Can You Make Money From Blogging? Honest Answer

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On the other day, I was thinking about the mindset of beginners.

As a beginner, how they’d feel about blogging, surviving in the blogging ocean, how much money can they make from blogging, etc thoughts were rolling out in my mind.

I can understand that insecure feeling.

As I have already been through it, I thought of sharing my knowledge about it with you all.

Not every blogger blogs for money

You keep in mind that.

Blogging is more than a passion for many people. They can’t even live an hour without opening their blog or write something or comment on a random blog post, tweet on Twitter, etc.

Even though they work for a regular job of 9 to 5, or running a small business – they always keep up their flow on blogging consistently.

You know what,

These types of bloggers make a good amount of money.

Because, they are not solely writing for money, or to get some backlink; they generously blog to help others, to bring an achievement smile on other blogger’s face – you know, bloggers like Ryan Biddulph.

What about bloggers who blog for money?

I see bloggers like Alex and Lauren who were frustrated and feeling an emptiness in their lives, somehow they did find a way to start a blog for money, and they got succeeded in it.

Guess what!

They started making $100,000+ every single month. Their latest figure is $117,856 in June 2019.

Wow! that one month’s figure can solve every single problem of most of our lives, Is n’t it?

Now, that’s the dedication and passion you need to come up with if you want to succeed in blogging.

On the other hand,

I see general bloggers who struggle to even make $500 a month.


Because they keep running behind money-making methods. In this way, they forget the reality of blogging, not covering the process, not building trust with the audience, etc.

It’s not gonna work.

Here’s a bit relevant example that came into my mind

Suppose you’re planning to build a big building and offer it for rent to make good money. In that case, would you compromise on the quality of the basement by making it fast so you can start earning money?

No, you wouldn’t.

Be it time taking or costing you more, you have to be patient and build the base in the right way, so it can stand strong for natural disasters.

The base of your blog 

What do you mean by the base in blogging?

You have learned A to Z alphabets so you have a chance to learn billions of words?


Similarly, if you learn blogging basics first, there is so much magic you can do with your blog.

Here are some basics you should keep in mind before you make your mind for blogging:

  • Keep patience & give your best; no matter you are getting traffic and SEO rankings.
  • Adapt open to a learning attitude.
  • Don’t run for quick & easy methods like paid links, auto SEO, etc.
  • If you feel like blogging is money, consider investing in it; for a theme & good hosting.
  • Find the ways to keep motivated when you don’t feel like blogging.
  • Connect with like-minded bloggers, not to get a backlink, but to learn something that you don’t know.
  • Be honest, real and helpful with your audience.
  • Don’t try to master all the strategies at once, one-by-one learning is better.

Easiest Way To Make Money Blogging

I am not gonna talk about the real money-making method here.

I just want to say “Build the trust, not a blog”

When you actually build trust by being honest and helping the audience with what they want, they start listening to you and your product recommendations.

You don’t want to sound like another random blogger who is selling an affiliate product to make money.

Wrapping it up

To be honest, I am not earning even a small amount of money from my blog even after 3 years.

It’s a long story.

All I want to say is I did mistakes and just started realizing those.

Now, I have the chance to learn from my mistakes and repair them by:

  1. Connecting with some amazing bloggers like Ryan Biddulph, Adam Connell, Anil Agarwal, Vishwajeet, etc. Now, I feel more like blogging than ever.
  2. Understanding the definition of blogging from a different perception.

The idea behind my advice is to enable you to build a successful blog by avoiding blogging mistakes, that not only bring you the money but also the happiness that you have dreamt of.

Finally, a word, “Run behind your passion – eventually, money follows”.

That’s all!

I appreciate you reading this far.

Love you all.

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2 thoughts on “Can You Make Money From Blogging? Honest Answer”

  1. Hi Mudassir,
    Good to be here today.
    You really brought out some important truths in this post.
    Consistency and hard work only will bring great results in blogging.
    Blogging is really not a quick money-making machine!
    One needs to have a lot of patience to reach to the level of the few people you mentioned in the post.
    Wish you all the best in your blogging journey.
    Keep writing
    Keep sharing
    All the best
    ~ Philip

    1. Hey Philip,
      Glad you liked the post.
      I agree with you on the point of keeping patience to reach the successful blogging point.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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