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Is It Still Possible To Make-A-Living By Blogging In 2020?

Blogging is not easy in 2020 or was easy earlier or going to be in the future… Unless you develop the right perception for it. On the other day, I was thinking about the mindset of beginners; how insecure they would feel about starting a blog, confused about money-making from blogging, pouring their time and money to blog, etc. things. I know that it’s hard to be putting your heart into blogging and not yielding the results you expect. So I decided to draft this article to guide you in the right way.

Why do you blog?

You keep in mind that blogging is more than a passion for many people. They can’t even live an hour without opening their blog or write something or comment on a random blog post, tweet on Twitter, etc. Even though they work for a regular job of 9 to 5, or running a small business – they always keep up their flow on blogging consistently. You know what, these types of bloggers make a decent amount of money. Because they are not solely writing for money. They generously blog to help other bloggers succeed – you know, bloggers like Ryan Biddulph.

What about bloggers who blog for money?

I see bloggers like Alex and Lauren (Createandgo) who were frustrated and felt an emptiness in their lives, somehow they did find a way to start a blog for money, and they got success in it. Guess what! They started making $100,000+ every single month. Wow! that one month’s figure can solve every single problem of most of our lives, Is n’t it?

Take Anil Agarwal from Bloggers Passion, he started his blog in the year 2010; he had been consistent, learned from other influencers, invested time and money, worked hard. Now after all those years of hard work, Anil is earning $10,000 every single month. It wasn’t easy for him to reach the top position and it’s not going to be easy for you. If earning money from blogs is that easy and quick, everyone would have been earning in millions by now. The point, isn’t it?

Now, that’s the dedication and passion you need to come up with. Starting a blog for money is fine but if you keep running behind the money without covering the basics, you are not gonna make it. I have seen, most bloggers struggle to even make $100 a month. Why? Lack of right attitude!

How do you expect results if you don’t cover the basics in blogging?

Here’s a bit relevant example that came into my mind

Suppose you’re planning to build a big construction to rent it and make good money. In that case, would you compromise on the quality of the basement by building it quickly so you can start earning money? No, you wouldn’t. Be it time taking or costing you more, you would be patient and build the base in a quality way, so it can stand strong for disasters.

The base of your blog

What do you mean by the base in blogging?

You have learned A to Z alphabets so you have a chance to learn billions of words?


Similarly, if you learn blogging basics first, there is so much magic you can do with your blog.

Here are some basics you should excel:

  • Keep patience & give your best; no matter what are your blog stats.
  • Write compelling, interesting content that ranks on search engines and wins the audience’s hearts.
  • Adapt open to a learning attitude.
  • Don’t run for quick & easy ways to success like auto SEO, link farms, etc.
  • If you feel like blogging is money, consider investing; at least for a theme, hosting, design, buying eBooks to learn, etc.
  • Find the ways to keep yourself motivated when you feel like giving up.
  • Connect with like-minded bloggers, not just to get a backlink, but to develop long-run relationships.
  • Be honest, real and helpful with your audience.
  • Don’t try to master all the strategies at once, one-by-one learning is better.

Easiest Way To Make Money Blogging

“Build the trust, not just a blog”

What? Yes, you heard it right. You need to build trust and develop a bond with your audience before you try to sell any stuff to them. Selling becomes so much easier when the audience trusts you. You don’t want to sound like some random blogger who is selling an affiliate link to earn a commission. Do you?

Give time to build yourself as an expert, learn things so that you can teach ’em to your audience more confidently. And then you can monetize your blog quite differently – doing everything from selling products, services, eBooks, running affiliate promotions, sponsored articles, and so on. You can even open up multiple streams to earn money. But, before that, give it time and keep blogging.

It takes time

When I started finding things transparently and do some research about those who are earning big numbers every single month, it is interesting to know how long they have been blogging. Most of them have been blogging for 5 years or more. Believe me, making money from blogging is not a quick-rich scheme like some MLM. It takes time to learn things, build a community of audience and friends, and to build a reputation online.

By running for money, I have wasted almost three long years. However, over time, I have been working harder and smarter to reach my success point. It has been challenging and fun since I started loving what I do instead of loving money.

