How DesignReify Is Redefining The Way Of Architectural Implementation In Interior Designing

How DesignReify Is Redefining The Way Of Architectural Implementation In Interior Designing

April 16, 2018 0 By Mudassir
Irfan Khan, Founder

Irfan Khan, Founder

We are publishing a startup story of Irfan Khan, Founder at go site  DesignReify, Bangalore. At a glance

Startup: DesignReify

Sector: Architectural 3D Visualization

Launch Date:05-05-2017

Location: Bangalore

Funding: Self-Funded


India is a country where people finish their bachelor degree first and then think about what is their goal in life. I too being from the same mind-set finished my bachelors in Forensic Science; and started pondering about what to do next with my career.

Idea behind DesignReify 

I came from a middle class family living in a small town; and by that one can understand that space and people were never enough for each other. Me, on the other hand being a well organised person, never liked the mess which used to happen due to lack of space. Since my childhood, i wanted to have defined space for all of my stuff. While jotting down the possible career options after my bachelor degree; somebody told me interior designing was an actual thing.

What i do with my space just to make it organised and look good can actually get me paid. From that day, i started learning about Interiors and Architectural Implementations in Interiors. I came to Bangalore and joined a studio to learn more about my hobby. To my surprise a few startups were already doing this and started earning their fortune. Now, it was the time to make my own stand in the huge crowd. I reached a few startups for job; joined one, made new professional contacts, learnt about business and when i was confident enough; i started my own Design Firm and named it as DesignReify.

DesignReify Solutions

  • Interior Visualizations
  • Exterior Visualizations
  • 360 Degree Images
  • 360 Degree Walk-throughs
  • Architectural Planning
  • Architectural Photography

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Reify was suggested to me by one of my good friends as they say; the word ‘reify’ defines ‘the best.’ Reify in english roughly translates to turning a dream into reality; and that is what i do for all my clients.


Living room

When a client reaches out to us, the first thing in DesignReify we do is, to learn about what is their thought about their dream home, their expectations, needs, necessities and most of all about their personality. A home which doesn’t match your personality is not a home, its just a well organised house with no feel of belonging. We read our clients and try to deliver their dream carefully woven with their personal touch. So when our clients come back tired from a long day at office or from a tiring drive; they have a feeling of coming back to their abode, a sense of belonging, being welcomed and pampered. In the end, it’s all about the happiness on the faces of our clients when they see their dream has taken a beautiful shape in reality.