Yes! Comedy Is A Serious Business – Standing Up and Entertaining People The CPU Way

Yes! Comedy Is A Serious Business – Standing Up and Entertaining People The CPU Way

April 24, 2018 1 By Team NettyFeed

We are publishing an interview of  buy Finpecia Mr. Siva, Founder of Comedy Processing Unit – CPU

CPU Logo

get link At a glance Startup: Comedy Processing Unit

Sector: Entertainment / Performing Arts

Launch Date: 17th March 2018

Location: Coimbatore

Funding: Self-Funding

Problem it solves: We entertain people through stand-up Comedy

Website: Under Construction – Here is my FB page –

Could you briefly tell us about the Founders?

Siva – Founder CPU


Siva is a seasoned and a dynamic Training Professional working for an IT giant and is an adept at delivering training programs that drive productivity and performance improvements.

He is an aspiring Stand-up Comedian, performed in various open mics, Public shows and Private shows at Chennai.

While overseeing the entire functioning of CPU, Siva primarily take care of bring in new comics, marketing the band, running open mics and shows.

Lacshana – Co-Founder CPU


Lacshana is a Finance Industry expert and a Comedy Lover based out of Coimbatore. As a co-founder she manages the unit and take cares of operations. She primarily works on getting venue for the open mics and shows, day to day operations & also takes care of logistics.

Siva & Lacshana are friends from the school and their friendship dates back to 2002. 15 years long relationship is now strengthened with their association to CPU.

How did you come up with the idea? You can share your inspirations

I worked closely with few clubs in Chennai and performed for them. I was a part of a stand-up comedy club called Tanglish Comedy. They were an amazing bunch of Comics and fantastic people from whom I learnt the art of entertaining people through Stand-Up Comedy. That gave me a trigger to come up with my own brand. That’s how CPU – Comedy Processing Unit was born.

Brief about your startup

Comedy Processing Unit is a south Indian stand-up comedy welfare unit. Entertaining people through Stand-up Comedy is our faith. We believe in taking this art form to as many people as possible and curate new comics who will be stars tomorrow.

At CPU we present young & seasoned performers plus big names & breakout stars. We perform in any humanly understandable language however we prefer Tamil.

Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious, someone said. Yes! We are Serious about Comedy.

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What we do:

  1. Open Mics: Our Open mics are a platform for anyone who is passionate about stand-up comedy. No matter he/ she is a newbie comic or seasoned professional, we have place for everyone.
  2. Public Show: A proper ticket show that brings the curated talent to the limelight and as our motto goes “We are here to entertain people and we will do anything that keeps people laughing non-stop.”
  3. Private Shows: Be it birthday Party, College event or any family event, CPU will be there to entertain people. We perform for closed groups who would like have their people entertained.
  4. Corporate Shows: Be it Team Outing, Rewards and Recognition Event or any events at your company, CPU will be there to enthral people with its best performers.

Stand Up – Take the Mic – Entertain people is what CPU believes in.

Who are your Targeted audience?

Any human being that loves to laugh and wants to be entertained.

What type of strategies do you think is valuable to take company to the next level?

It’s about reaching out to masses. Anyone and everyone loves to be entertained. The more people knows about the brand the better is the reach.

The actual growth is when we put up pubic shows, to reach to that level we need people to come and perform for us in the open mic. Our primary target for now is to rope in as many performers as possible. Coimbatore is a fairly a new market for stand-up comedy. Though there are shows being performed regularly, the local is talent performing in such shows are less.

Creating visibility for this art form will be our primary responsibility and we are putting in a lot of efforts to do that.

Tell us about your amazing team members?

Apart from Siva and Lacshana, we have two highly energetic and self-motivated team members.

Karthik – Another expert from the finance industry.  He is one of the master minds in naming the brand as CPU.

He is also a think-tank who shares a lot of idea on branding, also he supports in day to day operations. He is a native of Coimbatore and perhaps measured every inch of the city.


Archana – A dynamic and a young visual communication student. She takes care of the creative assignments. She primarily takes care of graphic design and her creativity is visible in our posters.


What is the big picture of your company? What are your future plans?

To make CPU one of the go to brand for any sort of live performance is what we are aiming at. We are also in a plan to have CPU established in all metro cities and we would like to scale our presence across India.

As of now we are keeping our plan simple –

  1. Curate as many talents as possible through workshops and learning journeys
  2. Run open mics with new /seasoned performers
  3. Public and private shows entertaining people across cities

What is your best motivation line that inspires you?

Dream it – Believe it – Achieve it

Could you share details about source of funding, client acquisition model and statistics so far?

We are at very nascent stage and we are funding the unit ourselves.

Your website/app/contact details

We wish, “All the best to the Team-CPU”

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