Computer Life Support: 4 Signs That You Should Pull the Plug Forever

There will come a time when you must bid farewell to your computer forever. Regardless of how many times you have repaired, renovated or revived different aspects of your system over the years to keep it on “life support,” this is only delaying the inevitable point in the not-too-distant future where your efforts will be in vain. How, then, will you know when you should “pull the plug” on your old computer system and not look back? Here are the telltale signs that will make that moment crystal clear to you:

Examine the Minimum Hardware Requirements of Your Operating System

As you upgrade between various operating systems over time, you may quickly pass the test when it comes to minimum hardware requirements – especially during the first few years of owning a new computer. However, the time will come when your computer no longer exceeds (or even meets) those requirements. In some cases, you will be able to just upgrade key components to meet the criteria. In the long run, though, you are just buying a little time and placing a temporary bandage on a major wound that will worsen with age.

Focus on the Performance and Efficiency of Your Software

Another point to examine closely is the performance and efficiency of your installed software. During the prime of your computer’s life, it should run these programs smoothly and successfully without any excessive lagging, freezes or crashing. However, near the end of a computer’s life, you will notice a drastic decline in its ability to handle the same load. It is true that cleaning up your computer through a disk cleanup or defragmentation may breathe some new life into it. Once again, though, this is not a permanent fix and should only be viewed as a lifeline that will keep you in business until you are able to replace the computer.

You Are in “Repair Mode” More Often than You Realize

How often are you having to repair your computer? At first, repairs may have been far and few in-between. As your computer works its way through its “golden years”, though, you may start to realize that you are working on the computer more than the computer is working for you. Think about the time and effort that you have put into keeping your computer alive. Chances are you will see that buying a new computer will allow you to have that chunk of your life back without dropping the balls thanks to the productivity and efficiency boosts provided by your investment.

Your Computer is Overworked and Noisier than Ever Before

Have you noticed that your old computer system is louder now than ever before? When you first purchased it, you may have never heard a peep coming from it even when you were first booting up the system. Recently, though, the noise of your apparently overworked system may be screaming out to you as if it was a timebomb ticking away its final minutes of life. Use appropriate troubleshooting techniques and strategies to identify the root cause(s) of the noise.

As you do, though, make sure that you prepare yourself mentally and financially for pulling the plug on your computer if the need to do so arises.

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