How to check dnd status of any mobile number?

How to check dnd status of any mobile number?

August 31, 2017 0 By Team NettyFeed

Let’s understand detailed information about DND Check Online Services.

In India DND refers to Do Not Disturb Service. This is initiated by TRAI for public who don’t want to receive promotional calls/SMS. So DND Check Online tool can help you to avoid fines.

Why DND Tool

If someone registered under DND then business company/telemarketer neither should perform marketing call nor send any promotional SMS to that particular user. If does so, then that telemarketer will be charged penalty according to TRAI government.

To avoid such scenario, here comes DND Scrub Service where a Business Company can filter Non DND numbers only to perform marketing call or to send SMS.

Who can use?

Generally businesses such as BPO’s, marketing agencies would be in need of DND tool to scrub numbers in bulk. For such usage there are companies in the market which provide scrub tool to filter DND. It will cost you as per your volume requirement.

As a business owner, you should not call or send any marketing related content to DND registered users. So it is always advisable to use DND Check online filter to avoid complaints and heavy fines.

If you are business owner then you must know this below:

There are many free sites to check DND online by entering single or upto 500 mobile numbers for free. What if you want to scrub more data?

Yes you got solution for it – DND Scrubber software

With this DND filter tool, you can filter numbers in lakhs and even in crores within seconds.

Where do I get ?

There are many DND Check Service providers in India who can provide you such services. Just Google it.

Reference websites: – Official Govt. website to check DND status – Official Govt. site to know details on DND registration process

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