places to spend time with your clients. High-speed WiFi will help you to solve your business tasks fast! If you are tired from a city noise and internet addiction, you may go for a walk to admire the harbor views. There is nothing better than natural sceneries at the end of the day.

Hotel Indigo

Indigo is not a typical business hotel as you used to think. It is situated in Mount Vernon, a place, known of its creativeness, comfort and successful small business. The atmosphere is really comfortable for meeting partners. There is free WiFi access to continue work even during the trip. You cannot find a place better to impress your colleagues. The meeting space in nonstandard and the best in Baltimore.

Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel

The Renaissance Baltimore Hotel is situated in the Inner Harbor. This is a commercial center of the city. The huge hotel welcomes about 2 000 people all together for business and friendly meeting. Comfortable business center is equipped with the latest technological developments, WiFi access, coffee breaks. You can easily work and live here. Your business partners will be impressed with the hotel high service and high professional stuff.

Mt. Washington Conference Center

Don’t worry that Washington Conference Center is situated in the land border of the city. Nevertheless, it is convenient to get to the Downtown or western regions. You are offered to pick one of 15 business rooms, equipped with free WiFi, office technic, free parking. Actually, the space for making business is not huge, but you can easily rent a room for your meeting for an hour or two. The partners will be happy to have everything they need near at hand, including the smallest details. The room is soundproof and no one can interrupt you. The furniture is minimalistic and stylish, designed specially to minimize fatigue and provide maximize comfort.

What about technical support? Modern Technic makes your presentation more impressive and meaningful. The hotel surrounding rises up your chances to make a deal!

Sheraton Inner Harbor

You can learn by name that the Sheraton Inner Harbor is situated along the harbor. What a stunning views you can see from the hotel window! Downtown area is the most convenient for traveling by bus, train and other kinds of public transport. The bus stop is at the nearest corner. Of course, the best variant for all foreign businessmen is car traveling. You may take a business class car for rent to double down the importance of your deal. The business center at Sheraton is available 24 hours a day. There is a comfortable lounge zone and special working space for you and your coworkers. More than 1 000 people come here to build up their business.

Actually, it doesn’t matter what is your primary goal to come to Baltimore, build up a business or develop it. You’ll be definitely charmed by the city views and opportunities. There is no much space to save money while you are traveling in business, but you may always use some tips to make your business trip more pleasant, comfortable and effective.

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