Do You Get the Blogging Job Done?

1:20 AM. I had a blast today for my birthday. Me and my dad caught a hoops game and enjoyed nice take out after the game, courtesy of an NBA super star. I had fun. But now after 1 AM, it is time to get the job done. My job is to write 6-9 posts today. I usually publish 10 or more but being out much of the day and watching my niece this morning demands I cut back my schedule a little bit. Of course, me cutting things back a little bit still requires me to get the blogging job done, even if it approaches 2 AM to 3 AM by the time I finish my work. I never make excuses. I have worked daily for 5 years straight. I just get the job done. Excuses anchor you down, preventing growth. Letting go excuses helps you to get the blogging job done, no matter what. I left the house at 3 PM and did not return home until about 12:30 AM. Being done for over 9 hours, I could easily make excuses and claim I do not have enough time to publish 6 or more blog posts. But I do have ample time to publish that many blog posts because it is about 1:30 AM now and I can stay up until I at least publish 2 more guest posts.

Either you get the work done or you do not get the work done. Whether you are talking about writing attractive blog post titles or publishing posts or publishing guest posts, you either get the blogging job done or you come up short. Think not of willing something to be done. Use power, not force. Learn from top bloggers, blog mainly for fun, generously serve people and keep edging farther outside of your comfort zone daily to see the greatest results. I could mail it in tonight because I work generously and patiently and persistently, blogging daily for the past 5 years. But I do not mail it in because I conditioned myself to get the blogging job done. Bloggers get the blogging job done or cop out. No middle ground exists. No need to push yourself; simply be pulled, to allow yourself to be led by inspiration, outside of your comfort zone into your growth zone.

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Blogging gets super uncomfortable sometimes. My eyelids drop as I write these words. Even though I had a fun time I am completely exhausted now and need a cup of coffee or some other stimulant to stay awake long enough to write and publish this guest post and to write and publish another guest post. I will dig deeper. I will get the job done. I always do, because I conditioned myself to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. All blogging growth occurs well outside of your comfort zone, so you better believe you need to sprint outside of your comfort zone to get the job done. Do it; get it done. Every time, making excuses is not worth it and not making excuses is totally worth it. Be about putting in work and time no matter what to get the blogging job done.

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