As per ASCI (Advertising Standards Council of India), I will be paid a small amount of commission while you click and buy a product through any of my affiliate links. There will be no extra COST or effort you need to put in.

I only recommend the products/services via affiliate links, images, sponsored posts that I believe in or feel valuable to my readers. However, I don’t guarantee the performance/accuracy of those products. You will need to put extra effort to check out the reviews of those products and buy at your own risk. I have also started selling eBooks on, Inc, which means I’ll get paid if you buy through, Inc’s website.

Web Hosting

All the thoughts and recommendations expressed on NettyFeed ( blog by me or other individuals in the form of articles, guest posts, comments, sponsored posts are personal opinions about blogging or other services/products. These may work or may not for others, so follow by your own research.

Our advertisements are:

  • Personally truthful
  • Non-offensive to public and competitors
  • Against to harmful products/services

Email ID’s that are captured via Feedburner will be used to send a new blog post notification and will not be used to send any promotional content.

Take care,

Mudassir, Founder.


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