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A very simply defined, an entrepreneur is a person who find outs the need and starts a business to fulfill that need in the market.

Before quitting your current job to run behind your dreams needs lot of confidence, patience, passion to make it as an entrepreneur.

Having a mentor in life to do anything new is an amazing blessing, but not everyone can find right person at right time. If you haven’t your guru yet, here is the platform NettyFeed helps you to get started.

Entrepreneurs seek to inspire, inform and celebrate entrepreneurs. At NettyFeed we share tips and solutions to the challenges you face as an entrepreneur, including tips, theories and practices, skills to grow to the next level and every other resource.

Thankfully, there are entrepreneurs out there who willingly spend some of their time typing away on their blogs to provide guides, tips and useful resources to people who have dreams. If you’re wondering about which business-related blogs to read, NettyFeed is the right place and you’re here right now.