Wrapping it up

To be honest, I just started earning little money from my blog after those 3 long years because of the mistakes I did. I started realizing those and trying hard to build new Me. Now, I have the chance to learn from my mistakes and fix by:

  1. Connecting with some amazing bloggers like Navin Rao, Vishwajeet, Tushar, etc and learning from them.
  2. Understanding the harsh truth of blogging and finding ways to stand out in the crowd.

The idea behind my advice is simple; to enable you to build a successful blog by avoiding blogging mistakes. Just develop the right blogging attitude, learn to stand out in the blogging crowd, build trust with the audience first and then think of money.

Finally, a word, “Run behind your passion – eventually, money follows”.

That’s all! I appreciate you reading this far. Love you all.

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13 thoughts on “Is It Still Possible To Make-A-Living By Blogging In 2020?”

  1. Philip Verghese Ariel

    Hi Mudassir,
    Good to be here today.
    You really brought out some important truths in this post.
    Consistency and hard work only will bring great results in blogging.
    Blogging is really not a quick money-making machine!
    One needs to have a lot of patience to reach to the level of the few people you mentioned in the post.
    Wish you all the best in your blogging journey.
    Keep writing
    Keep sharing
    All the best
    ~ Philip

    1. Hey Philip,
      Glad you liked the post.
      I agree with you on the point of keeping patience to reach the successful blogging point.
      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Hello Mudassir,

    Thanks for sharing your views on blogging. You are right blogging needs patience, Consistency, and proper content strategies to make your blog successful. Monetization is a tricky part of blogging. Using the right monetization method and keeping your audience in mind, you can definitely make money from your blog.


  3. Hey Mudassir,
    super post man. Of course we can still make money from blogging. People sped online more than ever, and more than ever use the internet.
    I love reading your story of wasting 3 years chasing money before you wised up.
    I can tell you’re going to become a wild success, because you haven’t given up but continued working and learning.
    The truth is that people who give up on blogging never make a dime online, while those that persist ultimately make it, and make it good.
    Like you said- building trust and community takes time.
    But it’s worth it!

  4. Hi Mudassir,

    Great work!
    Blogging has immense scope, and there are too many opportunities to earn.

    And no doubt, patience is going to play always the key role into it. I can say from my experience.

    Intially, it won’t be easier to make money. But, as the first dollar comes in, one would be flooded with the opportunities gradually.

    As you have said, blogging is all about building trust. And that can built, if followed ethical ways to blog thinking of long term.

    Money, is certainly the basic need, but one should not look for it from the first day. If so, moral goes down as making money from blogging is not that simple as well as it might sounds. Keep doing what you are suppose to and let your senses work. Learn from mistakes, don’t repeat. Money will follow.

    Blogging is a long term investment. And thanks for the mention 😊

    Have a great day ahead!

    1. 100% true, Navin. Learning and patience are the key factors that determine blogging success. I have so much to learn from you people…thanks, bro!

  5. Hey Mudassir,

    Blogging sounds fun for those who just read and enjoy but you and I know how challenging it is to keep it consistent and creative.

    Blogging, SEO, Updating and Social Media, these all go hand in hand. If any of these left out, there are less chances to drive traffic to your blog.

    You all have been an inspiration for newbies like me. I appreciate your simple thought yet significant topic.

    Jeangam Kahmei

    1. Hey Jeangam Kahmei,

      Yes, as you said blogging is a challenging and tough job that includes continuous learning, consistent blog practices, creativity, building connections and a lot. As bloggers, we do know that pain, but those are all worth it.

      I appreciate adding your thoughts on this topic.

      Thank you, Please visit again!

  6. Mudassir, it took me years to start making money off my blog. I didn’t start out to make money – I just wanted to share info and thought it was easier via a blog vs. responding to emails and phone calls back in 2010. Little did I know what I was getting myself into!
    You do have to have patience and I think you get that as you went 3 years already. So many quit in the first year and give up.
    Glad to see you are still going at it and doing it differently now 🙂
    Have a great rest of the weekend there!

    1. Understanding the blogging reality and shaping ourselves to learn with the patience, is key to grow. I got this beautiful chance to connect and learn from influencers like you, Lisa. Thanks a lot for encouraging.

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