Do You Change Blogging Goals Way Too Much?

Do you change blogging goals with the wind?

I suggest you hold a prime blogging intent. Chasing numbers leads to failure because inanimate objects cannot move you like an overpowering, freeing intent to live a life of freedom through blogging. Ponder making 6 figures a year through blogging. Meh. Bleh. Who cares? What does that even mean? Do you genuinely believe human beings to be designed to acquire money as their chief goal in life? Nope. We crave fun and freedom more than anything else. Everybody craves a feeling of pure freedom. Money can factor into this freedom emotion but you cannot worship money or chase it or keep changing money goals and goals in general, or energy-sapping cross currents arise.

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Picture yourself blogging to get 100 grand a year. Next month, you want to circle the globe through blogging. 6 months down the road, you want to blog from home and be with your family. Every time you change goals, you need to be a different person to reach the goal. How confusing, right? Imagine blogging to circle the globe non-stop with your family. Everybody seems prepared to be expats, and the kids obviously need home schooling or perhaps a willingness to be in and out of schools. Of course, primarily opening multiple streams of passive income makes most sense for a traveling blogger because good luck running a service based, active income business while changing time zones regularly. After a few months, after you have geared your entire blogging business toward profiting through passive income channels, you change your mind; you want to just blog from home and chill in your home town. Now you need to shift toward active income streams because you have continuity, never changing time zones, and access a lightning fast internet connection. Overhaul. Reboot. How much time and energy do you waste changing your entire strategy? Heaps.

But in the future, you seek 6 figures…..changing your strategy again….you get the picture.

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Hold a Singular Intent

Holding a singular blogging intent adds clarity to your blogging campaign. You be one type of blogger who blogs that way as your intent manifests. I blog to free myself through travel and to inspire fellow bloggers to free themselves through travel. Simple. Clear. Straightforward. Holding this intent goads me to keep doing what works while facing, embracing and releasing blogging obstacles in the process.  Freedom genuinely beats every single fear in the book if you dwell on your freeing intent more than you fear your fears. Make the shift but ensure you hold a prime, chief, freeing intent, to shift from fear to freedom.

Intents feel different than chasing goals because blogging from within creates a different experience than blogging to get stuff outside of you. Bloggers chase goals with a lack and limitation type mindset. But bloggers holding intents feel more whole, complete and abundant because they notice a lack of nothing, choosing instead to hold a fun, freeing intent, within. Feeling whole, complete and abundant allows your blogging journey to flow more smoothly because you never get derailed like bloggers who blog from a more poverty conscious mindset.

Hold an intent. Stop changing blogging goals with the wind. Labeling and holding your fun, freeing driver makes all the difference in the world for giving you clarity and blogging peace of mind.

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1 thought on “Do You Change Blogging Goals Way Too Much?”

  1. Hey Ryan & Mudassir,

    Humans are bad at thinking in terms of compound growth, we prefer to think linearly.

    we overestimate what we can achieve in the short term but underestimate the long term. A good blog can change the world and blogging has quite literally changed many life.

    As the world becomes more deeply digitized, websites and blogs are going to play an extraordinarily important role in education, modern thinking and culture. Eventually, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

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