4 Ways Cloud-Based Tech Changing Business Dynamics

4 Ways Cloud-Based Tech Changing Business Dynamics

July 17, 2018 0 By Team NettyFeed

Cloud technology is changing the face of the business world. Its ability to deliver nimble and substantive results without having to spend a fortune. And the cheaper costs and scalability mean that even small businesses can stay competitive with franchises operating on a national level.

#1. Simplifying Operations In-Store

The increased convenience and accessibility of internet-ready services has instilled in customers the expectation of immediate answers and rapid results in every aspect of how they do business. Online retailers may seem to have an advantage in their ability to display updated inventory and pricing information with the simple click of a button, but the rise of cloud POS software has put many of these tools in the hands of brick and mortar businesses. Cloud systems provide your staff with relevant information through an inexpensive tablet they can use to automatically pull up pricing and inventory. Restaurant servers can place orders at the table without having to retreat to a dedicated kiosk and even let the customers pay for their order securely through their handheld device. These systems provide the immediate response that online businesses have along with a front-facing and personalized customer service experience.

#2. Enhanced Customer Communications Online

Even if your operations are handled primarily in-store, your business can benefit from a robust web presence. A responsive and attractive web presence supplemented by cloud technology can make you more capable of responding to the needs of clients. A leaner customer service team can access all of the information they need with a click of a button, provide direct help and instructional videos, and drive customers into the store who might otherwise get their services online. And a customer that knows they can get assistance regarding your products or services without having to step into your store are more likely to come back in the future. Best of all, cloud tech makes it easier to unify the customer service across web browsers and dedicated mobile apps.

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#3. Make Life Easier for Your Staff

The cloud doesn’t just benefit your customers. It can make life significantly easier for everyone within your operation. Since information on the cloud exists everywhere, you have more flexibility to let your staff work from home, and the ability to easily swap information reduces the barriers for getting interdepartmental approval while also making the collaborative process significantly easier.

It can be just as useful in businesses that operate within the service industry framework. Restaurant or retail managers can make use of point of sale systems to simplify the scheduling process, staff can swap shifts on the fly, and critical information can be shared between shifts with a single and simple platform. It also means that top level managers and owners can take a hands-on approach to oversight without having to be on-site. Even if you’re managing multiple departments or locations, cloud software lets you track the productivity and successes of your company in real time without having to make regular stops to check in on your staff.

#4. Reduce Infrastructural Needs

Keeping your data on-site brings with it a steep demand for space and hardware. With cloud technology, you can significantly reduce the costs of maintaining an IT team and the space necessary to maintain a server. The ability for cloud services to scale affordably means the overhead for investing in an expansion effort is significantly lower as well.

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