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Do You Feel Jealous of Other Bloggers?

I am blogging from NYC now for 2 weeks. Does that sound sweet? Do you feel jealous?

I blogged for 20,000 to 30,000 hours to live this life. Does that sound sweet? Do you feel jealous? Do you feel jealous that I will blog for 10-12 hours on this Sunday? Do you wish that could be you? Do you envy me working 12 hours on a weekend for goodness knows how many weekends in a row? Probably not. I know most bloggers love spending Sunday with their family or perhaps relaxing at the movies but few say,

“Goodness, Ryan is so lucky! Why can’t I work 12 hours blogging on this Sunday?”

Nope. Few bloggers feel jealous of me working 12 hours on a Sunday but most bloggers feel jealous that I live in places like Fiji, Bali, and Costa Rica for months at a time. So you feel jealous about me living my dream life but you do not feel jealous about the work I put into living this dream life. Do you understand how silly that sounds? Think for just a second how ridiculous it sounds; you envy my dream life but harbor zero jealousy about the work I put into living this dream life. What does this mean?


This laziness, delusion, greed, and desperation is quite common among humans. I know; I used to be that guy. I suffered in misery and fear and pain, envied successful bloggers, harbored jealousy, then simply believed I was not lucky, blessed or talented like them, so my dream life would never happen for me, being completely ignorant of their thousands of hours of work. I clung to these beliefs for years.

I only turned things around when I realized I too could live that life if I stopped being jealous – as if I could not live that life – and began understanding WHY people who succeed live really neat lives. THEY WORK! Or more accurately, they spend 10,000 to 20,000 to 30,000 hours helping people through their blogs. 20,000 hours of service is nothing to sneeze at. 30,000 hours is more impressive. For how many hours have you helped folks through blogging, if you are jealous? 500? 30? 1,000? Credit yourself then move forward knowing it takes a life long commitment to blogging to craft a life folks envy, or, admire.

Admire and Learn Versus Envy and Criticize

Idiots envy successful bloggers and criticize them for their success. Fools believe successful bloggers got lucky or access a cheat code or take short cuts or had an easy journey to the top. Intelligent, wise, loving bloggers deeply admire top bloggers and thirst to know what made them successful. Intelligent bloggers learn from top pros, admiring their success, buying their eBooks and reading their blog posts.

Stop being jealous. Success is yours. Be just as successful and happy and as free as top bloggers by admiring their success and by learning how these pros succeeded.

The split second you stop being deluded and understand the truth of how successful bloggers became successful is the moment your envy turns into admiration. The moment you ponder the 15,000 hours top bloggers worked to live their dreams is the split second your jealousy turns into deep respect.

Learn from these folks.

Follow their path.

Live your dreams through blogging.


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1 thought on “Do You Feel Jealous of Other Bloggers?”

  1. Hello Ryan & Mudassir,

    You are really doing hard work and you deserve this success. People need to take lesson from you – how to change their life with creative and innovative work. Thanks for your great support.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

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